Top Male Fashion Influencers & How You Can Work With Them

Searching for the top male fashion influencers for your brand? Look no further. We're listing the best creators - plus how to work with them.
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  • We’re listing the top male fashion influencers in 2022, covering men’s style and fashion industry content.
  • What makes these creators different? We’ve noted why you’ll want to write down each of these social media handles.
  • How can you work with male fashion influencers? Fashionably enough, it’s all about getting the perfect fit.

What do male fashion influencers look like in 2022? Since the rise of influencers in the early 2010s, a lot has changed. Now we are looking at a diverse range of talent brimming with creativity and fresh perspectives. The common trend amongst all of them? Innovation.

Whether through carving out a new personal style niche or pioneering fashion entertainment, the best male fashion influencers are promoting a more rounded view of fashion and the fashion industry and their followers are lapping it up. How can brands capture this and turn it into sales?

To create an effective, kick-ass influencer marketing strategy that paints your brand in the best light, it’s vital to collaborate with content creators who align with your offering. But the message they share should be in their own style -i.e. via the content that their audiences love.

With 89% of young people following ‘relatable’ influencers, it’s clear that next-gen consumers like creators they can identify with. Successful brands will give influencers creative freedom to deliver content that resonates with their audience.

So how can you find the perfect male influencer for your fashion brand campaign and ensure they are expanding your reach to the right audience? That’s where we can help. We’re listing the top men’s fashion influencers for you to keep an eye on, plus how to work with them

Male Fashion Influencers: Style Inspiration

Social media platforms are the go-to place for Gen Z and millennial style inspiration. Influencers on Instagram, TikTok and Youtube are dishing out style tips, fashion advice and creative ideas to get your “fit” on point. Here are the top menswear style influencers of 2022 and why they might fit with your brand.

1. Geoff Cooper

Instagram: @geoffcooper (122K followers)

The Out describes Geoff Cooper an “all-around fashion icon, mogul, businessman and Influencer”, and we agree. He’s worked with the likes of COS on influencer campaigns and as a stylist and artistic director on numerous fashion campaigns. Originally from Trinidad and Tobago, he uses his cultural roots to inspire his style and build artistically diverse content with smart casual fits. 


Why should you work with them?

Geoff is clearly making ethical (and stylish) waves in the fashion influencer world. He’s also the founder of “Sagaboi”, a magazine that has now built “Rebellion Times”, a fashion editorial inspired by the Black Panther movement.

With 61% of young consumers wanting brands to connect with a cause or social issue, marketers should take the opportunity to collaborate with the world-changers of today. But it can’t just be for show. Brands must know their goals align with ethical social media influencers to produce believable and honest content. Only then will you build trust and establish an ongoing lead-generating community online.

2. Kosta Williams

Instagram: @kosta_williams (1 million followers)

YouTube: Kosta Williams (38.9K followers)

Konstantin Georgakis (better known as Kosta Williams) is a German artistic director, creative consultant, style connoisseur and one of the biggest Instagram influencers out there. He is the CEO and fashion designer for his own brand “Forage”, and has collaborated with Calvin Klein, Dior, Puma and Levis. His killer content has amassed him over 1 million followers on Instagram.


Why should you work with them?

Kosta Williams’ inspirational Instagram Reels have raked in hundreds of thousands of views. He provides practical styling tips as well as neat aesthetics. This has caused mass engagement, with thousands of comments on many of his posts. His style is minimalistic and paired back, which may align well with certain brands more than others. 

3. Yele King

Instagram: @yeleking (12.2K followers)

Yele King is a male fashion influencer and model with a penchant for looking dapper. His suit-wearing tips and smooth styling are why people come back to his content repeatedly. If you go to Westfield London, you may see Yele on a giant billboard for Moss Bros. And that’s just a small snippet of his collaborations. 


Why should you work with them?

Yele King is great at bringing his fans the content they love. He’s also brilliant at jumping on the latest fashion trends whilst still staying true to his personal style. He recently created a video based on the “flannel trend” with trending audio. Brands can leverage influencer marketing to stay on trend and maximise their ROI on campaigns. Influencers know what’s trending and what’s not (that is their job, after all), so sticking with their creative ideas will put you in good stead to skyrocket engagement.

