Introducing TikTok Stitch: How Brands Can Use TikTok’s New Feature

TikTok Stitch is here! Stitch is TikTok’s new editing feature: allowing users to clip and use scenes from other videos in their own (while retaining credit per video creator). 

TikTok Stich isn’t enabled by default, so users can decide whether other can Stitch their videos or not. This works similarly to the ‘Duet’ feature – users decide in their settings whether to enable Stitch or not. All Stitch videos attribute creators in the new videos caption, and link back to the original video. 

So, TikTok Stitch does a few things. It recognises that online creativity is collaborative: often based on ‘remixes’, trends or following tutorials building upon other users’ content. However, Stitch also recognizes creators who start a trend are sometimes left uncredited: a great example is the Renegade trend from early 2020. So, by allowing attribution to the original creator, Stitch encourages giving credit where it’s due.

The next big question: What can brands do with TikTok Stitch? How can brands benefit from TikTok’s new feature? In this article, we’ll talk about how to use Stitch, discuss how it’s different to React and Duet and assess how your brand might be able to use TikTok Stitch.

1. How to create a TikTok Stitch

TikTok is already home to tons of ‘combined’ videos, such as ‘Reacts’ and ‘Duets’ as well as DIY-jobs where two videos have been combined. Stitch makes it easy to combine parts of different videos on mobile. 

This new feature allows you to ‘stitch’ up to five seconds of another video on to your own TikTok video. For example, you could use a clip from someone’s video as an ending to yours. Or, an introduction. There’s no restriction on where you add the Stitched content, the only limit is that content from another user’s video can only be five seconds long.

How to enable TikTok Stitch

For brands, you’ll typically want to encourage people to use and repost your content. To allow your videos to become part of a Stitch, you’ll need to turn on Stitch in settings. 

To do this, visit your own user page and tap the ‘…’ icon in the top right corner. This takes you to ‘Settings and Privacy’ where you select ‘Privacy’ then scroll to ‘Who can stitch your videos’. Simply select an option from ‘Everyone’, ‘Friends’ or ‘No one’.

Even if you’ve selected ‘Everyone’, when you’re making videos you’ll be able to select who can Stitch each individual video, before you post it. TikTok gives you a toggle option to ‘Allow Stitch’ before you post your video, so you can change this setting on the individual level too.

You can still create your own Stitch videos even if other users cannot Stitch your videos.

How to use TikTok stitch

If you want to Stitch another user’s video, tap the ‘Share’ icon (usually the last icon on the right hand side in the For You Page – see the example below). When you tap this ‘Share’ arrow, you’ll see lots of options such as WhatsApp, SMS as well as the Duet and Stitch buttons. 

If these buttons are grayed out, this means the author of that video hasn’t given permission for the video to be used in Stitches. If they’re black, you’re good to go. Tap Stitch and select up to 5 seconds from this video to use in yours. You can then choose where to add this Stitch in your own video, e.g. as an alternate ending, new intro or in the middle somewhere. You can add filters, lenses and effects as normal afterwards.

While Stitch is still relatively new, TikTok’s partnered with several influencers to share tutorials on how to use it, and the official #stitch hashtag now has over 19 billion views!

2. What’s the difference between a TikTok Stitch, React and Duet?

Stitch, Duet and React are all TikTok functions aiming to help you repost and share other people’s content on your page.


TikTok’s React no longer exists but this feature worked very similarly to Duet. React came from the popularity of “Reaction Videos” on Youtube. You would access React by tapping the share arrow, same as for Duet and Stitch. The feature would superimpose a small window of the original video with your recording behind it. You could then ‘React’ to the content on your own Page.


Duet is a fun feature that helps you combine two videos. It’s currently available on TikTok, and you can find the ‘Duet’ option by tapping the ‘Share’ arrow on any video. Just like with Stitch, the original creator has to enable Duets for their video, otherwise this option will be grayed out. 

Duets allow users to create content featuring an original video, laid out and playing side by side next to the new video. So, you can effectively use Duet for ‘reaction videos’ as well as literal Duets. Duet also enables people to reply to your video content with their own video. A popular trend on TikTok is ‘Duet Chains’, where users encourage others to create duets of their video, then asking others to continue the chain.

Recently gone viral, @angryreactions regularly uses the Duet feature to ‘react’ to other people’s videos, tutorials and more. 


##duet with @liloushky adjust your crown, queen. You’re not alone. We’re rooting for you. 👑 ##fyp ##foryoupage ##trending ##viral ##african ##queen ##xyzbca

♬ Kings & Queens - Ava Max

TikTok Stitch

Stitch, just like Duet, encourages users to reinterpret and add to other’s content. While Duet lets you have your video playing side by side next to someone else’s – Stitch lets you incorporate up to 5 seconds of someone else’s video into your own.

Stitch is a direct way of including other people’s content into your own. The major advantages here is that it lets you credit the original author with no effort, and allows people to be even more creative than with Duet. 

While with Duet, you’d have to react to someone’s entire video, with Stitch you can essentially incorporate bits of their video and build creativity on top of it. Let’s say someone has a 5 second clip in their video that would make a really funny ending to a skit you’ve thought of. Or perhaps you want to show off that you’ve followed someone’s tutorial recipe, you could actually introduce the clip with 5 seconds of the tutorial itself. Stitch opens up new ways for users to be creative on TikTok.


##stitch with @jebunggg | Ate paturo naman po please. Iba yung nagagawa ko eh! 🤣🤗👸👑 ##Princess

♬ original sound - Princess 👸👑

3. How can brands use TikTok Stitch?

Here’s where it gets exciting. In the same way duets gave way to a range of exciting opportunities (like Duet Chains), brands can get creative with Stitch.

While the only limit is your creativity (and the 5 second limit), here are some fun ideas for brands to leverage Stitch. For clothing, makeup and beauty brands, Stitch is a really fun way of getting people involved in a tutorial or outfit look. Let’s say you partner with an influencer to create an interesting makeup look. Encouraging users and other influencers to Stitch part of your video means your brand or products continue to feature across a range of different content. And because people can only feature five seconds of your original video, you can ensure it isn’t overwhelmingly ‘ad’ like. 


##stitch with @brendan.bobo How to fix a Class III open bite 🦷 (Read Bio)

♬ original sound - The Braces Guy

Athleisure and sportswear are also really popular on TikTok, and brands can capitalize on this with Stitch. Without being prescriptive, think about creating some original fun videos and asking users to Stitch them as a challenge. Let’s say you sell lifestyle shoes: you could ask for users to create Stitch videos of all the various places they go in your shoes, as well as activities they do. This is a great way of expanding your reach while still having your original video attributed to in every caption.

There’s a range of opportunities across industries. You could create ‘fact check’ reaction videos about your industry, the way this popular dentist does on TikTok. Stitch allows you to feature someone’s original content and build on top of it, so you can lead the conversation directly from the original clip. This works well for collaborative videos, and is great for encouraging direct conversation with young people about your brand (or products).

And of course, Stitch is great for memes. One of it’s earliest uses will be funny skits, reactions and more meme content. Brands can carefully partner with influencers to create funny skits and scenes, as well as building on viral challenges they see.


We think that TikTok Stitch is just the beginning of the platforms new offerings and features. Still a relatively new platform, TikTok is just getting started with their plans for users as well as brands. We, for one, are excited to see what the next few years bring.

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