Pride Brand Campaigns: The 10 Best + Why They Work

Take a look at these 10 brilliant Pride brand campaigns and find out why they work so well. Your brand will thank us later.
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  • Ready for Pride? We’ve got some of the top Pride Brand Campaigns for your inspiration and why they work so well.
  • Rainbow washing is a no-no. So how can you get it right? We’re sharing our exclusive report on how to nail your Pride campaign in 2023.
  • Watch out for the BONUS brand showing just how essential influencer marketing is for LGBTQ+ communities.

For Pride in 2023, brands need to do more than jump on the bandwagon of “rainbow capitalism”. Flying the flag is one thing, but understanding Pride month and everything it encapsulates is key to creating a sensitive and successful Pride brand campaign. 

So when is Pride month? Pride is celebrated throughout the month of June. It commemorates the anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, where members of the LGBTQ+ community protested for their rights, igniting a movement that has affected significant changes to laws and legislation. You can learn more about this at the Stonewall Community Foundation page here.

Your pride marketing campaigns should be fuelled by this history, not just a pretty rainbow. 

Love is love. However, all too often, we see businesses muting their opinions on progressive movements. This isn’t just outdated, it’s poor business: the LGBTQ+ Community Has $3.7 trillion in purchasing power, so it’s crucial to shout out your support.

4 in 10 young people still feel brands aren’t fairly representing LGBTQ+ identities in their ads. So, addressing this imbalance will sit well with younger demographics. But your campaign must tick the right boxes: it needs to be compassionate and understanding of LGBTQ youth whilst sparking attention. 

We’ve rounded up some of the best pride brand campaigns and noted why each works so well. Get inspired and get ready for your brand’s most colourful, brilliant and successful pride month ever. 

Staying proud in 2023

Brands need to show their colours in the right way this year. Social media provides ideal opportunities to connect with LGBTQ+ individuals and build authentic narratives. 

In fact, our recent social media survey shows that 39% of our Gen Zers said they find that ads ‘feel false or inauthentic.’

With so much talk on social and, especially, TikTok, you need to frame your campaigns so that they engage, entertain and educate your audiences. 

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The 10 Best Pride Brand Campaigns (and why they work)

Now that you know a little more about how you should approach Pride campaigns, let’s take a peek at some of the best marketing campaigns that do more than just wave the flag for LGBTQ people.

1. Absolut Vodka

The signature Absolut Rainbow Bottle has been around since 2008 (the year of the pride flag’s 30th anniversary). 

Absolut collaborated with artist and activist Gilbert Baker, the designer of the original pride rainbow flag, to create a lasting LGBTQ+-friendly symbol on their bottle. This limited edition item has flown out every June, and in 2018 the company made it a permanent fixture for the pride flag’s 40th birthday.

But it’s not just the product itself that makes people come back. Every year, Absolut has created Pride-themed cocktails to get anyone’s taste buds going and to promote their belief that everyone should have the freedom to love who they want. In 2022 they established the “Out and Open” initiative, which aims to help LGBTQ bars thrive in the face of a steady decline.

Why it works:

Absolut have used the pride flag as their symbol of support for years, and it’s not just for show. They were a founding sponsor of the GLAAD Media Awards, an early sponsor of RuPaul’s Drag Race and have been contributing to LGBTQ+ charities for many years. 

Trust is key here, and through Absolut’s endorsements and initiatives that focus on real people like “Out and Open”, they have built stable and growing support from the LGBTQ+ community. Make sure to donate to LGBTQ+ charities like The Trevor Project and start genuinely helpful initiatives to show your support.

2. Microsoft / XBOX

XBox released a “pride controller” last year to celebrate expression and all members of the LGBTQIA community. Instead of just using a basic rainbow, Xbox did their research. They included more than 30 LGBTQIA+ interwoven community flags that celebrate intersectionality and unity. The conversation that started the controller’s journey began in 2019, with the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots.