4. Sky Koji

TikTok: @skyykojii (18.8K followers)

Instagram: @skyykojii (10.6K followers)

If you’re looking for up-and-coming Asian male fashion influencers, this content creator could be your ticket. Sky Koji is a micro-influencer from Japan with a growing community who utterly adore his style. His aesthetic could be described as “villain era” meets effortless contemporary streetwear


Why should you work with them? 

Micro-influencers can actually attract much higher engagement and conversion rates than highly influential users. Why? Because they have a close-knit community, who feel invested in their content. To increase conversions, collaborating with influencers like Sky Koji can get you the results you want. Remember, brand awareness campaigns can only go so far. Marketers can utilise influencer marketing to achieve targets across all areas of the funnel.

5. Luka Sabbat

Instagram: @lukasabbat (3.6 million followers)

TikTok: @lukasabbat (477.9K followers)

Luka Sabbat is an American model and “creative entrepreneur”. In the past, he’s partnered with fashion houses like Dolce & Gabbana, Hugo Boss, and YEEZY. His style is undeniably on trend and awake to current cultural movements. Consequently, The Cut has labelled him as “Gen Z’s IT boy”. 


Why should you work with them?

Sabbat told The Cut, “I was one of the first internet fashion kids of New York,”. His influence among young generations is blatant, so brands looking to tap into the hearts of Gen Z should take note. 82% of Gen Zers say fashion is important for establishing their identities, and it is creators like Luka Sabbat who are helping them in this journey.

6. Deon Hinton

Instagram: @okdeon (268K followers)

Deon Hinton is one of the top black male fashion influencers of our time. His creativity comes in many forms, from fashion to poetry, photography to videography. As a member of the LGBTQ community, he has created a safe, joyful space through his Instagram feed to share creation, style and art


Why should you work with him?

70% of consumers say trusting a brand is more important today than in the past, so finding ways of genuinely connecting with your target audience on social media is key. Deon only works with fashion brands that truly align with his values. This means he has built powerful trust with his followers. If your brand is a match for him, you’ll be able to access that trust and reach unprecedented brand sentiment goals.

Male Fashion Influencers: The Educators

Social media has changed fashion and made content from even some of the most exclusive brands accessible to the masses. Excitingly, TikTok in particular is heralding a new form of fashion influencer who can share their expertise through what they say in their videos. Some of the top male fashion influencers now are educators making fashion insider knowledge fun, easy and understandable for young people through candid videos, reviews and even comedy. 

7. Timothy Chernyaev

TikTok: @relaxitsonlyfashion (307.5K followers)

Timothy Chernyaev labels himself as a stylist & content creator. But what makes him a top male fashion influencer? Answer: he offers a fresh perspective on fashion with truthful, paired-back content that is less about his own personal style and more about insightful opinions on fashion news, collections and events. His TikTok page is full of videos reviewing specific fashion industry moments with a superbly original tone. 


Why should you work with them?

Chernyaev has built a loyal following on TikTok because his content style is heavily based on frankness and genuine insight. He’s an expert whose opinion people trust. This kind of loyalty takes time and consistency to develop; with the right type of collaboration, your brand can tap into this. Chernyaey has already worked with Coach to talk through a recent menswear collection in a TikTok video on their channel, and we expect to see more brands exploring new ways to share the inspiration behind collections in this way; increasing consumer consideration.

8. Benji Park

TikTok: @fashionboy (212.1K followers)

Benji Park (also known as ‘Fashion Fairy Godmother’) is the one-stop shop for all fashion education on your TikTok feed. He shares informative videos on fashion in film, tv and on the runway, as well as providing style advice on how to get hold of your own statement pieces. 


Why should you work with them?

Benji told Marie Claire magazine, “my videos are usually born out of a collaboration between myself and my followers… My followers always request or recommend the most fascinating and important video topics. […] It’s such a gift to have created this little community of fashion dialogue.”

