How Fanbytes Generated Over 1K Clicks for Melanin Magic Club on Instagram

As part of this blog series we’d like to champion and share the stories of some of the female founders that we’ve been supporting as part of our Impact Fund.

In this article:

The Fanbytes Impact Fund

Following the social unrest that we saw in summer 2020 around the world, Fanbytes decided to launch a £100,000 fund to economically empower the black community and address inequalities in two ways:

  1. To provide influencer marketing support to promising black-owned start-ups
  2. To address the influencer pay gap – our data shows that while black influencers have a click-through-rate of 2.2x more than non-black influencers on average, they are often overlooked and underpaid.

For each successful applicant, Fanbytes awarded them an influencer campaign worth £5,000 with £2,500 worth of influencer spend. Many of the selected brands are startups with this being their first real introduction to influencer marketing. Our dedicated programme manager guides them through the process and provides them with key takeaways and best practices to use as they continue along their entrepreneurial journey.

Let’s take a look at one of our successful applicants: Melanin Magic Club

Following the disheartening viral video of a 4-year-old girl calling herself “ugly” that a lot of us saw last year  – Lauren of Melanin Magic Club made it her mission to provide activity books & games that represent young black girls aged 4-9 and are specifically designed to tackle childhood depression and identity crises while helping to positively develop their self-esteem, self-worth & Identity.

Their materials include an activity bundle thats includes games, a workbook, a vision board, positive affirmations and creative supplies.


The Campaign

As part of this Instagram Influencer campaign, we wanted to create content to provide an educational element as to why diversity in children’s learning and play is so important for children of all races. To drive conversation around the topic we decided to also incorporate reflection on personal experiences.

The roster of talent included a combination of 7 UK based small and micro social media influencers in the black community, including young mothers, social commentators and young influencers with a total following of 393K.

Here’s some of our highlights from the campaign: 

The Results

  • 1038 Clicks
  • 194 Saves
  • 75K+ Impressions
  • £0.02 Cost per Engagement

What People Are Saying About Melanin Magic Club


The Insights

How to ace instagram influencer marketing on a budget: In-feed posts

It was interesting to see for the post by Gabrielle, 119 people had saved the post for later after 24 hours. What this indicates to us is that influencer marketing isn’t always something that gives instant gratification in terms of conversions but is rather a long-term marketing strategy whereby consumers need to be repeatedly targeted and exposed to the brand before they make a purchase. Take this scenario as an example:

New customer is introduced to the brand by the influencer, saves the post for later and follows the brand profile.  The brand then continues to post their own content and 2-3 posts later, the consumer is ready to make a purchase.

When building brand equity on social media, It’s all about building trust, and making consumers feel comfortable and at ease.

Fanbytes recommendations include:

    • Make small, consistent efforts with influencer marketing, find out what works best for your brand and campaign objectives along the way and continue to refine your short and long-term strategy, from content format (e.g. fun/informative/educational), to the types of influencers you work with.

    • Stay active online by creating a content strategy that aligns with your scheduled influencer content to increase conversions from traffic sent to your page while reinforcing and brand messaging.

    • Instagram is an additional storefront to drive sales. Always have an up to date Instagram Shop – thereby reducing the customer journey to checkout and maximising sales potential.

Want to learn more about the Fanbytes Impact Fund ?

To find out how Fanbytes can help you connect with a Gen Z Audience fill in the form to get in touch!

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