International Women’s Day: Brand Examples to Inspire Your Campaign

This International Women’s Day, brands are being encouraged to #BreakTheBias. We’ve got tips on how to run a successful campaign, plus examples to inspire you.
Fanbytes | International Women’s Day Brands

In 30 seconds:

  • #IWD2022 takes place on 8th March, and it’s a great opportunity for brands to join in the celebration of the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women.
  • Around the world, organisations will be releasing campaigns that highlight female empowerment, gender equality and women’s rights.
  • Looking for the best campaigns from International Women’s Day brands to inspire you? We’ve collected our favourite examples below.

International Women’s Day 2022 falls on the 8th March – at the start of the second week of “Women’s History Month”; the time of year set aside in order to honour women’s contributions throughout history. 

Getting involved is a great opportunity for brands to show what they’re doing to promote gender parity, and to establish themselves as forces for good amongst their audiences. This is especially important for brands who are seeking to attract Gen Z customers. 70% of Gen Z say they purchase products from brands they consider to be ethical, which makes International Women’s Day a good marketing opportunity as well as an important chance to support young women.  

This year, the theme of IWD is “Break the Bias”. The manifesto for the campaign theme asks people to “Imagine a gender equal world. A world free of bias, stereotypes and discrimination.” 

When it comes to putting together an International Women’s Day brand campaign, it’s important for brands to keep in mind this theme and examine how they can show a lack of bias in their own marketing and beyond.

International Women’s Day brands

Specific “International Women’s Day brands” – do they exist? Is International Women’s Day for every brand to celebrate? 


Like Black History Month or Pride, IWD is an opportunity for brands to showcase their commitment to Diversity and Inclusion initiatives, to celebrate their colleagues and inspiring women in their field, and to recognise the work that still needs to be done. 

It’s an important topic, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun! Approaching your International Women’s Day campaign with this in mind will allow your brand to stand out from the influx of posts and hashtags on the day – which only means the message will spread even further. 

If your brand is active on social media, you’ll need to be aware of the larger campaigns happening around you. That’s because women’s day ads will all be launching at the same time, so careful use of overarching hashtags and clever scheduling is important. 

Here are some of the main hashtags to be aware of when posting to social media this international women’s day:

Using these basic hashtags in the month of March alongside your own campaigns may help to boost your engagement – getting more eyes on your content and spreading awareness of your campaign further amongst your followers. It also helps to unify the movement as a whole – something the organisation behind the Day is keen for brands to be involved in. 

How do brands celebrate Women’s day?

When focusing on women empowerment, campaigns typically fall into one of a few categories: charitable, educational, or purely celebratory. Of course, you can do all of the above! Some of the best International Women’s Day posts combine all of these aspects within their campaigns. 

Once you’ve established the category of your campaign, you should next decide a goal, and a target audience. 

The IWD organisers suggest deciding between goals such as “launching initiatives” or “influencing behaviour”. Their example target audiences include “the general public”, “students” and “industry”. 

Many brands, especially on social media, will use this opportunity to target Millennial and Gen Z audiences. They are, after all, the generations who are primarily online – and they also expect the most from brands when it comes to Diversity and Inclusion initiatives. 

In fact, 76% of Gen Z and 72% of millennials have said that D&I is an important topic for brands to address, and they want to see more effort surrounding representation from the brands they support. 

With that in mind, it’s time to take your brand’s philosophies to the market. 

International Women’s Day social media post ideas

In the past few years, we’ve seen campaigns that really embrace the spirit of International Women’s Day – and thus garner increased brand sentiment from their followers. 

On social media, Women’s day advertising is likely to make a big impact with Gen Z. Amongst all the female empowerment campaigns of 2020, one survey found that 74% of female students still don’t expect to be paid the same as male colleagues. 

It’s clear that there is still much to be done. 

So from donation drives to non-profit organizations, to visibility-raising initiatives, we’ve sourced the International Women’s Day brands to watch this year. Here are our picks of some of their best IWD campaigns.

