Frequently Asked Questions

Here's a few answers to our most common asked questions.

Campaign Questions
Questions regarding Geography, Pricing etc

What type of countries can you target?

UK specifically
USA specifically

What verticals can you target?

Lifestyle & Comedy - here is an example
Fashion & Beauty - here is an example
Music & Entertainment - here is an example

How long until we start a campaign?

We typically take about 10 days from campaign approval.

Influencer Questions
Questions regarding Geography, Pricing etc

How do you pick influencers?

We pick influencers based on age, gender, location and interest of audience. Using our proprietary technology, we’re able to gather deep audience insight on every one of our influencers and use it to help you reach the right audience. For example, if your campaign is targeted towards 16 year old girls interested in Pop music, we can help you.

How many influencers can I expect for - is it just one influencer ?

No, for each campaign you pay for the number of views you get. Our system will select the number of influencers to reach the target number of views.

For 3k views, you can expect between 4-6 influencers

What is the Fanbytes Score?

The Fanbytes score is our measure of how influential an influencer in our network is. This is a score between 0 and 100 with 100 being the most influential. We take into consideration things like open rate, screenshots and completion rate and calculate a score. The more spend allocated to a campaign, the more influential influencers we use.

How do you find your influencers?

We’ve been fortunate enough to have been featured in the press considerably which has created a massive influx of influencers. We don’t go out to find influencers, all our influencers have signed up to our network and we have access to their audiences. We currently have over 1000+ influencers.

Do I get to approve influencers?

Our influencers are chosen programmatically according to age, gender, location and interest and so we don’t enable you to choose influencers.

Once our system has chosen, you will get to approve all the influencers depending on fit.

Pricing Questions
Questions regarding Geography, Pricing etc

What is your business model?

We charge on a cost per completed view model. We count a completed view as when someone watches from your first snap to your last snap. We charge a maximum cost per view of 0.04p per view.

Do you have a minimum spend?

Our campaigns start from the £3k and at our standard rate of 0.04p per view you are guaranteed 75,000 views. Any extra views you get are free of charge. For example, if you were to spend £10k, you’d get a minimum of 250,000 views. If you were to get 300,000 views, this is considered extra value.

Have you got any case studies?

Sure! Please use our case studies request form to request a relevant case study to your brand

Data Questions
Questions regarding Geography, Pricing etc

What data can I get from a campaign?

Each campaign gives you a mixture of geographical and performance data.

Geographic data:

Clicks location - Know which city, and which country your clicks are coming from.
Device Data - know which phone devise people are using to engage with your campaign.


Views - Number of total views on your 10 second ad.
Number of swipeups to campaign destination
Click through rate in campaign- Percentage of people who watch the sandwich ad and then click through to campaign destination.
Screenshots - Number of people who screenshot any of the Snapchats in the sandwich ad format
Completion rate - Percentage of people who watch from the first snap to the last snap in our sandwich ad format.
Swipe ups over Time - See when people most engaged with your campaign. This will help inform and optimise any future campaigns.

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