How VIP Pets Drove 5.8M Views & Got ‘Tweens’ Talking About Their New Toy Using TikTok Influencers


The Client

IMC Toys is a global toy powerhouse, selling a range of branded toys like Cry Babies, Club Pets & Baby Wow across 50 countries worldwide. They wanted to raise awareness for their new VIP Pets doll launch in the UK with their first ever TikTok activation in the region. The VIP Pet dolls are all about hair styling for cute animal based characters – each with their own personalities and styles. The product aimed at the female ‘tween’ demographic encourages young girls to become hair stylists, experiment and ‘create the perfect look’.

The Aims

Having seen the success of our previous work with toy brands like Rubik’s & Bandai on TikTok (in collaboration with PlayTime PR), IMC Toys were keen to leverage our TikTok expertise, insight tool and influencer network to make a splash on the platform and get people talking about their products. Key metrics for the client campaign were:

1. Driving awareness for the product, measured by views.

2. Driving link clicks to their branded Youtube channel.

3. Driving engagement, measured by likes, comments etc.

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Trends Insight

Based on our TikTok expertise and previous work with toy brands, we knew that ‘surprise toys’ were booming on the platform. We saw a huge opportunity for VIP Pet Dolls to reach and engage their ideal demographic by using the right strategic approach. 

Using our in-house TikTok insight tool Bytesights, we identified ‘hair styling transformations’ as an incredibly popular TikTok trend to leverage with over 1.8 billion hashtag views. By identifying and monitoring this trend, we saw the right opportunity to organically insert VIP Pet dolls into the conversation. We selected this trend as a core pillar for the creatives and designed a brief to capitalise on its growing popularity.  

The Brief

The brief was built around influencers setting up a home salon to style their VIP Pet doll’s hair. The creative ensured that content demonstrated the product’s features and accessories, whilst still leaving space for each creator to adapt the creative in a way that organically blended into their page. Adaptations included ASMR hair stylings, reality TV style sketches set in a hair salon, and hair styling competitions.

Crucial to this campaign was being able to identify the right mix of creators who could creatively execute on the brief and maximise reach. Using unique audience insights from Fanbytes’ influencer platform, a mix of both ‘parenting’ & Gen Z TikTokers were selected for the campaign.This allowed content to reach a wide audience and build both pester power and gatekeeper awareness. We selected a total of 9 influencers for this campaign, below are some key examples of the creators and their content. 

The Creators


Our managed talent Rhia was a perfect fit for this campaign. She is a high energy and relatable TikToker with 7.4m fans, having already been featured in the likes of Nickelodeon & CBBC, her audience of tween girls was exactly what the client was looking for.

She often posts unboxing content with similar products like Barbie’s colour reveal toy. Our brief was the perfect opportunity for her to flex her creativity with her audience whilst also being organic and true to her channel. Here is an example of an unboxing video that incorporated ASMR sound.



Shauni is a Gen Z superstar and has one of the largest followings in the UK with 10.1m fans. With a loyal army of female tween fans who look up to her, her content usually goes viral, giving the client potential for huge reach. Here is an example of her video which went viral in under 48 hours.

The Results

The results were astounding.

Our creative strategy backed by data-driven insights led to this being a blockbuster campaign. With the core objective of driving awareness in mind, we smashed guaranteed views by 10x, reaching an astonishing 5,800,000 views

Not only did this campaign beat the predicted views, we over delivered on the client’s secondary KPI of driving link clicks to their Youtube channel. Our campaign drove 8,025 clicks, nearly double that of similar campaigns with CPCs well below our estimated range.

With the final KPI around driving engagement, we absolutely smashed expectations generating 6x engagement with 1000’s of positive comments like “ “Omg always wanted one of them toys” and “This is the one my daughter is desperate for!”. Below is a snapshot of the positive brand sentiment generated through this campaign.


What Our Client Had To Say

As you can imagine, IMC Toys were beyond pleased that their first TikTok campaign went viral. Here’s what IMC’s UK Country Manager, Sue Barrat had to say:


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