How to Make a Playlist on TikTok: Everything Brands Need to Know

How to make a playlist on TikTok. The definitive guide on utilising this feature and why your brand should take note.
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  • Let’s talk about TikTok playlists. We’ve included a step-by-step guide on how to make a playlist on TikTok and everything you need to know about this new feature.
  • Staying up to date on TikTok is essential for better brand awareness. We’re going to tell you why.
  • How many followers do you need to make a playlist on TikTok, and what’s the best way to use one to promote your TikTok videos? We’ll answer all this and more.

TikTok playlists. Perhaps you’ve seen them on your favourite TikTok creator’s profile – but what are they, and how can brands use them?

This feature is available to certain creators on the platform, and it’s getting some serious attention. Why? TikTok playlists allow you to categorise your content and make it easier than ever for your consumers to find. 

Gen Z has an attention span of just 8 seconds so you need to be using every feature you can to get your brand’s content in their eye line quickly. TikTok playlists are a must-have tool for doing just that. 

But where is this feature found on the TikTok app, and how do you even use it? Here’s the low-down on how to make a TikTok playlist and why you would even want to.

The new creator’s hub

Last year, TikTok reached over 3 billion downloads, and it’s easy to see why. With its mission to inspire creativity and joy, it’s making waves all over the globe. A fast-moving world makes for a fast-moving app. TikTok constantly updates its algorithms, tools and features to make it easier and more exciting for all users.

These rapid changes are what makes the platform so dynamic and it’s not just us who love it. Creators everywhere are flocking to the social network app to make it their primary social media outlet. 

Because it allows creators to film, edit and upload a new video all in one place, TikTok makes content creation faster, easier and more effective. 3 of 4 people said that TikTok is a place where users can express themselves openly, which is what influencers yearn for. That’s why so many are making this platform their go-to.

TikTok has introduced plenty of new tools to aid in content creation and keep iPhone and Android users entertained. Their rollout of the Pro Account (for businesses and creators) made it clear that TikTok embraces this influx of professional TikTok users and wants to nurture its influencers and brands at every corner.

How do they do that? New tools (like TikTok playlists) that streamline their experience. 

Staying in the loop with TikTok updates

Staying up-to-date with the latest the app offers will help your social media marketing significantly. 

Social media changes can be speedier than the fastest of scrolling thumbs and it can feel hard to catch up. But we’ve got your back: we’re always in the know with the newest social media features, to provide the most up-to-date information on TikTok’s fast-paced journey.

“Why do I have to be in the know?” we hear you ask. Remember, TikTok and other social media platforms want your brand to succeed, so their new features are always about helping you promote yourself. Staying trending and current is key to getting more engagement through your social media channels and beating your competition. 

Gen Z are discerning when it comes to brands being current. They are the “digital native” generation, after all, so they know the freshest features on their favourite channels. They have a buying power of a whopping 44 billion, and 97% of them use social media as their primary source of shopping inspiration, so it pays to get it right for them.

How do you do that? Enter TikTok Playlists.

What is the creator playlist on TikTok?

Have you ever been stuck scrolling through a TikTok account for what seems like days looking for a particular video? The TikTok playlist feature helps mitigate that. The age-old question, “can you make folders on TikTok?” was finally answered: yes. Instagram lets you group through highlights, Youtube and Spotify through playlists, and now TikTok has its own version.

The creator playlist on TikTok is a feature that helps you categorise videos and make collections of videos easy for other TikTok users to find. It allows you to sort and curate content under topics and is a fantastic tool to make things more manageable.

Can anyone create a playlist on TikTok?

At the moment, TikTok has only rolled this feature out to selected creators on the platform. How many followers do you need to make a playlist on TikTok? Unfortunately, the answer is still a little foggy. Some accounts have accessed this feature when they hit 200,000 followers, others with a lot fewer. 

Don’t worry if you don’t have access yet. TikTok is slowly releasing playlists to more accounts but it will eventually be available to all pro accounts – both TikTok creators (i.e. influencers) and businesses. 

If you’re lucky to find the playlist feature on your profile, it’s time for you to use it.

How to make a playlist on TikTok

There are two main ways to create a playlist on your account. We’ve provided steps for both. 

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Method 1

This is how to add more than one video to your playlist. It’s great when you’re creating your first playlist and want to add lots of videos under a specific topic. 

Step 1

Head to your profile on TikTok. Underneath your bio, at the top of your videos, you’ll see a button that says, “Sort videos into playlists”. 

Tap this to get started.

Step 2

Tap “Start creating”. Name your playlist and tap “Next”. We recommend naming it something short, concise and easy to remember. 

Step 3

Select the videos you want to add to this playlist, then tap “Create playlist”.

If you head back to your profile you’ll see your new playlist at the top of your feed. 

Method 2

This method is for adding individual videos to an existing playlist and is helpful when you want to quickly include a new piece of content.

Step 1

Head to your profile and tap one of your own videos.

Step 2

Select “Share” or tap and hold the screen. 

Step 3

Tap “Add to playlist

Select the playlist you’d like and it will add it. 

How to remove a video from a playlist

Editing your playlist as you go is important to keep your content streamlined. Here’s how to delete a video from your playlist (don’t worry this does not delete the actual video itself).

Step 1

Tap on the video you want to remove.

Step 2

Tap “Share” and then tap “Remove from playlist

The video should now be removed from that playlist

How to manage your playlist

Managing your playlist will help your followers find your content faster. Creating a specific order for something is a great way to control what your audience sees first.

Step 1

Select your playlist and tap “…” at the top right of the list. 

Step 2

You’ll have the following options:

  • Edit, rename or delete the playlist
    Add or delete videos
    Sort the order of content on the playlist

3 tips for brands creating TikTok playlists

You’re ready to create your playlist and make your content easier to reach and ready for people to start engaging. Now what? Providing value to your audience is the goal, so it’s essential to understand a few things before you decide on what videos should go where. Here are three top tips to examine before jumping in.

1. Consider user experience

Always think about what your audience is looking for. The content they want to see should be put first. When categorising your playlists, keeping this in mind will help you determine what to put where. 

2. Be unexpected

Playlists are an excellent tool for putting content that might not be as popular up in the forefront of your page. It allows people to discover more about your brand without searching through your videos.

3. Stay current

Put your latest brand campaign content upfront and central. Popping it in a clearly labelled playlist at the top of your feed will help your followers find it quickly.

TikTok and its ever-changing landscape

With new features left, right and centre, it’s challenging to get to grips with exactly which social media tools you should be grabbing and which are getting a little rusty. 

TikTok is an ever-changing landscape, and we happen to be expert explorers of it. The fast-growing app is projected to have 1.5 billion active users in the next 12 months (it currently has 1 billion), so it’s no wonder it’s constantly adapting things behind the scenes. 

TikTok will rise to even greater heights for marketers in the coming years, and it’s not just nice to stay up to date with its changes; it’s necessary.

Luckily, we can do that for you. We have game-changing industry knowledge, experience and tools to keep you one step ahead of the game. Get in touch to find out how Fanbytes can help you make the most of TikTok’s features, so you’re always ahead of the competition.

Looking for more insights on TikTok in-app features? We have tons of info below that will help you expand your brand on this exciting platform, plus a complete guide on how to ace your sales. 

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