NFT Influencers: Who to Watch in 2022

These NFT influencers are the ones to keep an eye on. We’ve listed who you need to follow to stay up to date in the NFT space.
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  • NFT influencers are here to stay, so who is worth following? We’ve got the top 7 influencers to watch, plus a bonus account you’ll want to know about.
  • 71% of Gen Z Brits have considered investing in an NFT. Influencers are the way to get through to them.
  • NFTs and influencers – will they work in the future? It’s a resounding yes from us.

With the rise in NFTs comes the rise in NFT influencers. Interest in non-fungible tokens skyrocketed last year with a 1,000% increase in Google searches for the term. With popularity surging, it’s only natural that online creators have hopped on board this new and exciting train. 

Who else is on the NFT express? Only the most up-to-date generation yet: yep, Gen Z is getting into the NFT market. 33% of this generation either have already invested in NFTs or are interested in doing so. But zoomers are smart; ads don’t fool them. In fact, they are the most ad-averse generation yet, and that’s where influencers come into the digital picture.

Three out of four teenagers say they follow at least one influencer on social media, so if your brand is looking to tap into the most tech-savvy generation and ride the Web3 wave, marketing via NFT influencers may be the answer.

NOTE: If you’re wondering, “what is an NFT?” or just want some more information, check out our other article: The 17 Best Examples of NFTs. We’ve got the low-down on what NFTs are, plus excellent examples to explain.

NFTs and influencers are a digital match

Non-fungible tokens open up a whole new world of possibilities for influencers. The rise of NFTs allows creators to tap into a new way of putting their stamp on the online scene. Copyright for content creators can often be murky, and it’s hard to claim ownership of your creations. NFTs and cryptoart solve this, presenting a new direction for intellectual property online. 

So what does this mean for brands? Working with influencers to make NFTs may be one of the most creative and innovative ways for you to offer new experiences to your audience. The collectability and uniqueness of NFTs will help drive brand-influencer collaborations. 

The future’s looking bright, with NFTs, NFT creators and NFT influencers in it. But where can you find them? 

Which NFT influencers to watch in 2022

There’s now a plethora of NFT influencers on most social media platforms. Twitter is a favourite. With the chat about the NFT space being loudest here, it’s the most accessible spot to watch the biggest NFT influencers. There are, of course, also significant and growing conversations on key Instagram accounts, Youtube channels and TikTok profiles (an influencer favourite). Some influencers are on multiple platforms, giving them a wider audience and more room to share. Wherever they are, we’ve got the top NFT influencers for brands to watch this year. So keep an eye out.

Fanbytes | Brett Malinowski

1. Brett Malinowski

Twitter: 196.4K Followers

YouTube: 132K subscribers

This NFT enthusiast shares his knowledge on what’s new in the NFT space and how to get involved. He’s created his own projects, including The Magic Mushroom Clubhouse (a group of NFT collectables that get you into a community), and he’s a top NFT YouTuber. He bases his content around education and has an open, friendly approach to the NFT world.

Why you should keep an eye:

Brett is championing easy-to-understand education on NFTs. Of the number of Gen Zers who aren’t interested in NFTs, 57% say it’s because they don’t understand them. Crypto and NFT education is fundamental to getting them on board. Influencers like Brett are an intelligent choice for brands to collaborate with.

Fanbytes | NFT Virals

2. NFT Virals

TikTok: 5.1M Followers

NFT Virals has a significant following on TikTok, sharing new and upcoming collectables and tips on the platform. They keep everyone in the know through simple videos showing off new NFT collections and more. There is a certain exclusive feel to the channel as they seem to be getting the information fast, before others. They’ll keep you ahead of the game.

Why you should keep an eye:

TikTok is shaking up the NFT space through engaging video content. The app is highly visual, so NFT content performs well there. The social media platform even created its own set of NFT collectables in 2021, collaborating with viral creators on their channels. They named it TikTok Top Moments and used the tagline “own a moment that broke the internet”. TikTok is one to watch, and @NFTVirals is a great place to be present.

NOTE: TikTok has changed its rules on the promotion of crypto assets and cryptocurrency. Branded crypto content on TikTok is still allowed, but it is essential that influencers enable the Branded content toggle. This is for people’s safety. 

Here’s what our Head of Creative Strategy, Tom Sweeney, had to say:

“The change to TikTok’s policies in response to undisclosed promotion of various crypto, NFT, and other blockchain projects is welcome. Influencer marketing can be incredibly valuable in a market where investment is driven by speculation and the perception of desirability. With that said, trust is central to the promise of blockchain – so it’s incredibly important to work with influencers transparently and make it clear when they stand to gain from investments made by their followers, and that goes for any social platform, not just TikTok.”

In the past, TikTok has come under scrutiny for (unknowingly) allowing fraudulent finance companies, crypto startups and other NFT scams to market on the platform. The Bored Bunny scandal was just one of these. TikTok’s new rules create a safer content-sharing environment and helps build trust. 

It’s still perfectly possible to market crypto and NFTs on TikTok, with great success. We wrote a lot about this in our article: TikTok Crypto: How Crypto Can Grow on Social.

