How to Use Duet Chains to Go Viral on TikTok

One of the most distinctive tools on TikTok is the ability to create duets, side by side videos where people can mimic or complete actions taken by other fans. One thing however is that a lot of marketers are not aware of are Duet Chains where fans can create seemingly never ending chains of content and in the process make a song go viral.

Using this strategy in your marketing can do wonders for creating a viral hit on Tiktok as it can create a self perpetuating cycle of content that amplifies your song to it’s maximum potential.

An example is Universal Music’s Decca Records who approached Fanbytes aiming to drive engagement around their artist AURORA and her single “ The River”. As opposed to going the conventional route of influencers simply lip syncing to the song, we developed a duet campaign around  the chorus of the song which read as below:

“You can cry, drinking your eyes

Do you miss the sadness when it is gone? (Gone)

And you let the river run wild (Gone)

And you let the river run wild

You can cry (You can cry), drinking your eyes

I don’t miss the sadness when it is gone (Gone)

And the feeling of it makes me smile (Gone)

As I let the river run wild”

The Concept:

Influencers started the challenge by “crying” into a camera initially and then smiling. They then synced hands with other influencers. This created the direction for how to get involved in the challenge for their fans. Fans were encouraged to get involved through the duet feature, with users being encouraged to join. The duet chain began to develop when influencers and fans started to link videos together through the linking of hands.

The Results:

Organically the hashtag challenge ended up on the For You page, the equivalent of the trending Page on Twitter. This led to further organic uplift releasing the song to a new audience. Within days, the campaign had over 2,500 people create videos and join the challenge all coming together with over 1.5m views on the hashtag.

This campaign worked very well due to the use of the duet chain feature. Understanding this and being able to use this in your songs is a sure re way of getting your song viral and creating an army of fans who genuinely love your artist. When planning campaigns, it’s important to think through how you can use duet chains in your marketing.

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