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How To Promote On TikTok (The Right Way)

TikTok has evolved in the past year. Its previous perception of being a ‘cringy lip-synching app’ to now being predicted to boast more Gen Z users than Instagram by the end of 2021 indicates that TikTok is here to stay (& for a while). Due to its growth, it has seen various changes and developments and so the way that brands can promote themselves on the app has changed too.

We’ve listed the 5 steps you need to take to make sure you’re making the most of the platform right now in 2021.  

#1: Study the platform

You wouldn’t just turn up to an exam without studying and expect to do well, would you? The same applies for TikTok marketing – if you haven’t studied the platform, then your chances of mastering the platform are slim. 

One of the main reasons why TikTok has exploded is because there is no other social media platform like it. Its content, behaviours and tools are unique, which means the brand marketing strategy you take should be too.

The best way to inform your strategy is to be active on the platform you’re trying to dominate. You should be able to list the current trends doing well on the app, who the most engaging creators are in your niche, what hashtags are performing well and so on. 

An example of a brand doing this very well is Ryanair. Through their content, they’re consistently showcasing their understanding of TikTok, its trends and the demographic that lives on there. This is why they boast 679.9k followers and over 15 million likes. 

We know that this takes time, effort and resources that are not always readily available. This is why we designed a tool called Bytesights that helps us answer these questions without doing all the heavy lifting. With a massive dataset of over 150,000 influencers and growing fast, we pull data directly from an integration on TikTok’s website to effectively read TikTok’s mind. Basically, think of it as we’ve got exclusive access to the beast of the operation: its brain. 

With this data, we’re able to pull information on hashtags and accounts to identify emerging trends, rising creators, and opportunities that brands from all niches need to capitalize on. We don’t like doing things on a whim – we like to guarantee results, so we use this tool on every single campaign we work on. If you’d like to learn more about this tool, reach out to us today.

What’s more, keeping an eye on which trends are going viral on the platform provides the information you need to decide on what content you should be creating and how you can tap into these viral moments. Lucky for you, we send out a weekly newsletter every Tuesday where we share the top 3 trends going viral on TikTok at that time, why they’re trends and how brands can utilise them. You can sign up here.

#2: Identify influencers in your niche

Put simply, creators are vital to a brand’s success on TikTok. To successfully promote on TikTok, you need to put your ego aside and put a degree of trust into the people who are native to and understand the platform better than you do. Several brands such as Chipotle, Gymshark, and even Bang Energy have driven impressive results from tapping into engaged creator communities in their niche and allowing them to translate their brand messages across their fan-bases. 

Bang Energy’s entire marketing strategy is based on brand ambassadors and influencer partnerships. They act quickly to secure top influencers and so, their page is full with content from dancers, pranksters, magicians, artists, comedians, cooks, and more. Their Social Media Coordinator, Allison Distler, explains: “We have such a wide range of influencers from all over the world which is great because our content is seen across all interest groups.”

From these influencer collaborations, Bang Energy increased their sales to $687 million in 2019, which was a triple-digit growth percentage (699%) from 2018.

In our campaigns, we utilise our Bytesights tool, which just so happens to be the world’s 1st TikTok influencer discovery platform, to identify the best influencers for our client. Our tool searches 3 million accounts with A.I enabled analytics from 200+ data points to maximise results. 

We utilised this tool for ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) whose mission was to transform perceptions of “dull, boring & elitist” to “exciting, impactful & relevant”. One of the creators, in particular, made a great impression after delivering killer content and helping to abolish stubborn stereotypes. Karen Smith, Head of UK Marketing at ACCA expressed: “Sherice has a reputation as a super high energy TikTokker with over 580,000 followers. It was a bit like meeting a TV personality, despite having never met before, we felt like we knew her already. It was easy to see why she attracts such a following.” For more information on this campaign, click here.

If you want to leverage viral engagement for your brand through influencers, but aren’t quite sure where to get started, get in touch so that we can help you find the right TikTok influencers for your brand.


#3: Master TikTok advertising

With 800 million active monthly users worldwide and gaining AdAge’s ‘Marketer Of The Year’ recognition in 2020, TikTok’s advertising platform has been all the rage for brands looking to get a slice of Gen Z. Rolled out in 2019, TikTok’s tools and features for advertisers have enabled them to directly drive website traffic, sales, and app downloads.

However, TikTok’s paid ad platform is still in its infancy and requires a deeper understanding of the platform itself to create ads that are going to convert. This could take years of experience of being active on the platform and hours of watching content to know what works and what doesn’t.

If only there was a quicker and easier way for brands to take advantage of TikTok’s 800m+ active monthly users…

This is why Fanbytes exist. With experience running hundreds of TikTok campaigns with top brands in the last year and our official partnership with TikTok, we have the essential experience needed to activate an 100% optimised TikTok paid ads campaign for brands in any niche.

This is our approach:

  1. Create Ads With Influencers

We collaborate with TikTok influencers to create fun ad creatives which are native to the platform. This approach is why our creatives convert at 78% more than conventional paid TikTok ads.

2. Test Multiple Creatives

We rigorously A/B test multiple creatives through the TikTok Ads platform, optimising messaging and targeting.

3. Scale Top Performers

We scale up the best performing TikTok ads driving ROI and conversion and providing you with weekly reports on performance and data.

#4: Curate your feed with a specific audience in mind

TikTok is an extremely inclusive platform which makes the content and trends on the platform diverse, unique and ever-changing. It’s likely that my ‘for you’ page looks extremely different to yours, as the algorithm determines what content is most relevant to you depending on your activity and interactions with certain videos and hashtags. 

This poses a unique and exciting opportunity for brands – to own their niches and become thought-leaders amongst Gen Z. From food, fashion, DIY, cleaning, fitness, spirituality to mental health, there are engaged communities on TikTok for almost anything that are willing to listen and learn.

‘We’re Not Really Strangers’, a card game and platform designed to help people build more meaningful connections to everyday life, has been able to drive 3.2 million followers and 113.9 million likes (at the time of writing), by becoming a friendly voice and advocate for mental health and wellness on TikTok.

Their video style is organic, laid-back, and unrefined; everything that TikTok content is celebrated for. Their aesthetic fits Gen Z’s tastes and provides an authentic, ‘real-life’ feel to their content. 

Over the past year or so, we have seen TikTok transition into a more ‘serious’ app with their moves towards educational content, goals to fight misinformation around COVID-19, and various other initiatives and projects.

This, in itself, uncovered an array of new popular content formats and the rise of certain hashtags such as #mentalhealth (11.1billion views), #selflove (18.9billion views), and the more specific hashtags such as #adhdtiktok (760.6million views). This opened up the opportunity for brands such as ‘We’re Not Really Strangers’ to really take ownership and seize this ‘mental wellness’ space.

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