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A Message From Fanbytes CTO, Mitch

Your Influencer Marketing Is 'So Last Year’

Hours of scrolling on TikTok, endless pages of spreadsheets, and trying to figure ‘which influencer’, ‘what metrics’ is no way to scale your influencer marketing. Our data driven approach helps you cut through the bullsh*t and drive explosive results.

Get ready to drive explosive results on TikTok at unprecedented speed.

Stop Wasting Valuable Time Finding The “Perfect” Influencers For Your Brand.

Your time is better spent with us where optimised & authentic influencer marketing is made quick, easy and readily available. We go beyond surface-level metrics and mediocre measures of impact to ensure that your campaigns are met with end to end optimisation. 

Are You Really A TikTok Specialist? We Are The Missing Link Between Brands And TikTok.

We’re not the only influencer marketing agency out there, but we are the best when it comes to TikTok. We are the only agency that gives brands unparalleled access to TikTok influencer data, so you can take back control. 

Using our industry leading TikTok tool and the world’s largest searchable data set of TikTok influencers, you’ll be 10 steps ahead of your competition.

You’ve Been Missing Out On 10x Engagement

At Fanbytes we know how difficult it can be to measure the impact of your collaborations to supercharge your campaigns. Combining a mixture of text search and metrics filters, we can guarantee accurate targeting and 10x the engagement so that you can get the best ROI.

“The fact that we have been able to work with Fanbytes for over a year and really drive growth for our app from under 150,000 users a day to over 500,000 users a day is incredible. And they were able to drive not only direct attributed traffic but also increase our organics tremendously. Working with Fanbytes has been a huge benefit for our app and I don’t think our growth will be anywhere near where we are today without them.” 

– Joe Wagner, Founder of Plato

Search for TikTok Influencers.
Create Campaigns. Take Control.

Using a 100% data driven approach, we help you activate full-proof campaigns on TikTok leveraging the very best of the influencer community. 


Explore Fanbytes Influencer Network

We view over 15 unique metrics derived from 200 data points on each influencer to find the perfect fit for your brand. We’re integrated with all the main attribution partners allowing us to measure and optimise everything down to the install, subscription or sale. 

But remember – you’re in the driving seat. 

From one central point, approve influencers and content ensuring everything is on brand for you. Our platform condenses a process that might take days to a few hours. 

Utilise Fanbytes Create

We propose a creative idea for your TikTok campaign and allow the influencers to work their magic. 

Our creatives allow you to speak to today’s audience with real relevance, not just bland and invasive social media posts. 

You have approval every step of the way creating something that represents your brand…with a Gen Z twist.

This is why 100's of brands love Fanbytes

“Partnering with Fanbytes has given us expert authentic knowledge and insight as well as opened up engaged and relevant audiences we would not have had access to otherwise.”

Karen Smith

Head of Marketing

“From the moment we sent out the initial brief to the campaign going live, it was less than 24 hours. The creative idea itself was really perfect and something that I think we would have struggled to come up with on our own, given the lack of knowledge of the details of the platform.” 

Alastair Webber

Founder of The Other Songs

What Are You Waiting For?

Our award winning influencer platform enables you to track and measure everything from one single dashboard. Burn your spreadsheets, give your thumbs a rest, and give Fanbytes a call instead.