Fanbytes | Case Study - Ellesse Shoppable TikTok

Fanbytes x Ellesse

Working with TikTok influencers in the first ever shoppable live concert


Step 1. Identify the influencers

TikTok is well-known for dances, but this campaign was a step above: we needed to ensure each piece of choreographed influencer content was strong enough to become the concert display. It was also important to us that each reflected the influencer’s personality; showcasing how Ellesse embraces different identities.

“I am a trained dancer, so I follow a lot of dance content on TikTok”.

Often, the Fanbytes team will use Bytesights to see which influencers have organically mentioned brands, to create content with the most natural fit. But for this campaign, Fanbytes Fashion & Beauty Account Executive Michaella White drew from her own experiences – and how she engages on TikTok – to create a roster of the best TikTok influencers for the campaign.

There are many professional dancers on TikTok, but Fanbytes wanted more than backing dancers; we sought personalities with their own look to bring to the campaign. We chose talent from the UK and cast a diverse group who would rise to the challenge. 

Step 2. Style and Choreography

Fanbytes ensured each influencer would stand out as an individual, reflecting the plurality of the Ellesse brand. Each wore different outfits from Ellesse’s new collection, and used a branded effect to create a harmonised aesthetic.

“The main thing about this was making sure the influencers had a chance to shine with their own personality.”

We collaborated with influencers on precise choreography, but allowed beats for their own moves. We also worked alongside Ellesse and Zara Larsson to style the campaign: Zara selected her outfit from a Autumn/Winter mini collection, and the influencers chose theirs freely from any of the other collections, all with different themes. The effect was a celebration of individuality, with visuals that supported the singer.

We worked with influencers to create their dance content using a TikTok branded effect. This created a strong overall look as the videos combined, both onstage and on TikTok. 

Step 3. Top View Ad

Once Fanbytes had gathered the influencer content, the final step was to create a Top-view Ad on TikTok. This type of TikTok ad appears first on users’ ‘For You Page’ when they open the app. This would amplify views and heighten the sense of the concert being part of a viral moment. 

The Top-view Ad was a montage of the influencer videos that Fanbytes created. Featuring music from Zara Larsson’s track, ‘Right Here’, the ads went live before the concert, drumming up interest with a distinctive look that felt native to TikTok, yet cutting-edge.

The ad featured a call to action encouraging TikTokers to join the hashtag challenge #BeBold, creating their own content using the dance routine and branded effect, for the chance to have their video feature alongside the influencers’ content at Zara’s live concert.


We achieved a total of 1.8M+ influencer views, overdelivering our guaranteed influencer views (800K) by more than double. The campaign received 31K+ likes across all videos. Additionally, the hashtag challenge secured 4.2 billion views.

As a world first, this campaign cemented Ellesse at the forefront of Gen Z’s brand landscape. TikTokers associated Zara’s catchy tune with a viral social moment they enjoyed, and clothes they wanted to wear.


With this campaign, Ellesse set out to create a fully immersive experience – but through our work with TikTok influencers, Fanbytes ensured this went beyond live-streaming Zara Larsson’s show on TikTok and featuring influencers in her concert display. For Gen Z to feel fully immersed in an experience, they need to relate to it.

Fanbytes achieved this connection through fostering what Gen Z loves most about TikTok, and the influencers they follow on the platform: their idiosyncrasies. We platformed individual personalities while maintaining a slick overall aesthetic, meaning viewers would aspire to join, but also feel more encouraged to do so knowing their own identity would be celebrated.

Ultimately, our collaboration with Ellesse illustrates how powerful an interactive campaign can be for reaching younger audiences. 83% of all TikTokers have posted their own videos, so by nurturing Gen Z’s creativity, brands can effectively align with this demographic while achieving extraordinary results.


Fashion & Beauty


October 2021 - November 2021




Influencer Campaign



@ethan.matthews04 #ad Had to roll thru with the @ellesse gang didn’t I! #BeBold #ad ♬ Right Here - Zara Larsson
@ellesseofficial Ready, set, DANCE. Do you have what it takes to dance with Zara Larsson on stage? Learn the dance and post your video for the chance to be featured alongside her! #BeBold #ellesse ♬ Right Here - Zara Larsson