Top 20 Restaurant Influencers: The Foodies Shaping Where We Eat

These restaurant influencers are showcasing the best foodie spots to their thousands of followers - here are the top ones to follow, and how to work positively with them.
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In 30 seconds:

  • Restaurant influencers are showing their audiences the best places to eat, what to order, and when to go.
  • Whether you’re interested in finding authentic Mexican cuisine or the best insta-ready brunch, these food influencers have all the top tips.
  • Restaurant review influencers are capable of sending a restaurant’s bookings through the roof – so how do you work with them? And who are they? Here’s all you need to know.

A common saying in the foodie biz is that we eat with our eyes, but that’s never more true than amongst the audiences of restaurant influencers

These incredibly popular online accounts post restaurant reviews, rate meal experiences, and offer their followers lists of the top restaurant experiences to try in various locations across the UK and beyond. 

Their colourful and creative posts don’t just exist to inspire food envy in their audiences – they’re educational, and the biggest influencers have audiences in the millions who all trust their palettes to lead them to their next dinner destination. 

There’s no denying that they play an important role in the restaurant industry. 60% of people access reviews before going out for a meal – more than the number who look for directions to that same restaurant. And when you consider the number of people who are active on social media (almost half the world’s population), the influence of these content creators becomes even more notable.  

For restaurateurs, the ability to tap into the following of a well-regarded foodie social media influencer could spell huge benefits for the business. But, with so many different types of restaurant digital creators all offering slightly different approaches, how do you know where to start?

Prepare to feel hungry – we’re diving in. 

What is a ‘restaurant influencer’?

Restaurant review influencers are not a new concept – turn to any ‘lifestyle’ section of a newspaper and you’ll find articles detailing the best spots to get a Sunday roast or try out a new restaurant – but their method of communication has been updated for the digital age. 

With followings from the thousands right up to the tens-of-millions, these social media creators are using the incredibly visual social media platforms to share their recommendations for the best places to eat out. 

You might remember the critique Instagram suffered in its youth – ‘just a platform for people to post pictures of their dinner!’ – and while it has since proven to be much more than just that, there’s no denying that the photo-sharing platform does harbour its fair share of foodie influencers

Another platform ripe with foodie content? TikTok. Purely video-focused, you’ll find restaurant influencers from all over sharing their top finds, recreating dishes at home, and offering a tantalising glimpse into what foodie delights exist around the world. 

UK restaurant influencers

The UK foodie scene is huge, and incredibly impressive. It can make deciding where to eat difficult – unless you follow an influencer like these:

1. ‘GNOCHGNOCH’ (@itsgnochgnoch)

With a bio that states ‘lemme tell you where to spend your money’, you know that you’re about to find a list of unbelievably tempting restaurant experiences  – and that’s exactly what you’ll get. 

From upmarket fine-dining reviews to the best eats from the markets, there’s a recommendation for every budget. 

@itsgnochgnoch Where we went for lunch before @Verna and I did our first supper club ✨🍣 #temaki #handrolls #sushi #londonrestaurants #brixton #restaurantreviews #invite ♬ Luxury fashion (no vocals) - TimTaj

2. ‘Lickyplate’ (@lickyplate)

Operating ‘in London and beyond’, the creator behind lickyplate is sure to give anyone hunger-pangs. 

Popular for mouth-watering posts accompanied by amusing, pun-filled captions, the account gives updates on all the best foodie finds throughout the UK, meaning you never miss a tasty bite (or a lick-worthy plate). 

Why work with them?

All over the UK, foodie influencers are telling their followers where to get the best eating experiences – and, since their followers trust them like a friend, their recommendations are listened to. Since these influencers operate in geographically-specific places, their content is easily searchable, and therefore often the first port-of-call for hungry followers looking for a place to go. It’s well worth searching for a local restaurant influencer to shout out your business if you’re hoping to get more feet though the door. 

