The Ultimate TikTok Marketing Guide

Just knowing how to use TikTok is not enough to make a splash in the TikTok marketing pool. Luckily, Fanbytes work with TikTok influencers day to day and have had plenty of success in creating innovative viral campaigns for the likes of Warner Bros, Major Lazer, and Deliveroo. Here’s what we have learnt by experimenting with Gen Z’s favourite hot new app. 

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What is TikTok?

TikTok is a hot new social media video app that is loved by Gen Z and has taken the internet by storm. Previously known as prior to being bought by Bytedance in 2017, TikTok allows users to create short-form videos and interact with other users through various cool features and tools.  

Why is TikTok marketing so important?

In this day and age, it is typical for social media platforms to be saturated with ads and marketing ploys before you’ve even had the chance to like a photo. TikTok marketing at Fanbytes takes a new approach – instead of bombarding users with in-your-face ads, our TikTok marketing strategy aims to engage users in a more organic, interactive, and playful way. 

This is why it is such a hit with Gen Z. They are a generation born into social media and so they have become more selective and aware of what they’re consuming. This means that they are less receptive to traditional ads and marketers have to work a lot harder to create content that is engaging and interesting to them. 

TikTok has been successful in creating a safe place for Gen Z – a place where users can be authentically themselves. We respond to this by creating innovative campaigns for our clients and showing them how to market to Gen Z successfully. 


How Brands Can Market On TikTok

When we received 8.2m hashtag views and trending status on TikTok for our Major Lazer campaign, it was a great indication to us how powerful TikTok was as a marketing tool. It also provided us valuable insight into what makes a campaign go viral and provided us with the correct tools to replicate the same success for our other clients. Stay tuned to find out how you can market your brand on TikTok.

1. Create A Branded TikTok Account

Whilst TikTok’s primary focus is targeted at user experience and less focused on attracting the attention of advertisers, brands are still recognising TikTok’s marketing capacity, and have created their own branded TikTok accounts. Some brands use their accounts to post repurposed content from their other platforms, whilst others experiment with hashtag challenges. 

If you decide to go down this route, it is important to note that it can be a lot of responsibility to manage, especially if you want to do it right and keep up with your competitors. It involves TikTok expertise, adequate knowledge of knowing how to tap into existing memes and challenges, and the ability to create your own unique original content. So, not only can this be time-consuming, but it can also be a waste of your resources if you haven’t optimised your campaign correctly.  

2. Advertise with TikTok


Due to its demand, TikTok introduced their own on-platform advertising services earlier on this year. However, the platforms ability to deliver still remains uncertain for marketers. 

What are my ad options?

Should you advertise with TikTok?

Deciding on whether or not to take the plunge with TikTok ads will depend on different factors. However, it is important to note that because the platform is very new, the services may not be as refined as you’d expect. There is only one ad unit, which is a standard in-feed video advert of which can be actioned by cost-per-click (CPC), cost-per-mile (CPM), and cost-per-view (CPV), CRM integration is not currently a feature, and all ads are managed by a TikTok rep as there are no self-service options available.  

3. Use TikTok Influencers

TikTok influencer marketing has blown up massively, and has been used as a technique by major brands all over the world. Using TikTok influencer marketing is beneficial if you want to engage a Gen Z demographic with innovative, creative, and playful content. With 70% of teen trusting influencers over celebrities, now is the time to jump on the TikTok influencer hype. If you are on the hunt to find influencers for your marketing campaign then you can do some research by using hashtags on the app to find popular influencers in a particular niche, use influencer search tools, or reach out to an influencer marketing company, who will do the hard work for you. 

At Fanbytes, we manage the new generation of digital talent and have the privilege of working with talented content creators from all over the globe so that we can create successful campaigns for all of our clients. It can be overwhelming stepping foot in the world of TikTok, not knowing what to do or how to find relevant influencers for your brand, but we make sure that our varied network of influencers can assist with all types of campaigns. 

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How To Use TikTok Influencers

 We believe using influencers in your TikTok marketing strategy is key to achieving success on the app. A lot of them are young and just starting out in their social media careers, so tend to be quite receptive in regards to brand partnerships. What’s more, with modern consumers being met with constant social media content daily, we are forced to separate the noise from the content we trust. This is why influencers hold so much power. As they are already positioned as sources of authority and trust in their individual niches, consumers look to them for inspiration. Here’s how you can use influencers in your TikTok marketing campaigns. 

1. Hashtag Challenges

TikTok is home to a massive amount of content, predominantly driven by challenges that have trended or gone viral. TikTok challenges typically consist of a song or sound clip playing whilst being posted with a hashtag. They come in various different forms from lip-syncing, dancing, to comedy skits. They work well because they are interactive, organic, and accessible. TikTok users want to take part because they feel part of something bigger and want to avoid the fear of missing out. 

As mentioned earlier, our Major Lazer campaign exceeded expectations. We were given a brief to create a buzz around his new song ‘Cant Take It From Me’ and decided to combine a strong visual element with accessibility and relatability by creating the #canttakeitfromme challenge. The challenge involved our TikTok influencers creating a video where they had to prove their ball sports skills by preventing their opponent from taking the ball from them. This was funny, engaging, interactive, and worked exceptionally well to promote the song. They encouraged their followers to join in and as a result, it became a trending hit. 

Check out one of our TikTok influencers in action below. 

2. Duet Chains

 TikTok users also have the ability to participate in duet chains. They are a unique tool that has worked really well for our clients. They are videos where users are able to replicate actions of other users. This is a tool that a lot of content marketers are unaware of or have underestimated. Because users are able to create a continuous chain of content on the app, there is a high chance of the campaign going viral if executed correctly.