Why it works:

Understanding how different communities feel is essential to connecting with them. Too often, the “Pride Flag” is just seen as one thing, when in reality, there are so many different communities and groups within it. Microsoft and Xbox took this on board and created something truly representative of diversity. The best part? They went even further and made the controller fully customisable in the Xbox Design Lab. Of course, this helps brand trust (76% of consumers say they’re more likely to purchase from brands that personalise), but it also gives people a place to express themselves openly. And isn’t that what Pride is all about? 

3. H&M

Global fashion retailer H&M created a video campaign named “My Chosen Family” for their 2022 campaign. They put a spotlight on three different “chosen families” where members of LGBTQ+ communities have come together to support one another. They celebrated them coming together in unity and shared their personal stories.

Why it works:

LGBTQ+ perspectives have traditionally been silenced, so it’s vital to make them visible and raise awareness of a multiplicity of LGBTQ+ experiences. 

Use storytelling in your campaign and invite LGBTQ+ community members to share their lives with others. 

4. NYX Cosmetics

NYX created a new collection in 2022 and focused on gender fluidity to promote it. Their point was that makeup has no gender and that people should be able to express themselves in any way they want. The collection included “Ultimate Eye Paints” in a range of colours, a pride wonder stick blush, setting spray and lip gloss. They then partnered with influencers on TikTok to share their makeup stories and talk about what Pride means to them. 

@lolo.lehnen #NYXCosmeticsPartner NYX Cosmetics limited-edition Pride Collection is available NOW! @NYX Cosmetics #nyxcosmetics #PaintyourPride ♬ Im Golden - NYX Cosmetics

Why it works:

Using authentic creators with multiple identities set the tone for this marketing campaign. Influencers build trust through sharing personal stories and being genuine on their channels. NYX knows this and partnered with different members of the LGBTQ+ community to educate, entertain and inform. A winning combination. 

5. Apple

In 2022, Apple released two new Pride Edition bands with dynamic Pride watch faces in support of the global LGBTQ+ community and equality movement. To show these in their best light, they collaborated with present-day queer pioneers in places of historic significance. These included Ryan McGinley at Stonewall Inn in New York; Evan Benally Atwood at Window Rock in Arizona; Meinke Klein at The Homomonument in Amsterdam; Caia Ramalho at Paulista Avenue in São Paulo; Lydia Metral at Plaza de Chueca in Madrid; and Collier Schorr at Harvey Milk Plaza in San Francisco, featuring Baobei. 

Why it works:

Apple has consistently demonstrated real support for the LGBTQ+ community with donations to charities like Encircle and The Trevor Project. But they also manage to combine this drive for support with artistic innovation. Their watch band designs are carefully thought out and bring creative depth, not just rainbows. Additionally, they show them off with genuine, authentic photography, partnering with real members of the LGBTQ+ community. As a brand, you need to think deeper if you want to really resonate with individuals during pride on socials. 

6. Sony Interactive Entertainment and Playstation

Sony Interactive Entertainment sought to support its employees in 2022. They included this statement “The goal at PRIDE@PlayStation is to provide a forum for LGBTQ+ employees and their allies to exchange ideas for how SIE can strengthen its dedication to inclusivity in the workplace and beyond.” They created the PRIDE@PlayStation Employee Network (eNet) to drive these efforts internally. 

Why it works:

Gaming is changing and becoming more inclusive. The LGBTQ+ community are avid Gamers, with 65% of them playing games of any type, slightly edging out heterosexual players (63%). Sony is working to support their employees, and their consumers will see this. It’s a step in the right direction to build trust with their customers and create a better future for all LGBTQ+ communities.

7. ​Levi's

Levi’s have been strong supporters of LGBTQ+ charities for many years. Their Instagram posts for Pride centred around the message that Pride goes beyond the month of June. In 2022 they combined this with a collection based on LGBTQ+ activism – in all its manifestations and added inclusive stories from members of the community. 

