TikTok-approved Beauty Products & How They Went Viral

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Where are Gen Z getting their beauty advice?

TikTok of course!

Beauty and skincare brands such as Lime Crime, Fenty Beauty, The Ordinary and more have been flocking to TikTok in the past year with trends such as beauty hacks, creative makeup looks and 1 minute makeup tutorials taking centre stage.

What’s more, with people all over the world confined to their homes and more time to invest in themselves, many users have turned to TLC, which means skincare and makeup content has skyrocketed in popularity.

We break down the viral TikTok beauty products taking the platform by storm.

In this article:

1. The Ordinary’s AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution

The face mask was sure to go viral, given how spooky it looks – it’s nicknamed the “vampire blood” beauty trick! 

With so much visual appeal and compliance with Gen Z’s visual-first mindset, users were excited to experience the product first-hand and create videos with it. Because the product was so versatile, users found it easy to create unique ideas for it and thus, increasing shareability. 

Another big factor was Kaelyn White, a US-based TikTok influencer who created accessible and authentic videos featuring the solution, candidly revealing before and after results.

This is a great example of the power of using influencers and creating authentic, un-airbrushed content; something we know works on TikTok (read more about key beauty marketing trends here).

Great engaging TikTok content and influencers combined with an affordable price, meant that DECIEM, who own The Ordinary, sold 100,000 bottles of the serum in just a few weeks.

2. Urban Skin Rx Even Tone Cleansing Bar

TikTok beauty products like this one have been attracting reaction videos and tutorials across various different social platforms, but it was the power of TikTok in particular that set this viral trend apart.

After realising that their sales spiked by 120% following the before and after video posted by @niceoneashley, a user on the platform, they decided to leverage the huge organic reach of the platform by activating a #clearskinchallenge to gain as much traction as they could from the trending status they were currently receiving. 

This went viral because of two crucial things:

1. Their product was recognised by a user native to the platform and created content that knew would resonate with the other users on the platform. (this is why using influencers on TikTok is crucial).

2. They recognised that the source of their increase in sales was coming from TikTok and they were QUICK to leverage the traction they were receiving by activating a hashtag challenge that encouraged others to join in.

What CEO of Urban Skin Rx had to say about TikTok:

3. Essence’s Kiss the Black Sheep Lipstick

The #lipstickchallenge encourages users to put on lipstick in creative ways and has been a great challenge for lip products in general. You can read more about our own campaign to help the Gloss Twins launch their Nel Gel lip gloss range here

But it’s also worth noting that off the back of this trend Essence’s Kiss the Black Sheep Lipstick became a serious hit. It transforms from what looks like black lipstick into the perfect colour for your skin, adapting to your skin’s pH levels. 

Individual results encouraged users to make their own videos, with the camera-friendly visual effect. The brand saw 10x their expected sales thanks to the power of TikTok. 

Again, this beauty brand was rewarded for ACTING FAST and knowing that the #lipstickchallenge was super popular and that they would benefit from joining in. 

4. #Pressonnails

With many locked down at home, plenty of TikTok users have been looking for ways to maintain a little bit of ‘normal’.

Because of this, painting your own nails has become a trend on TikTok. Some brands have woken up to this fact and taken advantage, introducing products to align with the conversation already unfolding online. As a result, #Pressonnails is trending with over 124 million views. 

One particular example is the KISS’ Impress Manicure, which comes with everything you need to recreate a professional manicure at home. By tapping into the concerns of the moment, these products have rampaged across TikTok.

5. Neogen Pore Mousse

The newest viral beauty trend that has gone crazy on TikTok is the Neogen Pore Mousee, which is a foam that gets rid of dead skin and dirt from the skin to reveal clean pores.

It went viral when Ryan Sullivan, co-founder of  Beauty Spy made an ‘oddly satisfying’ video about it (the type of content that TikTok users eat up). He received around 500k likes and thousands of positive comments right off the bat!

Because of this, the TikTok beauty product sold 1000 units in 4 hours, completely selling out on Beauty Spy. The product tapped into a key skin concern for Gen Z – namely, how to reduce pores and remove blackheads. The easy to use formula and amazing results speak for themselves.

Brush up on TikTok

TikTok beauty products have the potential to translate into huge sales as users look for answers, tips and tricks. Take note of current trending conversations and introduce products that can be creatively filmed to best optimise your TikTok goals.

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