Instagram Collabs: Everything Brands Need to Know

'Instagram Collabs' is the new feature from Insta - and it could be a game changer for brands. Here's how to use it, so you're ahead of the competition.
Fanbytes | Instagram Collabs - What Brands Need to Know

In 30 seconds:

  • Gen Z make up just over a third of Instagram users, so it’s vital to be in the know on their latest feature: Instagram Collabs.
  • This brand new tool is simple, effective and ingenious. But what does it mean, and how do you use it? We’ll take you through step by step.

  • Influencer marketing is growing fast. Using this feature to tap into that bracket will pay off. We’ll also show you some creative ways to utilise Collabs for your own brand.

Instagram collaboration with brands is skyrocketing. The Facebook (sorry, Meta)-owned company has an estimated 1.41 billion users. To keep up, they’ve been implementing a non-stop conveyor belt of new features to help partnerships across the platform. 

Introducing Instagram Collabs. 

This is a groundbreaking new concept that will change the way brands connect. In short, it makes things a lot easier and allows you to access a pool of fresh followers.

So let’s go through everything you need to know and get Instagram Collabs working for you. 

What is the Instagram Collab feature?

Instagram dropped this information on the matter via Twitter:

Effectively, Instagram Collabs allows you to co-author a post or reel with another brand, influencer or individual. Once the post is shared and accepted by the collaborator, it’s visible on both accounts’ feeds.

So, what does that mean? Two pools of followers, higher engagement rate and access to a new audience. What’s not to like?

How do you get IG Collabs?

If the Instagram Collabs feature is not available to you, don’t panic. It should be on its way soon. It is currently in testing mode within the UK, Ireland and India, and you can only collaborate with accounts from these countries. 

Collabs are available on any public account, and there are no limitations on how many followers you need to have. 

According to regulations, if you are planning to use this feature for a paid collaboration on Instagram, you’ll still need to disclose it. More on this later. 

How do you use Collabs on Instagram?

So now that you know what this game-changing new feature does, it’s time to use it. Once you have access to the feature you’ll be essentially tagging a collaborator. You can do this for both Instagram posts and reels. It’s a brilliantly simple process:

How to use Collabs for Instagram Posts

Posts on your feed are your bread and butter. They are the original form of content on Instagram. Despite the introduction of the new kids on the block, like reels and stories, posts will continue to thrive, helping brands, personalities, and influencers build trust and loyalty. 

Here is the breakdown of how to use Collabs for a new post:


As usual, take a photo or pick one from your camera roll. If you want to create a carousel post, then select multiple images. You can also upload a video if you wish. The rules are the same, and Instagram Collabs will not affect this.

Fanbytes | Gen Z Marketing | Instagram Collabs - How To - New Post


Add any effects you wish and edit your content to your desired look. Tap next to get to the caption/settings page.


Tap “Tag people”.

Fanbytes | Gen Z Marketing | Instagram Collabs - How To - Invite Collaborator


You will now see a page with two options. “Tag people” and “Invite collaborator”. Tap “Invite collaborator”. 

NOTE: You can use both options at the same time. So you could tag your friends and a collaborator, but you can only tag one collaborator currently.


On the next page, you’ll be able to search for an account to collaborate with. Once you select the account you want, click “done”.

Fanbytes | Gen Z Marketing | Instagram Collabs - How To - Search


Add your caption and share the post. The collaborator you chose will receive an invite in their DMs. They will need to accept this for the post to appear on their feed.

How to use Collabs for Instagram Reels

In social media marketing moving pictures are king. Videos get twice the amount of engagement than other types of content and reels are a testament to that. They’re eye-catching, follower-increasing nuggets of social media gold. 

Just imagine, your reel goes viral, you gain tons of views, and your following goes up. Now picture that with Collabs: twice the engagement and double the success. 

Using Collabs on reels is similar to a feed post.


Record your reel or use content on your camera roll. Once you are happy, click preview to see how it will look.


Tap next to access the settings and caption page.

Fanbytes | Gen Z Marketing | Instagram Collabs - How To - Reels


Just like you did on the photo post, tap “tag people”.


