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How do you measure your success on TikTok? In this post, we’ve got the ultimate guide on how to check TikTok analytics and ensure you’re measuring the hard work you’re doing on the platform. 

Where do you find the TikTok analytics?

For starters, analytics within the app have been received with varying levels of enthusiasm by marketers. The dashboard provided helps identify insights into your overall audience and way your content is performing. 

Head to the settings of your profile and click the ‘manage your account’ option. There you’ll find the ability to upgrade your account in order to access those analytics. You must upgrade to Pro to find your analytics, but many marketers still turn to third party analytics dashboards in order to better measure their results. Regardless, TikTok create a login for their website version of the platform, so you can now go on and view your analytics from a desktop or laptop as needed. 

Get this set up ASAP, as you won’t be able to find historic information – TikTok will start recording data from whenever you set this up! You’ll also have to wait about 7 days for the account to generate enough data to be shown any insights. 

What is measured on TikTok analytics?

Once you’ve got your dashboard up, you’ll notice three main areas of information on your TikTok account’s analytics page.

These are:

Profile overview

Here you’ll find a clear way to identify your brand’s profile performance overall. It will have summaries for your total video views, profile views and follower count. You can look at your video and profile views for the past 7 days or 28 days and you can also view this information on a day-by-day basis. When looking at your follower insights, you can see more clearly which videos on which days aligned to follower growth, demonstrating how you engage users enough to follow your brand. 

If you want to find out your conversion rate as part of learning how to check TikTok analytics, you can think about this as follows:

  1. What were your total video views?
  2. How many users visited your profile?
  3. How many people followed your profile? 

Follower Insights

On this page, you’ll find some general info about your followers, starting with how many you have gained or lost over the last week. Similar to Google Analytics, here you’ll also see an overview of your audience according to a gender split and location breakdown. Below the Top Territories your followers come from, you’ll be able to see more about the times of day your followers are active on TikTok, helping you to focus in on posting at just the right time to reach your audience. Take a look here for more information about how you can get the timing just right when posting new content on your TikTok account. 

One of the most important areas you can check on your TikTok analytics is at the bottom of this section, where you’ll also be able to see the videos your followers are watching and sounds they’ve been listening to. This is powerful knowledge – use this when you’re about to start dreaming up new content! It’s a really great way to get an understanding of what content is floating your followers’ boat right now, so you can get in on the action and create in response to what is already working for them. 

Content Insights

This is likely to be the most useful page to marketers! Here you’ll see specific views of each post you’ve made from the last 7 days. It’ll also show you which of your videos has been trending on For You pages within this period. If you click on a specific post, you’ll find out the total ‘likes’ received, total comments received, total shares, video views, playtime, traffic sources and audience territories. Great insights here for understanding who makes up your audience, where they are in the world, and whether a piece of content is holding their attention. With this information, you can keep honing the content you create to better target the audience you’re looking for and refine your content creation processes. 

How can I make improvements to my numbers?

If you’re looking at your numbers and wondering what on earth to do next, we’ve got you. After all, this guide isn’t just to help you learn how to check TikTok analytics – the next steps are about taking action! To help get you thinking, here are a few key questions to answer for your brand:

  1. Who is your key audience? Where are they located? 
  2. What’s your unique point of view as a brand?
  3. What content have you created so far? What were the results?
  4. How often are you able to create new content?
  5. Have you collaborated with anyone? Who do you collaborate with?
  6. How often do you respond to trends and challenges?
  7. Are you already using hashtags?
  8. What kinds of videos, music or sounds are your audience engaging with right now?

Start that brainstorming process, using your analytics data as your guide. But don’t forget: creativity always comes first on TikTok. So even if something is working really well, you shouldn’t just keep repeating yourself – new trends, skits, memes, sounds, and challenges are coming along every day. It’s important to keep up.


At Fanbytes, we’re passionate about helping you make the best possible content for your target audience. This means we’re always sharing tips and insights into making your content the best it can be – this is a good place to start. It’s not enough just to know how to check TikTk analytics. Use the numbers as a jumping off point into a successful TikTok account for your brand. 

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