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Planning your next marketing campaign on TikTok? Not sure what pitfalls to avoid? Never fear, we’ve got you. We have the 3 TikTok marketing campaigns you can draw inspiration from today. 

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Campaign #1: Create community with Benny Blanco (ft. Juice WRLD)

In this campaign, US singer songwriter Benny Blanco wanted to promote the new single ‘Graduation’. Wanting to do more than drive streams or likes, we got creative with this TikTok marketing campaign. It was all about reminiscing and utilising TikTok transitions to show each stage of school life, including graduating as the final transition. We identified the best influencers for the job and then used #schoolyears to create a community of video creators. The hashtag received 6 million+ views and generated over 435,000+ pieces of user-generated content. 

The takeaway message?

Create challenges that really relate to the lived experience for your key audience group and make use of key TikTok features at the same time.

Campaign #2: Put the fun back into the numbers with ACCA

How do you put the fun back into something like…accounting?

For this campaign, we worked with ACCA maximise brand awareness, drive engaged traffic to their landing page and change stubborn perceptions of accounting.. definitely no light task!

The challenge here was to tell this accountancy firm’s story in an authentic way at scale, because authenticity really matters in a TikTok marketing campaign. As tech-savvy users, Gen Z can see through crafty marketing ploys. That’s why we called on one of Fanbytes’ big TikTok talents, Sherice. A high energy influencer was perfect for the job, and the campaign received hundreds of positive comments on TikTok. Read more about how our influencer network helps brands go viral here

What’s more, knowing that brands such as The Washington Post have received large success due to their behind-the-scenes style content and by delivering exclusive insights into a side of a brand we rarely get to see, we decided to incorporate this into our campaign. Our influencers were sent to an accountancy firm where they spent the day filming super engaging content that reveals the day in a life of an accountant.

The takeaway message?

Personality and authenticity comes first. 

1. The right influencer who is trusted and liked by their audience is the perfect way to introduce your brand to new people. 

2. Showing your audience the raw, authentic, and real side to your brand identity that is typically masked with flashy marketing practises is essential to success on TikTok. 

Campaign #3: A 15% Conversion Rate on TikTok with Yubo

On average, mobile apps get a 1-2% conversion rate. So how did we unlock a conversion rate of 15% for our client Yubo? It’s all in the perfect TikTok marketing campaign. How? Well, it’s all about understanding the TikTok vibe – it’s human-centric, which means that conventional ads that don’t feature people automatically fail. Alongside choosing the right influencers, it’s about creating advertising that is primarily entertaining and engaging. This meant creating a campaign around a trending TikTok song, and focusing in on creating something relatable that still demonstrated the app. 

The takeaway message? Traditional advertising tactics don’t work on TikTok. It’s better to look at what is trending, what native TikTok features you can utilise, and create advertising that uses an entertainment-first approach.  

To conclude

So, to summarise, look at what is currently trending in terms of songs, maximise native features, create relatable challenges and don’t rely on overt sales tactics. TikTok content is all about creativity and innovation, so get into that mindset and make your next campaign a real success. 

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