How we made Wanna Date go viral on TikTok

wanna date

We made a start-up go viral on TikTok (with only a £10K budget)

The client

Wanna Date is an exciting start-up food brand that sells spreads and ‘dough’ made predominantly from dates. Based in the US, all their products are fully vegan, paleo and sustainably sourced.

The challenge

“Make our spreads go viral.”

As a young brand entering a fairly crowded market, Wanna Date wanted Fanbytes to drive awareness of their products amongst a target younger audience in the US. 

Whilst they had worked with influencers in the past, they wanted to take a more strategic approach that would get lots of eyeballs and engagement for their campaigns and lead to an uplift in intent to purchase.

The solution

With a limited budget of £10,000, we had to be very smart with how we utilised spend to drive the biggest impact possible; especially with an ambitious target of 500K minimum views.

Quickly, we decided that we wanted to hone in on two sets of key audiences most likely to resonate with the products – foodies (#foodtok) and general lifestyle consumers

In a brave and calculated move, we suggested using only two influencers as part of the campaign to really maximise the budget and prioritise quality over quantity

The influencers

We identified two creators that perfectly matched the brief. One was food and health/fitness focussed (@girlwithgreenbeanie, 1.3m followers), and the other a more general, comedic, lifestyle creator (@tooturnttony, 12.4m followers). 

As both the influencers are known for creating content with a risky edge, they tend to see very high engagement rates. But they are often overlooked by brands, so this provided a great opportunity to achieve high value on a tight budget. 

This also allowed us to A/B test the creatives and push towards the highest performers, as well as providing Wanna Date with insightful learnings on what their audience responds to on TikTok.

The creatives

Katie Kelly of girlwithgreenbeanie posted a high-energy recipe-style video that showed off the product and its health benefits. Tony, on the other hand, created a hilarious and highly risque spoof video.

While the creators were completely different in their style, they both did a superb job of meeting the brief, ensuring the seamless inclusion of key messages Wanna Date hoped to ‘spread’, and crucially, in a natural and engaging way.

The Results

The campaign was a huge success with Fanbytes over-delivering on every KPI. With only a £10,000 budget, we managed to achieve 6.6 million views (13.3x guaranteed), as well as over 617K engagements and nearly 7,000 clicks to the Wanna Date website. 

These results indicate the importance of taking creative risks on TikTok and allowing the influencers you work with to adapt content to their own audiences.


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April - May 2021




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