How Fanbytes Generated A 30.83% Engagment Rate Using Instagram Reels for Fud Vitamin Energy

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The Fanbytes Impact Fund

Following the social unrest that we saw in summer 2020 around the world, Fanbytes decided to launch a £100,000 fund to economically empower the black community and address inequalities in two ways:

  1. To provide influencer marketing support to promising black-owned start-ups
  2. To address the influencer pay gap – our data shows that while black influencers have a click-through-rate of 2.2x more than non-black influencers on average, they are often overlooked and underpaid.

For each successful applicant, Fanbytes awarded them an influencer campaign worth £5,000 with £2,500 worth of influencer spend. Many of the selected brands are startups with this being their first real introduction to influencer marketing. Our dedicated programme manager guides them through the process and provides them with key takeaways and best practices to use as they continue along their entrepreneurial journey.

Let’s take a look at one of our successful applicants: Füd Vitamin Energy

Füd Vitamin Energy is a perfectly
balanced pre-workout, post-lunch
pick-me-up low-sugar high-vitamin
energy drink. Philip Udeh founded
Füd after struggling for many years
with chronic fatigue due to Sickle Cell
Anaemia – the UK’s most common
hereditary disorder. Unlike most other
energy drinks that are high in sugar
and artificially sweetened – Füd
contains a blend of natural caffeine,
B-Vitamins and electrolytes to keep
you going.

The Campaign

Lockdown fatigue was something most of us could relate to at the start of 2021 – and so we handpicked 7 influencers in the Fitness industry to join the #DrinkFudChallenge showing us how they stay active, positive and keep moving while incorporating Füd into their daily lives. There was also a giveaway competition included.

The Results

  • 30.83% Engagment Rate
  • £0.04 Cost per Engagement


The Insights

How to ace instagram influencer marketing on a budget: IG Reels

IG Reels is the Instagram equivalent to TikTok and so is great for building a buzz around your brand in a not so forceful way and provides the opportunity to easily merge entertainment with advertisement and increase engagement between creators and potential customers. Where possible we would always recommend using popular sounds, as well as on-screen captions that can provide further insight to your product USPs and help users to quickly consolidate information. Ideally you would want to place this type of content towards the top of your marketing funnel to boost awareness and consideration before converting using other formats such as in-feed posts with a link in bio and IG stories with swipe-up links.

Fanbytes recommendations include:

    • Make small, consistent efforts with influencer marketing, find out what works best for your brand and campaign objectives along the way and continue to refine your short and long-term strategy, from content format (e.g. fun/informative/educational), to the types of influencers you work with.

    • Stay active online by creating a content strategy that aligns with your scheduled influencer content to increase conversions from traffic sent to your page while reinforcing and brand messaging.

    • Instagram is an additional storefront to drive sales. Always have an up to date Instagram Shop – thereby reducing the customer journey to checkout and maximising sales potential.

Want to learn more about the Fanbytes Impact Fund ?

To find out how Fanbytes can help you connect with a Gen Z Audience fill in the form to get in touch!

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