The Most Popular TikTok Trends 2019

TikTok is quickly becoming a global hub of trending content and memes. Where users would typically navigate to Facebook or Instagram to identify popular content, TikTok has now taken centre stage. This is especially true for the younger demographic, with the short-form video app hosting 66% of users under 30. 

Not only is it the go-to for trending memes and challenges, it is changing how trends are being created and distributed on social media.  To get a first look at the most popular TikTok trends 2019, look no further. Let’s get stuck in…

The Top 5 Trending Hashtags on TikTok Right Now

Hashtags are the bedrock of TikTok. They act as a discovery tool, help gain exposure, likes, followers, and are an essential element of what goes into making your content go viral and ending up in the TikTok trends category. Here are our top 5 picks for the best trending hashtags on TikTok today!

Amongst one of the TikTok trends is this spooky dance challenge which has received 117.7m hashtag views on TikTok so far. It involves users performing a dance routine to the song ‘Spooky, Scary Skeletons’ by Andrew Gold whilst being dressed as a skeleton (obvs!). It is doing well because it is fun, interactive, and current, seeing as Halloween is just around the corner.

This trending hashtag, receiving 245.8m hashtag views, has become popular for numerous reasons. The most notable being due to its humour, relatability, and its interactivity. The #chaoticenergy hashtag was used against meme video content where they would act out a particular situation which involves chaos or ‘chaotic energy’.

It is particularly interesting how this hashtag earned trending status on TikTok. ‘Theants’ was a catchphrase deriving from a TikTok video created by a TikTok user imitating an ant. Due to its odd nature, it went viral and users proceeded to create parodies of the video. It became a popular meme all over TikTok, as well as Twitter. This hashtag has earned 11.2m views and over 250,000 likes in only 6 days! This hashtag is a great example of how trending hashtags on TikTok can be picked up as a meme on social media as a whole.

Another example of a hashtag trending on TikTok is #differentpeople. This hashtag in particular has inspired an assortment of different content. Users have decided to go down different routes – whether it be comedic, informational, or inspirational – TikTok has seen it all! The videos revolve around the user acting as a person or thing and comparing it with something or someone that they are frequently confused or mistaken with. This hashtag has seen 11.3m views thus far, but it seems that more and more people are jumping on its bandwagon.  

The #catchmeout hashtag has generated 10.9m hashtag views. It features TikTokkers using a meme video format to convey a situation which they have been ‘caught out’. This hashtag has been used for comedic purposes, and most users portray a silly, funny, or shocking situation. This makes it an entertaining video to watch, as well as to participate in.

The Top 3 Trending Memes

Memes are an essential part of most social media platforms. They are amongst most of the viral content on social media and have even become a communicative tool amid the younger demographic. TikTok is no exception – the platform thrives on memes and content that involves users being silly, performing comedy skits, and ultimately, just not taking themselves too seriously. Here are some of our current favourites that are doing well on TikTok.

I think it is acceptable to say that VSCO girls are breaking the internet, and whilst cultural stereotypes may go viral several times throughout the year, these memes still manage to entertain and engage the young global population.

Key Indicators of a VSCO Girl: 

  • Wears a scrunchie
  • Wears white vans/ crocs
  • Wears Birkenstocks 
  • Uses a hydro-flask
  • Takes a metal straw everywhere she goes
  • They edit their photos using the VSCO app
  • Frequently referred to as ‘basic’
  • Been noted for saying ‘sksksk’ and ‘i oop oop’ frequently


Whilst they are frequently mocked and parodied, VSCO girls have encouraged thousands of trending memes, viral media coverage, and even their own Snapchat lens. Here are some examples of how they have made it onto the TikTok trends category.

Distorted memes are created using TikTok’s ‘distorted’ filter. Users will act out various different situations and use the filter to inject comedy. The filter transforms the user’s face to look distorted, blue, and ‘alien-like’. Similarly to popular Snapchat lenses, this TikTok lens engaged users due to its strange, funny effects and people wanted to join in and be a part of the goofiness and absurdity. 

You can try and escape it but the fact of the matter is that Peppa pig is everywhere and is among one of the most popular TikTok Trends 2019! Peppa pig is the main star of a very popular children’s animation show in the UK. However, she has very recently become a trending internet hit. It all began when TikTok user @beasinthetrap made a video eating a chocolate egg and found a small Peppa Pig toy inside it (see below). It seems that internet users have lost their minds over this meme, generating over 280m hashtag views with the #peppapig hashtags, and as a result, since has inspired many parodies. 

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