Setting up your campaign

We know how to make big waves in the USA and the UK. Got another area you’re keen to target? Let us know by emailing [email protected]

The sky’s the limit! Some of our most successful campaigns have involved music labels, beauty brands, and mobile apps. But whatever kind of brand you are, if you’re targeting teenagers, then you’ve come to the right place!

In general, it takes 10 days from signing the agreement till going live. For repeat campaign, this process can be quicker.

Using influencers

Human influencers’ content is primarily footage of themselves. Media pages’ content is primarily memes, gifs, and other (usually funny) content. Depending on your vertical and campaign goals, one might work better than another. Our campaigns team will advise you on the best option to suit your needs.

We only work with the highest-quality, most engaging influencers on Snapchat and Instagram. Using our proprietary technology, we’re able to gather deep audience insight on every one of our influencers, which we use to get our clients the best possible results.

We use our own scoring system to measure the influence of each influencer or page in our network. This is a score between 0 and 100 (with 100 being the most influential), based on things like open rate, engagement, and completion rate.


While above-surface metrics like views or impressions are useful, the Fanbytes Score helps us keep below-surface metrics at the forefront of our channel selection and distribution, making sure that the influencers and pages we’re using have a truly engaged audience.

Our standard packages are based on CPCM (cost per completed 1,000 views).That means the number of influencers can very between just two or three to twenty, thirty, or more – depending on the size of your campaign.

You’ll always get more than one influencer or page.

We’ve been fortunate enough to be regularly featured in the press, which is the most effective way for influencers to find us. Because of that, influencers tend to come to us.

Using the platform

Our analytics platform tracks views, CPCM, clicks, CPC, and more. You can also see the country, city, and platform associated with every click. If you’re an app, and you’re integrated with one of our analytics partners (such as Appsflyer or Adjust), then we can also track your installs and CPI.

Yes! You can approve every influencer, and you have the opportunity to approve their content before it goes live.

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