London restaurant influencers

London food bloggers are certainly never likely to run out of content inspiration – one study from 2015 found that the capital had over 18,000 restaurants, and a total of 135 opened in 2020 alone. When you need to narrow down where to eat, these influencers are the ones who’ll have the answers:

3. Merissah and Victoria (@mvlondonreviews)

This duo of foodies shares their top finds from all around the city – as well as posting individual restaurant experiences, one-off finds, and restaurant opening shout-outs. 

With videos that cover seemingly every area of the London food scene – from cheap pasta to afternoon teas – they’re a great choice for business owners looking to reach hungry Londoners. 

4. ‘THEFOODBADDIE’ (@thefoodbaddie)

The food baddie’s account embraces the fun of editing to bring satisfying clips of tasty food to her followers. Slow-mo sauce drips, cheese pulls and sweeping interior shots abound. 

Think menu-meets-music video, and you’ll have an idea of what to expect from her feed. This is a great partnership to consider if your restaurant business is looking to attract young London customers with a sense of fun.

Lists of menu recommendations, restaurant reviews and more, you’ll find it all delivered in Bev’s signature straight-talking, upbeat attitude. 

With plenty of mini-series to give you the ultimate insight (even on specific London boroughs!), Bev’s followers trust her to equip them with enough knowledge to impress their biggest foodie friends. A great choice for any new food business wanting to be recognised as one of her ‘hidden gems’.

@knivestomeetyoulondon Affordable Korean food, best Dominican spot in London and incredible sandwiches! #goldensquaremart #casamofongo #domssubs #affordablelondon #ldnfood ♬ Little Dark Age - MGMT

Why work with them?

When it comes to actionable content, these influencers simply cannot be beaten. With posts that are as hyper-specific as ‘the best rooftop bars in Clapham’, or ‘where to go for brunch outside in King’s Cross’, they’re giving their audiences local recommendations they can easily follow-through on – not just sweeping advice to save to a bucket list. If your business is London-based, landing on a list like these is one way to really cut through the noise. 

Luxury restaurant influencers

Are you looking for five-star recommendations? What about associating yourself with Michelin star allure? These are the influencers who’ll give your marketing campaign the kind of high-class caché you need: 

6. Aiste Miseviciute (@luxeat)

Aiste is a journalist and regular attendee at high-end restaurants, which makes her the perfect restaurant influencer for people looking for something special. Her instagram account covers the most exceptional restaurants and really digs into the exciting dishes that make truly good food.

Whatever the occasion, you won’t find a more beautifully curated gallery of first-class food anywhere else. This instagram influencer is perfect for restaurants looking to show off world-class culinary skill.

7. Emily Jane Johnston (@emily_jane_johnston)

A lifestyle influencer with a taste for the finer things in life, Emily’s TikTok profile regularly shares high-end foodie recs for her almost 65k followers. This influencer is a great choice for restaurant owners looking to create a marketing strategy around an entire luxury lifestyle.

Dinner at the Lanesborough, Jimmy Choo pop-ups, and Moet at Harrods… All the ingredients for a fancy day of eating. 

@emily_jane_johnston Date night dinner in the luxurious Lanesborough hotel in the new grill! {press dinner} #london #londoneats #londondinner #lanesborough #michelinstar #luxurylife #londonrestaurants ♬ Sunday - HNNY

@emily_jane_johnston Shoe lovers and patisserie worshippers alike will love this new London popup cafe from Jimmy Choo in Harrods, in Knightsbridge. Coffee and a glazed rapsberry croissant, yes please! {pr invite} #jimmychoo #london #harrods #londoncafe #londonpopup #londonfood ♬ Darling - Trees and Lucy

Why work with them?

When they’re planning to make a big purchase, customers want to know that they’re going to get their money’s worth. This is especially true of younger audiences – who would still rather spend on experiences than possessions. That’s how these luxury restaurant influencers can help; by framing the meal as the experience that is it, and bringing their followers along for the ride, they can soothe concerns about value, induce FOMO, and get mouths watering. 

Travel restaurant influencers

From Bath to the Bahamas, these influencers are showing the best places to sate your appetite, no matter your location: 

8. Leah (@leahinslc)

Travel tips, travel guides, and – most importantly – travel eats, Leah’s page has all three. 