 An example of a duet chain done well comes from our campaign with AURORA when promoting her song “The River”. We decided to eschew the conventional route and try something new by coming up with a duet campaign idea to promote the chorus of the song. We used the hashtag #YouCanCryChallenge where TikTok users showed their emotions and would hold hands to unite in aid of mental health awareness. In doing so, the influencers would encourage their fans to take part and keep the chain going.

And it paid off…

The hashtag became popular organically and appeared on the ‘For You’ page, which is similar to Twitter’s trending page. As a result, we saw further organic traffic generated and was able to reach a new audience in doing so. We also drove 1.5m hashtag views and inspired 2.5k fan videos. 



With Gen Z being at the core of what we do, we know that influencer marketing is the present and the future. So, jump on the Fanbytes train and get there first to stay ahead of your competition. Click here for your free consultation to see what we can do for you. 

How To Make A Video Go Viral On TikTok

There are great benefits to getting your content to go viral on the fastest growing social media platform. From using hashtag challenges. duet chains, to using TikTok influencers, there are numerous ways to get your content popping on TikTok. If you want in on what works for us, then keep on reading!


How to go Viral on TikTok cover image.

1. Do Your Research

Whilst there is not one core thing that makes a video go viral, they are not based on pure luck. One of the best ways to increase your potential of going viral on this platform is by tapping into trending memes and posts. It’s important to understand what goes into a viral video and really ask yourself: what are the ingredients that make them so popular amongst Gen Z? Here are some characteristics of a viral video that we have learnt works from our many successful campaign videos:

2. Choose A Catchy Song/ Sound

Before you get carried away and start brainstorming, you should make sure that you choose a TikTok friendly song or sound to promote your video. Because most videos on TikTok are either lip synch/ challenge videos, this is one thing you musn’t soup. Most of the songs that do well on this platform are catchy, memorable, and have ‘sing-along’ qualities. Take Major Lazer’s ‘Cant Take It From Me’ as an example – due to its catchy lyrics we were able to create some great content and use it to go viral on TikTok.

3. Come Up With A Challenge
Challenges do particularly well on TikTok. Nobody likes feeling left out or experiencing FOMO, so users are likely to hop on a challenge if everyone else is doing it so that they can be a part of the experience. If your challenge is engaging and fun and encourages a large amount of users to join in, your video could go viral.

4. Use Hashtags

 Hashtags are important on most platforms as they act as a discovery tool for users. Because of this, you should ensure that you are using a hashtag that others will use and is easy to access. 

5. Celebrity/ Influencer Endorsements 

Creating interactive content is key. But, if you’re new to TikTok marketing, you may not know all the ways to do this. We have found that using celebrity endorsements or influencers to promote your content is a great way to achieve this. We asked our influencers to use TikTok’s duet chain feature to drive traffic to our #YouCanCryChallenge for Aurora’s song ‘The River’ and it generated impressive results. Our influencers’ videos gained 649.4k views- a 550% increase from what was guaranteed to Decca. The engagement was also high as we gained a total of 93.4k hearts. The interactivity and relatability of the campaign also clearly helped gain respect from the TikTok community, as 3000 user-generated videos joined the duet chain. 


Now that you have the tools to get started, why not get a step up on your competitors and delve into Fanbytes’ world of TikTok marketing? Contact us for more advice on how to get your video trending on TikTok!

TikTok Marketing FAQ's

If you still have unanswered questions, fret not. We have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions regarding TikTok marketing below.

  1. Open and log in to the app.
  2. Create & upload a video without attaching any music to it.
  3. Now you have to click on the voice recorder and record the sound you want.
  4. Edit your video & post it. You may want to set it to private for the time being whilst you are working on it.
  5. Now click on your profile and find the video that you just posted with your sound.
  6. Once you have clicked on this video, you will be able to click on the record button, which is in the lower-right corner of your video.
  7. Now you should click on ‘edit’ or ‘set sound title’ and choose a name for your sound.
  8. Once you have done this, click ‘confirm’ and you’re ready to go.

Yes. there are several different ways for your brand to advertise on TikTok. They offer an in-house advertising service including opportunities such as sponsored hashtags and challenges, to brand takeovers. However, because these services are so new, its marketing potential for brands is yet to be proven. It can also work out quite expensive. A more cost-effective approach would be to work with our TikTok influencers.

Whilst TikTok was temporarily banned in India for the period of a week due to Indian lawmakers claiming that it was promoting the circulation of explicit content amongst young people, the app is now running as normal today.

It is important to note that the option for a duet may not always be available to you as some users may have chosen to turn the function off on their videos. However, on accounts that have their duet function on, the process is super easy.

All you have to do is go on the app, find the video you would like to duet on, and press the share button. Once you have done that, there should be a ‘duet’ option if their function is switched on. If it is, simply click on it and TikTok will load the next screen to set it up for you. Now you’ll be met with the duet screen where you can press the red button and start recording. Once you have recorded your duet, there are a selection of video editing tools that you can use including filters, stickers and effects to spice things up. Once you’re happy with the duet, you can come up with a title and description for the duet and post it on TikTok!

To go live on TikTok you have to make sure that you have first logged in to the app. Then simply click on the ‘+’ button on the bottom of the screen. You will be met with the video screen. There should now be an option to click ‘Live’. Now all you have to do is click it, come up with a cool and engaging title for your stream, and press the go live button!

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