Meet the Fanbytes Creative Strategy Team

Want to know what a Creative gets up to at a top Gen Z marketing agency? Hear from our Creative Strategy team - made up of some of the best in the business!
Fanbytes | Meet Fanbytes' Creative Strategy Team

Our Creative Strategy team is made up of some of the best in the business:

  • Tom Sweeney – the brand and gaming expert
  • Celeste Houlker – youth marketing afficionado 
  • Kathleen (Bean) Urquhart – social media maven
  • Rollo Mulliner – our very own viral TikTok creator 


They’re responsible for coming up with innovative, fresh ideas for our clients’ campaigns, and developing exciting concepts for pitches and brand partnerships.

Here, we’ve asked each of them 5 questions about their roles, careers to date, and thoughts on the social media and influencer marketing industry right now. Hit the button below to read their answers.

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Picture of Joanna Hughston

Joanna Hughston

Head of Marketing