Her frequent trips abroad also mean she’s well qualified to announce the best [insert type of food] in the world, which she does, giving lists of recommendations on everything from ice cream to fried chicken her followers are keen to take her up on. 

@leahinslc POV: Your company sends you to London 🇬🇧 Literally fell in love with this city… and it’s food, obviously 🤪 #Travel #TravelTok #TravelTikTok #WorkLife #Work #TravelThrowBack #POV ♬ L$d - Luclover

@leahinslc Chubby Baker is my love langiage. 🍩 Every single donut is absolutely delicious, featuring high quality ingredients - some of them imported from Asia! What donut would you pick from my favorites in the video? #Utah #UtahCheck #UtahTok #UtahLifestyle #UtahLiving #UtahLife #SaltLakeCity #SLC #UtahFood #UtahGirls ♬ Vegas (From the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack ELVIS) - Doja Cat

9. Mike Xing Chen (@mikexingchen & @strictlydumplingfam)

A popular YouTube channel who has now branched out into TikTok, Mike posts videos of foodie experiences from his travels around the world – including those in London.

His enthusiasm is catching, and you’ll find a new respect for English food by seeing it through his appreciative eyes. 

10. Amy (@blondieinchina )

Just as the handle suggests, Amy is a blonde living in China – and she shares her experiments in food with her TikTok followers. 

She’s open-minded, respectful, and excited about all kinds of cultural cuisine, which means her content is just as enjoyable as it is educational.


If you don’t like it on your first try, maybe you’ll like it on your second! How fun is food

♬ Paris - 斌杨Remix


In case you were wondering, my top 3 favourite meats are: 1. Pork, 2. Duck, 3. Bullfrog 👌

♬ Monsters, Inc - Gustav Lundgren & Unit

Why work with them?

These influencers inspire their audience’s wanderlust. They’re storytellers, and their content is never stale or repetitive. By establishing your restaurant amongst the adventurous and varied offerings shown by these content creators, you can present yourself as notable not only locally – but also on a world stage. 

Professional chef influencers

When someone lives, breathes, and works in food, their recommendations are inherently trustworthy. These foodie influencers have turned the culinary arts into their careers, so while you’ll mostly find them posting their own recipes or shots from their day jobs, their restaurant recommendations will never go ignored: 

11. Poppy O’Toole (@poppycooks )

Self-described ‘potato queen’ Poppy first rose to TikTok fame for her 15-hour potato recipe, which has since been recreated by many of the platform’s biggest creators. 

Her account is pretty potato-forward… But you’ll find more than just mash and roasties to inspire you on her feed – she is Michelin-trained, after all. 

@poppycooks Reply to @lfor05 The new and improved 15 HOUR POTATO recipe… ENJOY! 🤤🤤 #potatotiktok #heaven #potato #15hourpotato ♬ THE NEW 15 HOUR POTATO - Poppy O’Toole

@poppycooks Chef reviews the infamous Binley Mega Chippy… 🥔🤯 #binleymegachippy #potatotiktok #chippy ♬ Chip off the Old Block - Chic

12. Yllan Laloum (@vivelachef )

Classically Trained French chef Yllan posts videos walking his followers through luxury recipes. As a private chef, his content varies day-to-day, which is a great way to ensure nothing becomes stale (pun intended).

Even better: Yllan regularly posts about his favourite local restaurants – meaning he’s serving great restaurant recommendations alongside his cooking tips.

@vivelechef Warm Goat Cheese Crostini Salad with a French Chef 🧑🏻‍🍳🇫🇷 #ad #montchevregoatcheese #goatcheese #goatcheeserecipe #goatcheesesalad #saladrecipe @montchevregoatcheese ♬ FEEL THE GROOVE - Queens Road, Fabian Graetz

@vivelechef Great selection of Oysters 🦪, fun cocktails 🍹and an incredible waterfront view of NYC 🗽 on a vintage boat 🛳 #nycdate #nycdatenite #oysters #oysterbar #brooklynrestaurants #romanticnights #visitnyc ♬ Best Part - Daniel Caesar

13. Jonathan Kung (@chefjonkung )

A third culture cook whose TikTok bio instructs his followers to play with their food, Jonathan’s profile is a refreshingly fun addition to anyone’s feed. 

