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Want to go viral on TikTok? Take your cues from the best TikTok influencers. Here are our tips to get your brand out there with video content Gen Z will love.
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  • Want to know how to go viral on TikTok? No wonder. The platform is a goldmine for brands looking for boosted sales.
  • When it comes to TikTok planning, you need a content strategy that utilises the algorithm for viral success.
  • TikTok is Gen Z’s fave social media platform, and TikTok influencers know it best. They’re an amazing route to go viral on TikTok overnight.

Want to go viral on TikTok? It’s a marketer’s dream to catapult your brand into online fame. And TikTok makes that dream more achievable than ever before. 

TikTok’s 1 billion monthly users regularly engage with branded content, and the collaborative nature of the platform means that trends can quickly grow from one amazing TikTok video

That’s great news for brands who are looking to experience TikTok growth. And while getting a viral video on TikTok can never be totally guaranteed, knowing the hacks raises your chances significantly. 

So if you want to know how to go viral on TikTok without followers, or even how to go viral without ever showing your face, read on for our top tips and tricks.

How do you go viral on TikTok?

The answer to this question is also one of TikTok’s biggest selling points: TikTok virality doesn’t necessarily require a huge follower count. 

On other social media platforms, content gets promoted largely on the basis of a user’s audience size. But TikTok’s algorithm is more egalitarian. There are a few ways you can increase your chances of surfacing on more users’ discover page (known as the “For You page” – or fyp). 

Small businesses have just as much chance of going viral as any huge TikTok account. Even better: collaborating with influencers can help unlock incredible user sentiment on the social platform, which can skyrocket your business.

How to work with TikTok influencers to harness the TikTok algorithm

Given that the video sharing platform has been active since 2017, is it too late to go viral on TikTok with influencers

Absolutely not. In fact, the platform has only been growing in popularity, recently surpassing 2.6 billion app downloads. So if you’re ready to get your content onto some of those screens, here are our top tips for working with TikTok content creators to go viral. 

1. Encourage audience participation

The TikTok algorithm rewards content with high engagement – not just high view counts. If you can work with a TikTok creator to get their followers to like and comment on both yours and their own videos, you’re far more likely to go viral. 

A classic method for encouraging participation is TikTok challenges. But there are other ways you can get people to engage with your influencer content. Try including random details, or leaving some questions unanswered. Perhaps even include something completely unexpected and a little wacky, like everything about the example below. 

Nathan Apodaca’s video was the most viral TikTok of 2020. It boosted sales of Ocean Spray cranberry juice and reintroduced Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Dreams’ back to the top charts. It proves that anything that gets people flocking to your comment section is a good idea.

2. Don’t aim for a one-hit wonder

It only takes one great video to go viral on TikTok. But how can you work out what will make that video go viral? Posting frequently and using TikTok influencers will help. The more content you share, the higher your chance of success.

Working on more videos means you can also test what type of content your audience likes with increasing accuracy. The more data you have, the better you can tailor future content. 

Choose influencers whose niches fit naturally with yours. We outline how to find the best influencer for your brand here. And don’t be afraid to repost their content on your own TikTok channel. Retargeting is vital for advertising effectively to Gen Z. Check out your TikTok Analytics page to see when your followers are most active, so that you post this at the best time.

If you’re savvy with your posting habits, you can catch more attention and encourage your followers to regularly check back in on your account for updates (or a second video) they may have missed.

3. Aim for already-engaged audiences

Okay, this one isn’t *quite* as easy to implement on your own. A high follower count isn’t make-or-break on TikTok. But when you’re launching a new campaign, it’s a good idea to get as many initial, interested eyes on it as possible. 

TikTok influencers know the platform (and their audiences) better than anyone else. If you want to hack the TikTok algorithm and send your content viral, these are the best placed TikTok accounts to help you.

If you can find the right influencer for your brand, you can guarantee an engaged audience. And you don’t need the biggest accounts to get great results: TikTok micro influencers have audiences who are very invested in their development. We’re talking you through how to find the best micro influencers for your brand here.

Gen Z reports being more likely to buy a product based on a recommendation from an influencer

Just look at Too Faced’s example below. When the beauty brand noticed a TikTok trend was the cause of a years-old product selling out, they launched their newest product with the help of TikTok influencer Kristen Hancher. The #TFDamnGirl hashtag trend resulted in over 821 million views. 