Fashionboy clearly has a close, interactive relationship with his followers. A partnership here would mean you would not only be expanding your brand’s reach but also benefiting from high engagement and consideration. Brands can sometimes undervalue the comments section and through a partnership like this you can learn a lot about your potential consumers.

@fashionboy Checking out the new @adidas x @Gucci collab with @CULTED #adidasxgucci #collab ♬ original sound - FashionBoy

9. Volkan Yilmaz

TikTok: @tanner.leatherstein (510.5K followers)

Volkan Yilmaz is a TikTok creator and professional leather goods worker who is getting under the skin of leather in fashion. His eye-opening videos on TikTok, Instagram and his Youtube channel take a deep dive into luxury leather accessories. He cuts open designer items to find out how they are made – and how they stack up to their cost. 


Why should you work with them?

Volkan’s content is all about determining quality. 81% of shoppers research products online before buying in store. Brands who want to shout about their product quality could work well with Volkan. You wouldn’t have to have him destroy your goods! Invite him to your factory to showcase the processes that go into your craft. It’ll sit well alongside his other content and is a great chance to show off how luxurious your leather pieces really are.

10. Liam Cole

TikTok: @why_wear_that (79.3K followers) 

UK male fashion influencer, Liam Cole has created his own comedic version of fashion education on TikTok and Instagram. His videos consist of fashion round-ups and style profiles on key figures in fashion, detailing his opinions alongside historic facts – and ever-present wit.


Why should you work with them?

Bringing comic relief to fashion influencer marketing is a game changer. It breaks down barriers and makes every subject entertaining. Studies show that delivering the news with humour makes young adults more likely to remember and share, and the same can be said about your content. As TikTok has a predominantly younger audience, you may want to tap into this and collaborate with comedic creators like Liam so that your target audience remembers your brand. 

Male fashion influencers: The Entertainers

Since social media has become a leading entertainment source, brands need to adapt their content to keep their audience engaged and coming back for more. Fashion entertainment influencers are putting a different spin on the industry and creating irresistibly watchable content for their followers. It’s this that brands need to harness to keep viewers’ attention and boost reach. 

11. Phil Cohen

TikTok: @thepacman82 (62.7K followers)

Instagram: @thepacman82 (868K followers)

Fashion and lifestyle influencer Phil Cohen’s TikTok videos are creative, unexpected and visually dynamic. His entertaining content has led to over 657K likes on TikTok and a massive following on his instagram account. He’s already collaborated with @Victorinox and @PANGAIA. He’s a creative video editor (with insane skills -as this twist on a flatlay video shows) and an art director.


Why should you work with them?

Cohen states “I’ve always thought the best way to highlight my style is to remove myself and let the clothes do the talking”. His editing skills put the product first in all his videos. Like in Burberry’s “Open Spaces” film in 2021, luxury fashion houses continue bringing clever editing and green screens into their marketing. Brands looking to highlight their fashion lines innovatively and creatively should think of collaborating with influencers like Cohen.

12. Jonathan Daniel Pryce

Instagram: @garconjon (133K followers)

Jonathan Daniel Pryce is an award-winning Scottish photographer specialising in men’s fashion, especially street style photography. He has worked with some of the world’s most renowned magazines like Vogue GQ, Esquire, and Mr. Porter.


Why should you work with them?

In an interview with Men’s Fashion Post, Price says, “Maybe an outsider would think that I’m superficial or obsessed with fashion. In reality, I love to delve into the depths of humility through my work”.

Customers that feel emotionally connected are more loyal to brands. Creating authentic, creative and stimulating experiences through influencer collaborations is the key to building a better brand community and long-term customer acquisition. That’s where someone like Price comes into the picture. His skills lie in creating visually dynamic and entertaining experiences, and brands that can use this to their advantage will be winning.

13. Jake Flemming

TikTok: @itsjakeflemm (595.3K followers)

Instagram: @jake.fleming (43.5K followers)

If you’re looking for no-nonsense, humorous fashion influencer content with a delicious side of shade, Los Angeles-based Jake Fleming is your man. Although he’s one of the top male models at Select Model Global (check out his Instagram for Fleming’s personal fashion styles), his main draw is the funny videos he posts on his TikTok channels. He creates niche fashion advice such as “What you should wear for Taylor Swift’s Era Tour” and funny opinions such as “What your jacket says about you”. 