His food content is interspersed with chatty vlogs and travel updates, so you’ll not only find recipes, but also restaurant recs, and life advice, too. 

@chefjonkung #ad Check out this twist on a game day classic, and the 95% off Hidden Valley Ranch deal with @instacart Link in bio. #HereForTheSnacks #instacartpartner ♬ original sound - Jonathan Kung

Why work with them?

Getting a glimpse into another world is a popular use of social media – users love to share experiences, and they love lifestyle videos that bring them insight into how other people spend their days. Combine that with food and you’ve got a winning combination. Plus, if restaurants introduce a chef voice to their social media marketing, they’ll be able to form a more authentic, ‘one-on-one’ style connection with their followers. 

Food writer influencers

Just as with the recommendations above, sometimes you can’t beat a professional opinion, which is just what these food writers have in spades:

14. Dana Cowin (@fwscout)

A former Editor-in-chief of Food & Wine magazine, you can bet that Dana’s feed is jam-packed full of delicious looking meals – and the kind of descriptions that make you want to dive through the screen. 

She’s also the person behind the ‘Speaking Broadly’ podcast and zine, which aims to uplift women in food. 

15. Edd Kimber (@theboywhobakes )

Cake-fans amongst you might recognise Edd from his bestselling book ‘one tin bakes’, but you may not be aware that he’s also taking social media by storm. 

Posting bakes (obviously) as well as ‘day in the life’ style content, and secret foodie spots, there’s a lot to enjoy.

Why work with them?

Not only adept at creating stunning visual content, these trusted creators are also skilled at turning their hand to the written word, which means convincing captions more effective than any broadside review. 

Foodie influencers

Content to eat-in more than often than head out – you know that whichever restaurants appear on these foodies’ feeds have more than earned their place there:

16. Seema Pankhania (@seemagetsbaked )

Seema has over 1.2M followers on TikTok, where her most popular series – the world in 195 meals – regularly goes viral. 

Her followers love her for her curiosity and hands-on attitude, which translate across every post.

@seemagetsbaked Replying to @mentally_dating_jj thank you @The Pasta Man for the recipe they were SO GOOD #pierogi #poland #polishfood #polish #nationaldish ♬ original sound - Seema Pankhania

@seemagetsbaked These are my fav, I ate them all in one day and couldn’t be happier #besttaco #tacos #taco #nyctacos #nycfood ♬ original sound - Seema Pankhania

17. Fran (@cookingwithfranh )

She hosts live cook-alongs twice a week and posts recipes that make her 60k+ followers very hungry – but when she ventures out, Fran also posts great restaurant reviews.

Since she regularly hangs out with her followers on TikTok Lives, the relationship between her and her audience is strong – which means more engagement for the brands she champions, too.

18. ‘OnlyScrans’ (@onlyscrans )

If you like your foodie posts with a side of (often foul-mouthed) banter, this is the profile for you. So popular that its creator has released a cookery series of his own, you’ll find popular pages on both Instagram and TikTok

With lively comment sections, and popular with a male-weighted audience, these pages champion a fun, un-serious kind of cookery. 

Why work with them:

As these restaurant influencers aren’t filling their feeds with places to eat out, any restaurant recommendations they do make automatically feel more authentic. Users trust their opinions, and their shout-outs can feel more like recs from a food-obsessed friend than a brand partnership – just as long as you’ve nailed the match. Find the right influencer, and your brand is guaranteed a boost. 

Lifestyle influencers

They may not be food-focused, but these influencers still know what people like to see – and what they like to eat:

19. Grace Booth (@gracebooth97 )

With a popular YouTube channel to her name, Grace regularly embarks on food adventures that take her anywhere from Starbucks, to the Ritz. 

Her channel and social media profiles are beacons of positivity – and, take it from us, you’ll want to check back in around Christmastime.