Fanbytes | Beeple

3. Beeple_crap

Instagram: 2.5M Followers

Twitter: 687.4K Followers

Discord link:

Influencers can also be NFT artists. Beeple, also known as Mike Winkelmann, is a digital artist known for selling one of the most expensive NFTs in the world (Everydays: the First 5000 Days). Christie’s auctioned this artwork off for £69 million, turning Beeple’s digital art into a worldwide phenomenon. He has created a strong presence on Instagram and Twitter, with tweet about his own NFT work and other NFTs in the space.

Why you should keep an eye:

As an artist and NFT creator himself, Beeple will have exceptional knowledge of the industry. People also care about what he has to say. His tone is down to earth, and he speaks in easy-to-understand language – all of the right ingredients for a great NFT influencer

Fanbytes | Gary Vaynerchuk

4. Gary Vaynerchuk

Twitter: 3.1M Followers

Instagram: 10M Followers

YouTube: 3.89M Subscribers

Discord link:

Gary Vaynerchuk, also known as Gary Vee, is an entrepreneur (he’s the co-founder of restaurant-reservation app, Resy, and winery Empathy Wines), author, speaker and all-round NFT buff. He’s the chairman of VaynerX, and is also the creator, founder and artist behind NFT series VeeFriends. Safe to say, he’s a leading voice in the ethereum and NFT world.

Why you should keep an eye:

Gary Vee is upfront in his talks. He is a global speaker and knows how to set the record straight and be honest about the NFT space – making him a great source of knowledge for NFT beginners and experts alike. His honesty and authenticity will speak volumes, especially to Gen Z.

Fanbytes | Pranksy

5. Pranksy

Twitter: 421K Followers

Instagram: 23.9K Followers

Discord link:

This investor and NFT collector has offered advice, opinions and education on NFTs and NFT art for a while now. He owns many NFTs, including investments in the Bored Ape Yacht Club. He is on Instagram and Twitter and is one of the top collectors of NBA Top Shots. He once said to Fox 5 NY that NFTs are, for today’s digital natives, “the collectable equivalent” of taking “photos for their mantelpiece.”

Why you should keep an eye:

As a mid-tier influencer, a collaboration with Pranksy would be a fantastic route for brands. His audience is focused and loyal. Celebrities have already made their voices heard on NFTs. He signifies the rise of mid-tier NFT influencers on the web. 

Fanbytes | Digital Artchick

5. Digital artchick

Twitter: 158.5K Followers

This NFT “Queen” is all about creation, profit and information. She is one of the top female-identifying NFT influencers worldwide and writes about her experience with NFTs on her Twitter account. She acted as a third-party broker for the controversial Fame Lady Squad ( a set of collectables that were meant to be female-led but turned out to be founded by three men). She encouraged the community to nominate some female NFT influencers to take it over, and sure enough, that’s what happened. She is vocal about women in the NFT space, which resonates well with Gen Z.

Why you should keep an eye:

There is an NFT gender gap. The only known woman who made it to the top ten list of NFT sales in the last year is the Canadian musician Grimes, at $8.9 million. More and more female-empowering NFT communities are rising up, like @crypto_chicks and other women-led NFT projects like WOW (World of Women). Brands need to listen up to these conversations and get involved. 

Fanbytes | Real Miss NFT

7. Real Miss NFT

Twitter: 171.5K Followers

Another female-identifying NFT guru. @realmissNFT is a digital artist and NFT expert providing insights and her own NFT work to her close-knit community. She advocates for other digital artists and has used her website to shout about new NFT artists and collaborations. She is also known for her work in “Metanatics”, which she describes as “Metaverse ready Collectibles of avatars AND your Golden Ticket to unlimited Metaverse experiences in worlds like Decentraland, Sandbox and more.”

Why you should keep an eye:

With Real Miss NFT’s work towards the metaverse, it’s clear she knows the direction the web is heading. Generation Z makes up approximately 60% of users in the metaverse already. They are going to be the main generation to hop onto the metaverse. Influencers like this will help them get there. 

Fanbytes | Snoop Dogg NFT


Twitter (@CozomoMedici): 258.7K Followers

Yes, you heard us right. Snoop Dogg has been dominating the NFT space with purchases and conversations on social media. He recently came out as the NFT Twitter account @CozomoMedici, surprising even his closest fans. He’s been sharing content on NFTs, and he has already established himself as the “Grand patron of the digital arts”. Snoop Dogg is an avid investor himself, with a $17 million collection of tokens, including nine Cryptopunks.

Why you should keep an eye:

Celebrities have been in the NFT scene for a while, but it’s rare to find a celebrity actively educating, promoting and championing the NFT world. You probably remember a time when celebs were ambassadors of brands, and that’s it. Now Snoop Dogg is helping pave the way to Web 3.0. Watch out for what he does next. 

An influential future

Influencers are here to stay. The influencer marketing industry will reach $16.4B this year. With the rise of NFTs, crypto and the metaverse, influencers will begin playing a more vital role in these scenarios. 

So now it’s up to brands to look to the future. To get the best ROI on your campaigns, influencer marketing is the way forward. After all, influencer-generated content performs better compared to branded posts. So the proof is in the pudding. 

If you want to look at launching an NFT campaign, get in touch. When it comes to influencers, we know our stuff. Our in-house social listening and influencer identification software allows us to find the ideal match for all your needs. 

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