Music Marketing For Gen Z

We drive meaningful engagement on TikTok...

Music naturally lends itself to TikTok. We have run over 110 successful campaigns for a variety of genres. From driving streams, engagement, to sending our clients viral – it’s what we do!

One of our more recent campaigns was for Ella Eyre’s release ‘Mama’. We worked to drive her engagement across the UK and developed an interactive and innovative hashtag challenge with our TikTok influencers, we were able to generate outstanding results:

4.4m Hashtag Views


529K Hearts


We use Snapchat influencers to drive streams...

With social advertising being so saturated, we know how difficult it can be to drive streams. Our solution for Relentless Records release ‘X’ by Nicky Jam was the X challenge. Akin to the viral dance challenges such as ‘flossing’, we used our signature sandwich format to drive streams for the song on YouTube which saw it go past the 1 billion view mark.

£0.71 CPC


97% Completion rate

Create amazing AR lens for artists releases...

We created a AR lens for Kevin Gates a US based rapper who was looking to gain a UK following but was unsure how to break the market in a world of saturated social advertising. 

Our inhouse design team created a 2-way lens, allowing the lens to interact with the user’s face and their environment.

This lens was very effective and this was reflected in the resulting KPIs:


35K Scans



And use influencers to overcome the saturated world of Instagram...

We work with influencers to create story posts which drive fantastic engagement. Black Saint were looking drive awareness and streams for their new release ‘Everybody Wants You’. We used our award winning platform to find influencers who have the perfect audience demographic to drive streams for the song. Using this method allowed for better engagement than a standard Instagram advert. 

The results speak for themselves: 



3.8% CTR