Fanbytes | International Women’s Day - Net-A-Porter - Women for Women international


Given that they sell predominantly to women, it comes as no surprise that fashion and beauty brands are active on International Women’s Day. And, as one of the biggest luxury fashion and beauty brands, Net-A-Porter is no exception. 

Last year, the fashion and beauty retailer launched their #PowerToChange campaign. It featured 12 limited-edition T-shirts, each designed by a female designer, the profits of which were dedicated to non-profit organization Women for Women International

Not only that, the brand committed to donate $1 for every instance of its #PowerToChange hashtag uploaded on either TikTok or Instagram in the week of International Women’s Day. Net-a-porter launched this hashtag campaign with a huge network of influencers all posting content featuring the exclusive items, which ensured the campaign was seen by a range of audiences online. 

Fanbytes | International Women’s Day - TikTok - We Are Here


If you’re hunting for inspiration for Women’s day post ideas, TikTok is fertile ground of creativity to plunder. Last year the video-sharing app chose to focus on the gender disparity within the live music industry. Launching a campaign with the hashtag #WeAreHere, the platform encouraged users to explore playlists generated by female artists celebrating female talent. 

The app also hosted live music events from artists such as Girl in Red – as well as partnering with to champion their work as a global community for minorities within the music industry.  

For Gen Z, who are the biggest audience on TikTok, this campaign was a perfect opportunity to get involved and share their talent and celebrate women’s achievements – and, perhaps most importantly, it proved to them that the social media platform they use so much cares about the same issues as they do. 

Fanbytes | International Women’s Day - Reebok Madwomen - It’s a Man’s World


Women’s day ads usually focus on – you’ve guessed it – women. But Reebok’s 2020 “It’s a Man’s World” campaign subverted this expectation when the brand released a women’s shoe range embossed with the slogan. The footwear, designed by women entrepreneurs, featured the phrase boldly crossed out in a bright red. 

In this project, Reebok worked with MADWOMEN, an organisation dedicated to uplifting women in the creative industries. Naturally, the limited-edition trainers went on sale on March 8th.

Fanbytes | International Women’s Day - Burger King - Women Belong in the Kitchen

Burger King

Another brand that chose to subvert a slogan, Burger King’s eye-catching “Women Belong in the Kitchen” campaign sought to raise awareness of the gender disparity at the head of restaurants, where only 7% of head chef roles are held by women. 

They’re no stranger to a viral campaign, and this was no different. The fast food chain also used the noise around their campaign to launch “H.E.R”, or “Helping Equalize Restaurants”, a scholarship from the Burger King Foundation to support women who want to pursue a career in the culinary arts. 

Fanbytes | International Women’s Day - Casetify - Equality Now


Another brand who chose to launch a product in order to raise awareness of social issues was Casetify. The brand launched their ‘Her Impact Matters’ collection of phone cases, with a percentage of each purchase donated to Equality Now – a charity fighting to secure equal rights under law. 

Every design in this collection is designed by a female illustrator or artist. Each limited edition design’s message was clear, helping customers demonstrate their support for gender equality.

Fanbytes | International Women’s Day - Papier - Gurls Talk


Choosing to focus their International Women’s Day 2021 campaign on the importance of mental health, Papier released a limited-edition “self reflection” journal in collaboration with Adwoa Aboah, founder of Gurls Talk. In Papier’s words, both the notebook and Gurls Talk provide a “space for free expression without judgement”.

The brand committed to donating 100% of the profits from purchases made in the month of March to the community space, allowing customers to help both themselves and others with every purchase.

Empowerment campaigns

Taking a stance and highlighting brand attitudes towards social issues such as those raised on International Women’s Day is becoming more and more important. 

The percentage of consumers who expect to see diversity and inclusion addressed by their favourite brands grows significantly as you move down the generations – from 63% for Gen X, to 76% of Gen Zers

It’s clear that if brands want to retain loyal customers in the future, they need to be proving why that loyalty is earned, now. 

So if you want to know how to market your brand to younger generations – whether that’s by creating a campaign that shows how your brand intends to #BreakTheBias, or if you’re already planning ahead for Pride and Black History Month – we can help. Get in touch to find out how we’ve helped brands successfully target Gen Z online. 

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