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Decide which type of brands you want to work with who fit your style


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View the ads which will run on your Snapchat Stories and confirm when they will go live


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Sit back and watch the 10-30 second Ad be automatically inserted into your Snapchat Stories at the specified time


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Receive your payment right after your content is published live

Ghost drew ce5f18673ea4c2e190b7ed2b7779a2539fb78fb7125edc25b9eafa6d11c26963
Fanbytes is the only platform where you can get regular deals on Snapchat. They pay you really quickly too
- DrewIsSharing

The live customers service chat is amazing. Whenever I have any problems they respond basically instantly every time
- Ellie James
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Ghost max 03972d96d14b9c1a4577e5618d477af747250fd8a826309b7ad99da898301365
I like how with Fanbytes the brands come to me rather than having to go to the brands
- MaxPlaysFifa

Earn Money with Seconds of Work

Zero work

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No filming, editing, or thinking required. Simply confirm which of the pre-made video ads you want to insert to your stories


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We'll pay you on a Cost-Per-View basis, directly proportional to the amount of views your video achieves

Speedy payment

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We'll even promise to process your payments within 48 hours of your content being published. None of that 30-day invoice nonsense!

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