Why it works:

Levi’s is consistently bringing out Pride collections, demonstrating that spreading the message of equality is core to their business operations. It’s not a static message. They are always supporting Pride, even past the month of June. Brands should be looking at a long-term strategy to help support LGBTQ communities and make sure they’re being inclusive 100% of the time. 

8. Shake Shack

This global fast food chain’s 2022 “Unshakeable” UK Pride campaign featured a themed flavoured shake. For every shake bought, £1 was donated to help support Colours Youth Network + Pride CYMRU. They used the updated 2018 pride flag on the cup to represent all members of the pride community. They collaborated with queer artists, employees, nonprofit partners, freelancers, + more to create the campaign. 

Why it works:

It could be so easy to “rainbow wash” a food and drink item. But Shake Shack went into the details. Not only is this featured product there to help LGBTQ+ charities, they also collaborated with members of these communities to build the campaign from scratch. Including LGBTQ+ people in your Pride campaign process will help deliver a message of inclusivity and build a better experience for all. 


The skincare company BYOMA contributed 50% of ALL sales to @glsen through June – a nonprofit dedicated to honouring and supporting LGBTQIA+ youth by creating safe and inclusive school environments. They worked with Instagram influencers @james_r_atkinson & @coryjmes to promote inclusivity and beautiful skin. 

Why it works:

Not only do BYOMA put their words into actions through a sizeable donation during Pride month, but they also collaborate with LGBTQ+ creators to share this message. The real winning element? Fun. They tap into the entertainment factor with engaging visuals and back it up with a real support programme. 

10. Converse

For Converse’s 6th annual Pride campaign, the company tapped 5 young LGBTQ+ creatives to “work alongside more than 50 LGBTQIA+ Converse teammates and their allies from concept to realisation.” Last year they created a customisable collection, allowing people to personalise their pieces online. Each year they adapt their collections for Pride, promoting inclusion and expression at every step.

Why it works:

Over the past six years, Converse has donated more than $1.3 million to LGBTQ+ organisations, including the It Gets Better Project, the Ali Forney Center, BAGLY, and OUT MetroWest. Their designs also go beyond the rainbow flag, illustrating (literally) their understanding of the experiences of LGBTQ+ people. Adding personalisation creates further connections with their customers. 

BONUS: Deezer - It’s Raining Them

Ok, this isn’t strictly a Pride Month campaign, but it encompasses everything that’s important for Pride marketing activities – and it’s a Pride anthem you’re guaranteed to enjoy.

We worked with Deezer, an online music streaming service, to help promote Mila Jam’s new song ‘It’s Raining Them’ – a makeover of the ‘80s hit ‘It’s Raining Men’ with gender-neutral lyrics in support of trans and non-binary people. 

We celebrated the LGBTQ+, trans, and non-binary community with a TikTok influencer campaign that directly drove streams on Deezer. We worked with a diverse mix of influencers to send a TikTok dance viral, and in the process, generated 16.2M+ views and over 7.1M+ organic influencer views. The song gained traction and a loyal following, as well as incredibly positive comments. 

Why it works:

Influencer marketing has a trust factor that you just can’t get through traditional forms of advertising. The authenticity of each influencer encourages more people to be their true selves too. So use LGBTQ+ community influencers to make a real impact on your target audience. Get in touch to find out how we can market your brand in a way that’s authentic to the Gen Z LGBTQ+ experience today.

Flying the flag for good

Showing off our rainbow colours is not just for June. LGBTQ+ audiences are always on the lookout for supportive brands and innovative products to help their cause. Younger generations search for outspoken campaigns and authentic content. So give them what they’re looking for. Remember to always do your research and align with these communities in honest and genuine ways. 

We know the best ways to get your pride campaign the brightest it’s ever been, so get in touch to discuss your exact requirements.

From working with LGBTQ organisations to finding more ways brands can give back to Gen Z youth, check out these links below to help you join the Pride parade in style:

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