Tap “Tag collaborator” to access the search page. Find your collaborator account and select them. Remember only a single collaborator can be tagged.

Fanbytes | Gen Z Marketing | Instagram Collabs - How To - Search


Make sure you select the “Also share to feed” slider to make the most of your own pool of followers as well as the other account’s.


Tap the checkmark to share and invite your collaborator. 

How do you accept a Collab request?

If someone has tagged you as a collaborator the post will not show on your profile until you have accepted their invite. This is helpful as it allows you to get closer control of the content with your name on it. 

So what happens if you want to accept? Here’s how you do it:


Open up your DMs. If someone has requested a Collab with you, it will appear here.

Fanbytes | Gen Z Marketing | Instagram Collabs - How To - View Request


You’ll see a “view request” icon under the preview of the reel or post. Tap this.


You’ll see the post, and a button will appear with options to accept or decline. Click Accept to share the reel or post to your feed.

Fanbytes | Gen Z Marketing | Instagram Collabs - How To - Accept Invitation


If you wish to stop sharing the post at any point, you can click on the options icon and tap “stop sharing”.

Why do you need to start using Collabs?

Instagram Collabs is a game-changer for social media marketing. Our CEO wrote down his thoughts on the matter here. It’s clear to us that Collabs won’t be a one-hit-wonder. It has room to develop and become even more revolutionary. Influencer marketing is on the up, and this taps into that goldmine, so you must make the most of it. Why? Here are just some of the reasons:

  • It’s faster. Collaborating with other accounts has never been simpler in Instagram. Just a few taps brings together two accounts in seconds. 
  • It’s simpler. Instagram Collabs allows you to reshare content without screenshots or third party apps.
  • It expands your reach. Having access to two sets of followers makes a dramatic difference, especially if you are partnering with an influencer. You can gain new followers and added engagement with one click.
  • It builds trust. Collaborating with other accounts can sometimes be tricky if you aren’t on the same page. With this feature, you have the option to accept or decline a request, making it more manageable. 
  • It gives you control. You have creative power over a post. Often when collaborating with influencers, they create the content. With this new feature, brands can make the post or reel exactly how they want and simply tag the influencer as a collaborator. No regramming. No messy screenshots. Total control. 

3 smart ways to use Instagram Collabs

Phew, you’re now in the know on Collabs. But what about how to make the most of them?

We’ve put together 3 ideas to get your creative juices flowing and give you the upper hand with your Instagram know-how:

1. Maximise influencer marketing

80% of influencers prefer Instagram over other platforms. That means there is a whole stockpile of forward-thinking individuals that have a network of loyal followers on the platform. They’re ready to collaborate with brands, and this new feature has made it easier than ever to do so. Both accounts will share your paid Collabs without confusion over screenshots and regramming apps.

NOTE: When you choose to do a paid collaboration, you’ll need to add the branded content tag. You’ll also need to be completely transparent about any placements. Take a look at the FTC’s guide “Disclosures 101 for Social Media Influencers” for the ins and outs of what you can and can’t do with product endorsements.

2. Instagram Challenges

Collabs could become an easier, faster way to tag people in partnered challenges. It will increase your audience and promote the challenge quicker. A little like Tik Tok’s duets, you’d be able to partner with someone and create a trend. 

If the challenge took off, you might see more and more people adding to the Collabs chain, essentially multiplying your reach every single time. 

3. Giveaways

Free product giveaways are a great way to boost engagement and build up followers. Plenty of brands team up to promote their products through partnered giveaways and competitions. The genius part of the Collabs feature is making it even easier for viewers to see the other brand’s profile. In just one tap, you’re there. No scrolling through captions or clicking on hashtags.

Bringing it all together.

One thing’s for sure; the Instagram Collabs feature is fresh, smart and raring to go. And guess what? You’re now in the know. 

We recommend trying it out with a close, trusted individual or brand to see the effect it can have. Testing it with a friend or business partner is a great place to start. 

The real benefits will come when combining it with influencer marketing. 61% of people trust influencers over brands, so it’s time to utilise that and get your product out there. 

Collabs will help you do that. 

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