How does the process work?

We have a very simple 4-step process:

  1. You create a campaign on our platform, targeting your age, gender, location and interests and a campaign brief
  2. Our crowdsourced network of designers create multiple Snapchat optimised video ads around your brand. (If you have your own creative, our optimisation service will cut and chop it for free)
  3. You then decide which ad you feel best represents your brand, which is then displayed programmatically across our influencers’ stories in front of their highly engaged audience
  4. Data and analytics on the performance and engagement of your ad is delivered to you allowing you to make better decisions and you can repurpose your best performing content for other social networks

What's the difference between your design network and your distribution network?

Our design network are a handpicked selection of video animators and designers who have had experience designing amazing stories on Snapchat. These are the crowdsourced network that design your ads.

Our distribution network is a curated network of influencers on Snapchat who have been handpicked for how engaged their audience is on Snapchat. These are the influencer’s stories that will display your ad.

How do you measure engagement?

Our Fanbytes score is the brainchild of our evil genius cofounder Ambrose Cooke and is a score he devised whilst at university as part of his dissertation (he ended up getting a 1st class for it so we think it's pretty good). Our score takes into consideration everything from open rates, to completion rates to screenshots in order to come up with a magical number between 0 and 100. Only when an influencer gets above 80 are they then invited to be part of our distribution network.

What if I have my own ad?

If you’ve got your own ad, then we will optimise that advert for Snapchat. Generally, this means reducing length to fit the 10 second format and making it vertical video as well as adding some added design magic to it. This service comes free.

What's the cost?

Our campaigns are priced on both a creative and distribution fee. If you don’t have your own ad, our crowdsourced design team will create it for you. Our prices start from £1000 for 4 pieces of content. Our distribution price is based on a cost per view of £0.06 per view with campaigns starting from £5k.

Do you offer any type of discount?

We waive the ad creation fee for our first campaign with you up to £1000, in other words, if you don't have your own creative, our network of designer will create up to 4 ads for you completely free.

How do you choose who to show our brand to?

Our platform programmatically places your ads in front of the best audience. In plain English that just means that our software takes in the age, gender, location and interests of the audience you’re trying to target then chooses the best stories to show the ad in. All our publishers are then asked to accept the ad placement (they always do) and the ad is shown in their story.

What happens if my views are not met?

If your views are not met within the specified time period, we continue running the campaign until they are. In other words, you’re guaranteed your stated number of views.

How are your publishers compensated?

We share revenues with our publishers.

What type of brands are good for Fanbytes?

We're very strict about the type of brands we work with - we want to do a good job for everyone so that means turning down some brands. The brands that work best universally have an appeal to a 13-21 audience. Specifically however, they fall into:

  1. Ecommerce brands
  2. Mobile apps
  3. Movies brands

What types of ad formats do you have?

  1. Offerbombs: Offerbombs are time sensitive discount codes from a brand that are used to entice people to buy - they are maximum 10 seconds in length
  2. In app footage: these are best placed for mobile apps showing in app game play and footage - they are maximum 10 seconds in length
  3. Ftrailers: Ftrailers are best used for movies and repurposed video footage - they can be between 0 and 20 seconds in length
  4. FLOL: Fmash is our "go wild" service and typically uses gifs and funny memes weaved in with your brand to promote you - they can be up to 10 seconds in length
Offerbomb - ASOS
Channel Growth - Makeuptuts
In app footage - Tunemoji
Ftrailers - Warner Bros