4. Don’t delete posts

Pro tip: while it might be tempting to scrub your account of any content that doesn’t perform as well as you’d hoped, this is actually detrimental under the TikTok algorithm

In the past, some TikTok users deleted older posts to convince the algorithm that all their content was engaging – but this tactic became so commonplace that the algorithm has adapted to spot it. TikTok will now pick up on accounts that delete their posts and will de-prioritise their videos. 

When you work with TikTok influencers, don’t be afraid to experiment – and keep the short videos. Even if you end up moving in a different direction, they could help you. Gen Z responds well to brands that are transparent, and they like TikTok for its authenticity. Those old posts may help them relate to your brand story, boosting brand sentiment.

You can still go viral from your past videos. For a platform that thrives on newness, TikTok (and its users) are good at finding love for older content, too. Keep at it; one successful video can drive traffic to your account, and you’ll soon find that older posts get a boost too!

Ready to go viral on TikTok?

Now you know what TikTok looks for when it comes to sharing content, you can begin to apply those hacks when creating videos with influencers – and on your own TikTok profile

It’s a good idea to tailor your posts to match the energy of TikTokers’ favourite style of content. If you fulfil the criteria below and monitor your results, you’ll see the most TikTok growth.

1. Kick off your video with a bang

Our paid ads experts advise brands to adhere to the 3-second rule. This is the understanding that the first 3 seconds of your video are the most important when hooking in your audience. 

This is because the TikTok algorithm will detect how many users are watching your content all the way through. So if you want a high completion rate, you need to focus on creating videos that have immediate impact. We dig deeper into how you can use TikTok‘s 3-second rule to your advantage here.


Subconious 1-10 Friendship Scale 👀 Good Luck #fyp #psychology #friends #bestfriends #onlyjayus

♬ Steven Universe - L.Dre

2. Keep up with the trends

The easiest way to keep your content relevant is responding to TikTok trends. Whether you use trending audio, get crafty with video editor trends or participate in viral hashtag challenges, staying informed is key. 

Brands can participate in trending hashtags, but also to create their own. Recent successes have seen brands such as Sports Direct rack up huge engagement with their own branded hashtag challenge: #SportsDirectNaughtyList

Another method is trending sounds. If you can create your own original sound that TikTokers love, you’ll drive interest in your brand as the meme originator. An easy way to do this is via a voiceover – or you can work with a music influencer to create a catchy tune.

One way you can make sure you’re always up to date with TikTok trends is via our TikTok trends newsletter. We talk you through the week’s top trends, plus how your brand can use them.

3. Tell a story

When thinking about content with TikTok influencers or your own channel, consider producing TikTok videos that offer insight into your brand. TikTokers love to feel included: 25% said they’re more likely to promote a brand if they felt involved with it in some way. 

@Miladmirg is a hugely popular TikToker who has been creating simple content from his parents’ Subway – and telling stories about what goes on in the store day-to-day. The result? Videos like the one below which regularly surpass 15M views. 

Another benefit? Telling a story means keeping your viewers hooked until the very last second of your TikTok video – perfect for upping your completion rate.

4. Keep videos short

This is something TikTok influencers know instinctively, but your brand may not: the shorter and more punchy your video, the better. Gen Z has an 8-second attention span, so brevity is key when creating TikTok videos for them. 

Keeping your content short and snappy will ensure that your videos are ranked highly by the TikTok algorithm. It makes getting a high completion rate more likely, which TikTok rewards by boosting your content more. 

If you’re unsure how to sell your brand in a short period of time, taking the TikTok influencer route may help you see your products in a new, creative light. Working with influencers helps you win views – and seeing their own spin may help creative strategy for your own TikTok channel.

Make your brand go viral on TikTok, long term

Navigating TikTok marketing as a brand can feel overwhelming, but being aware of the ways you can increase the reach and engagement of your videos will help make the TikTok algorithm work for you. 

Partnering with social media influencers can help you capture Gen Z’s imagination. It can also open your eyes for how to operate like a TikTok influencer yourself. Eventually, making your brand go viral on TikTok will become second nature. By working with more influencers, you increase the chance of virality – and you’ll improve your strategy for long-term success.

Want to make sure your brand goes viral on TikTok? At Fanbytes, we know the secrets to making sure your account is as popular as possible. If you want to know more about how we can scale your brand, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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