My experience of a 3 michelin star meal (there are only 5 of these in London!!!)

♬ original sound - Grackle

@gracebooth97 Gails gets me every time so i thought i would put it to the ultimate test heheh #gailsbakery #reversecookie ♬ original sound - Grackle

20. Emily Mariko (@emilymariko )

You probably don’t need us to tell you who Emily Mariko is. The TikTok influencer has over 11.8M followers, and her viral recipes have taken the internet by storm several times (and made us all feel a little crazy for microwaving ice). 

She posts lifestyle videos, food hauls, recipes, and brings her legion of followers along while she tries out restaurants, too. The gentle atmosphere of her content is what has made her so popular – and why you’ll find it difficult to find a video with sub-1M views. 

Why work with them?

Lifestyle influencers are experts in engaging their followers in the relative normalcy of day-to-day life. They share tips on topics ranging from the best skincare hacks, to the best place to do an Insta-ready brunch – and that’s exactly why working with them can be so beneficial. On platforms like TikTok, content can go viral no matter who created it, and these influencers know what type of content lands well with their audiences. As their content reads organically, it can mean a feature for your brand has real potential. 

How can restaurants work well with influencers?

The relationship between restaurants and influencers isn’t without its horror stories. Many businesses will have heard anecdotes about customers demanding free meals in return for online promotion – often with a nebulous understanding of what, exactly, the restaurant offers, or how to help. 

That’s why choosing the right influencer, and establishing a good relationship with them, is so important. It’s what agencies like Fanbytes are great at. 

Here are some more tips to keep in mind when working with restaurant influencers:

1. Check that they have a genuine interest in your business.

It sounds obvious, but making sure you only work with influencers who understand and care about your business is the top way to make sure the content they create successfully tells the story you hope to share about your brand. 

2. Explain your target audience, and value proposition.

This is useful for the influencer to know – but it’s also key for your brand to understand. If your target audience is young professionals in London, there’s little point working with an influencer who largely attracts wild-living and BBQ enthusiasts. 

3. Check that their content aligns with your brand voice.

With such a wealth of restaurant influencers online, you can afford to be specific. Are they poetic, upbeat, goofy? Is that how you want your business to appear? These questions are important to answer before you embark on any influencer campaign. 

4. Be generous.

We mean that in terms of food, yes, but also content. Share stories and anecdotes. Give them a glimpse into your process, your kitchens, your business as a whole. An influencer who has an incredible time working with you is far more likely to want to rave about you online, after all. 

5. Allow them the freedom to create authentic content.

It might be tempting to micro-manage the process – these influencers are talking about your brand, after all! – but the best-performing kind of content on social media is authentic. If audiences can sense that an influencer’s heart is not behind their post, you can bet they won’t trust their words, and your brand sentiment will suffer for it. Choosing an influencer you can trust, and letting them do what they do best, is the key to high-performing content. 

Working with influencers means your brand can really nail the story you’re trying to tell in your marketing. Whatever the unique selling point of your food and business, an influencer can help to bring it to life. 

They can broadcast the photogenic meals for restaurants looking for instagram fame, tell the story of restaurants who want to really engage with their followers, and share the rowdy brunch clips for those aiming for a party-vibe. 

It’s about so much more than free food; a good influencer can bring your USP to life, and showcase it to a larger audience of engaged followers ready to act on their recommendations. That’s why an authentic, strong connection between influencer and brand is so important – and so rewarding. 

Restaurant influencers: giving brands five-star service

We’ve said it a hundred times before: there are influencers operating in every niche imaginable on social media

For foodies and restaurants alike, restaurant influencers can be the answer to a prayer. Trusted, likeable, and with a direct line to customers, they can help your brand cut through the noise – and answer the impossible question of where to go and eat. 

Whether you’re looking to showcase your new menu, highlight your fun-loving vibe, or introduce a bit of storytelling to your social media marketing, these restaurant influencers will know how to steer your business to online success amongst their followers. 

Ready to learn how to build the perfect influencer campaign? Come and talk to us. We’ve cooked up more than our fair share of viral trends in the past. 

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