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Our TikTok influencer marketing agency is responsible for the UK's first TikTok creator house, the first TikTok influencer beauty brand and the fastest-growing TikTok talent.

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Bytesized Talent is a TikTok talent agency, the sister company of Fanbytes; the world’s leading Gen Z marketing agency. We are home to some of the most exciting, influential and leading talent on TikTok. We collaborate with brands such as McDonald’s, Nike & The UK Government. Through leveraging our extensive talent network, we help them speak organically to a global TikTok audience, winning the hearts of Gen Z everywhere. The statistics speak for themselves.


Our TikTok Influencer Marketing Services

Blockbuster Brand Campaigns

Want Gen Z to know who you are? Our talented roster consists of pranksters, beauty creators, comedians, lifestyle gurus, and even cats & dogs to align your brand with the best influencers for your niche. From creative ideation, influencer selection, to launch, we take care of everything so that you can reach a TikTok audience in the most organic ways on the platform.

Cash In With Co-creation

We’re more than just a TikTok talent agency. We’re consistently innovating and adapting to the world around us so that we’re not left behind screaming ‘wait for us’. The world is massively changing with influencers owning the distribution to millions of people. We work hard with your brand to co-create product and licensing to create new entries to market.

Break Through With Brand Ambassadorship

Influencers are the middle man between brands and Gen Z consumers. Building long-term relationships with them are the key to building ultimate brand recognition and transforming passive users into brand advocates on TikTok. We are a one stop shop. Our community of influencers can also help drive long term engagement and account growth on TikTok. Having grown their own account to millions, we can help you do the same.

The Bytesized Talent Roster

The Bytehouse

We launched ByteHouse, the UK’s first first ever TikTok house bringing together 6 of the biggest talent in the UK to create content under one roof. We conceptualised the idea, took it to press and had it featured in every major publication and newspaper in the country.

Meet The ByteSquad

6 of the biggest TikTok talent, under one roof


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