How To Get Your Music On TikTok And Go Viral In 3 Steps

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If you’re wondering how to get your music on TikTok, these are the three steps you need to follow.

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Step #1: Leverage text memes

If you market to Gen Z, you should know the power of a good meme. 

Funny, relatable and shareable content really helps the marketing of your song happen naturally, and this is no different when it comes to how to get your music on TikTok. As a matter of fact, we found that videos including text memes in the thumbnail actually perform better than those which don’t. 

Memes already dominate the platform, with text-based videos the most popular of the lot. From awkward text chains to clumsy accidents like stubbing your toe, concentrating on using everyday situations and relatable humour – things we all do, and find funny, is key. 

We leveraged this hack in a recent campaign we activated for Benny Blanco & Juice WRLD’s song ‘Graduation’.

We used our industry-leading TikTok influencer search tool to identify the best influencers for the campaign and asked them to create text memes based around their transition from one school year to another, including graduation as the final transition.

From using this one hack, we managed to garner 6M views, around 1M hearts, and OVER 250K+ pieces of user-generated content. 

Step #2: Utilise influencers to build a community

With the right song, and the right influencers, your music can go viral on TikTok, a supposedly Gen Z-dominated space?

your music to a popular personality, or a challenge that is fun and easy to follow on with, your influencer can help your music dominate.

It’s all about community – influencers have the power to get your music heard, and with just the right ear-worm, video responses and shares can set the ball rolling from there.

Our work with Norwegian artist AURORA is a great example of this – together, we created a campaign with a positive message around mental health awareness, encouraging a chain of duets where users “linked hands” with each other to help create an ongoing chain of content.
The duet was perfect for this, creating a message of solidarity set to the song The River, which was at the core of the campaign.

The #youcancrychallenge also helped spread the word, which started with 13 key influencers selected by Fanbytes, who helped push the campaign far and wide.

Check out the campaign process and results below.

Steps #3: Use parents to encourage participation

Who would have thought that parents would help videos go viral on TikTok, a Gen Z-dominated space?!

Probably not a lot of you but they just happen to be one of the most popular trends on TikTok right now. These videos tend to centre around comedy skits and dance challenges, especially during lockdowns around the globe.

As families get involved, marketers can utilise popular dance challenges that align with their music. By make the dance easy enough for parents to get involved, and you’re sure to see results.
A perfect example is the Blinding Lights dance craze, which has inspired thousands of families to try it out. TikTok user @cloudtalk did a version with an extended intro comedy skit involving his parents, which went viral and added new dimension to the challenge.

Celebrities have also given it a try, with Jessica Alba and her family posting their version. It’s
the perfect blend of comedy and dance, while also helping share the track by The Weeknd
to new viewers worldwide.

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We hope this demonstrates just how powerful it can be to share your music on TikTok. Find
even more music marketing secrets here, and turn your song into a viral hit that translates to
the charts. Even without a big following, and with sound being one of the most important
components of the platform, TikTok has the power to introduce you to the world.

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