The £250,000 fund designed to take Black businesses and creators to the next level.​

Applications for Phase 2 of our Fanbytes Impact Fund will open later this year.

Timothy Armoo

“The Fanbytes Impact Fund is here to break the cycle of underrepresentation of black businesses and creators by providing previously inaccessible marketing support.”


2020 was a hugely pivotal year for change and activism. In particular, the widespread Black Lives Matter protests helped to spark important conversations about racial inequality and injustice across every industry and sphere.

In the marketing world, we know there is still a severe lack of black representation, both externally (adverts, campaigns, billboards) and internally (within brands, businesses and agencies themselves). Data shows that while black creators on average have a click through rate of 2.2x more than white creators, they are still less likely to be considered for campaigns.

We are proud that Fanbytes is a black-owned agency and that we continue to smash industry standards of diversity. In our most recent 2021 employee survey, over 40% of Fanbyters identified as BAME, going up to 50% of our Senior Leadership Team.   

But after the events of 2020, we knew we needed to do more to drive change outside of our own agency.  

A £250,000 Fund for Black Creators and Business Owners

We developed the Fanbytes Impact Fund to address the pay gap between black and non-black influencers, as well as to provide funding and agency expertise to black-owned businesses.

How does it work?

  • We award a number of selected black-owned start-ups an influencer campaign worth £5,000.
  • Our dedicated programme manager guides them through the process and provides them with key learnings and tips for best practice.
  • The fund goes towards partnering with amazing black influencers and content creators.
  • These creators then go on to showcase and promote the brand to their followers.


What’s the result?

  • The creators get paid for their work and get more experience of working with brands.
  • The start-ups can build their brand awareness amongst Gen Z audiences, leading to higher growth and revenue opportunities.

What has The Fanbytes Impact Fund achieved?

In its first year, the fund has supported 14 black-owned businesses and 85+ black creators, with over 1 million views on the content so far.


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The application process for phase two of our Fanbytes Impact Fund will open in later this year. 

Interested in getting some more information? Please fill in the contact details below and a member of our team will be in touch.