Why should you work with them?

Jake Fleming’s personality is what reigns supreme in his content. His infectious humour and confident tone will attract TikTokers; especially younger consumers. Gen Z prefers social media influencers who could fit into their “social bubble”, so strong personas like Fleming’s may be the perfect match to engage younger generations and keep them coming back for more.

Effectively utilise TikTok’s new fashion influencers

TikTok is becoming the new centre of gravity of the internet. For fashion brands, having a TikTok presence is turning into a necessity – and working with fashion influencers is an integral factor for growth. But how can you stand out? And how can you ensure your activities translate into sales?

In our Fanbytes by Brainlabs guide, we provide a comprehensive view of fashion on TikTok now, insider advice from our expert Fashion & Beauty Division, and practical tips and examples for how to engage and work with the best fashion influencers on the platform to grow your brand.

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Male Fashion Influencers: The Bloggers

Before the rise of social media, blogs were considered the best places to go for style inspiration. In 2013, Fashion United found 64% of social shoppers turned to message boards or blogs for inspiration before making a fashion-related purchase decision. However, by 2019, Fashion United found the same figure – 64% – of shoppers sought out inspiration from Instagram for their fashion purchases.

Then TikTok joined the conversation. The meteoric rise of the fashion vloggers on this platform means narratives are back in. Now that male fashion influencers like Timothy Chernyaev (@relaxitsonlyfashion) and Jake Fleming (@itsjakeflemm) are getting users excited by the stories behind fashion, perhaps fashion blogs will increase in demand again?

Here are the top fashion bloggers who rode the first wave and still have a massive impact today.

14. Matthew Zorpas

Instagram: @matthewzorpas (182K followers)

Blog: The Gentleman Blogger

Matthew Zorpas founded The Gentleman Blogger 10 years ago and it has since grown to be a global phenomenon. His irresistibly readable content has provided inspiration, lifestyle ideas and trend alerts for men looking to improve their style. He is now promoting the film “Make/Believe”, a documentary highlighting his life, achievements and personality on and off the screen.


Why should you work with them?

Matthew Zorpas has made a lasting impression on his readers. His global audience means collaboration will result in extraordinary reach and potential follower growth. Matthew focused on men’s interests and lifestyle needs before “fashion influencers” became massive on socials and, as a result, has created a loyal community who continue to read his posts. This loyalty is exactly what brands need to tap into to hit long-term customer acquisition goals.

Matthew Zorpas

15. Adam Gallagher

Instagram: @iamgala (1.7 million followers)


Adam Gallagher founded the fashion and lifestyle blog “I am GALLA” and his suave take on style wowed readers from the start. He started his blog back in 2009 and began documenting his daily look. This turned into a fast-growing community; since then, he has collaborated with top fashion houses and accessories brands. Adam even teamed up with jewellery brand Miansai to launch his own 10-piece collection in 2018. Now he has released 3 singles and is initiating his “sad indie era” according to his Instagram.

Why should you work with them?

Adam Gallagher could be considered the OG (original gentleman) of fashion blogging. He began when he was 17 years old, so has seen a huge amount of change within the industry. It’s this knowledge and understanding that puts Adam a cut above. For collaborations, he truly knows what’s current, what’s not, and what will be ‘in’ in the future.

Adam Gallagher

Get the right fit

How can your brand work best with these male fashion influencers? To keep your strategy on track (and on budget) your influencer marketing strategy must comprise calculated, informed decisions and work with correctly identified fashion influencers. How can you find the ideal creator to do that? You can check out this article on How to Perfect Your Influencer Campaign

Finding the perfect influencers and managing them can be tricky. That’s why we built our in-house data and insights tool Bytesights, which not only identifies great and growing influencers within any given niche, but it integrates with our campaign management system, so we’re always in control.

We can help you craft the right campaign to land with your audience, give you the keys to the best male fashion influencers and help create the best relationship between them and your brand. Want a breakdown of how it works? Get in touch to find out how we can help you nail your fashion influencer campaigns on every social media platform

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