TikTok Marketing For Brands: How To Drive Explosive Results

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We know how to drive explosive results by marketing on TikTok. Are you ready for a piece of the action?

TikTok has many names. Frequently referred to as a ‘super-star making power machine’ by our music clients to an ‘install-accelerator’ by our app clients, it would seem that TikTok is succeeding in providing something for everyone. It was the most downloaded app in Q1 2019 with over 500 million active users worldwide, and has access to large communities that are just waiting to be unlocked by marketers. We have helped top brands such as Warner and Universal to more unlikely brands such as ACCA and PHE leverage the TikTok marketing power of the platform and become a part of the conversation.  

Gen Z's favourite app?

Gen Z have attention spans of 8 seconds, are enthusiastic consumers of authentic and light-hearted content, and TikTok appeals to these aspects of their consumer behaviour. In a way, it brings together a combination of Gen Z’s favourite social media apps – Vine’s short video snippets, Instagram’s ability to keep up with their favourite influencers, Twitter’s hashtags to keep tabs on viral content, and Youtube’s ability to make them feel like they’re watching their favourite TV show. 

This is why 60% of TikTok’s user base consists of 16-24 years old and why brands who are targeting Gen Z are keen to discover the best ways to achieve ultimate brand recognition on the platform. 

How can brands leverage TikTok marketing to drive results?

Use influencers that Gen Z love.

70% of Gen Z rate influencers over celebrity endorsements, this is why the success rates on our influencer campaigns are through the roof. We use our in-house tool and the first ever TikTok influencer discovery tool, Bytesights, to find the best creators for your campaigns.

We run analysis on over 200 different data points to create metrics that make sense. Using these metrics it is easy to identify rising stars and start working with them as they are growing. Our network of handpicked creators truly understand the rules of each platform and what resonates.

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Activate a hashtag challenge.

Hashtag challenges exist at the core of TikTok’s ecosystem. The users on the platform communicate through them and brands can take advantage of this.

It’s important to remember that Gen Z don’t just want to buy your brand, they want to become a part of it. We have helped several brands activate hashtag challenges to give users full reign to experience the brand themselves.

Our creatives allow you to speak to today’s consumers with real relevance, and not just intrusive social media posting.

Launch some paid ads.

Attention, attention! We have exclusive access to the official TikTok’s ad platform. As a result, we have been able to create high converting campaigns that drive sales, installs, and traffic for all types of brands.

All campaigns are designed with TikTok influencer creatives which are then pushed through TikTok’s ad platform to help you drive conversions.

That’s not all – we provide you with weekly progression reports and insights into optimisation updates.

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What Brands Have Mastered TikTok Marketing?

1. Universal

Music naturally lends itself to TikTok. We have run over 110 successful campaigns for a variety of genres. From driving streams, engagement, to sending our clients viral – it’s what we do!

One of our more recent campaigns was for Ella Eyre’s release ‘Mama’. We worked to drive her engagement across the UK and developed an interactive and innovative hashtag challenge with our TikTok influencers, we were able to generate outstanding results. 

– 4.4m hashtag views.
– 529k hearts.
– 6k user-generated content. 

2. STX

How do you drive engagement around a horror film? You make them feel like the actors.

To promote STX’s new film Countdown, we created an influencer duet campaign. Duets are a unique TikTok feature allowing people to split screen. 

Utilising this feature, we collaborated with influencers to create a campaign with them facing their unconscious devil which “killed them” when the countdown clock struck.

1.3m hashtag views.
– 204k hearts.
3k+ comments. 

3. Slugbooks

Slugbooks an online service helping students find cheap textbooks approached Fanbytes to organically reach the 18-25 year old college demographic on TikTok.

We decided to go contextual for this campaign creating sharable memes and skits showing Slugbooks as the life saver for college students. 

The campaign proceeded to storm TikTok with over 1.5m+ views on influencer content and over 186k hearts. Most importantly Slugbooks saw an ongoing increase in traffic to their site due to them being a part of a trending hashtag.

1.5m hashtag views.
186k hearts.
– 11.8% engagement rate.

4. Hily

Dating App Hilly needed a new way to stand out amongst the crowd.

Understanding that humour was key to conveying the brand, we collaborated with influencers to create funny meme style skits which showed what happened when people use Hilly. 

The creative resonated perfectly with the audience with 10% engagement rate and 97% positive sentiment on the campaign. Hilly benefited from seeing a sharp increase in organic installs.

1.2m hashtag views.
– 100k hearts.
8 influencers. 

How Do I Get Started On TikTok?

We tell all of our clients the same thing when they’re getting started on TikTok and begin their journey into TikTok marketing – download the app, and don’t look back. Here’s how you can get the ball rolling:

1. Install the app.

The first step is downloading TikTok and having a browse. You’ll realise that the more time you spend on the app, the more sophisticated the suggestions on the ‘for you’ page, akin to Instagram’s trending page, will become. Your feed will also become progressively more crowded with relevant content that’s been collected based on your activity.

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tiktok trends

2. Keep an eye on the trends.

If you click the search icon on the app you’ll be greeted with the trending page. It’s important to keep an eye on this so you can develop a clearer idea of what type of content performs well on the app and how you can replicate it. 

3. Create your first video.

It’s time to just get stuck in and become a part of the conversation. If you have been paying attention to the trending content on the app, you’ll have a better idea for what type of video to create first. This will also help you get to grips with TikTok’s unique tools and features. 

4. Work with influencers.

At this point, you’ll feel more comfortable on the app and will be ready to work with creators who live and know the platform best. We create and activate global influencer campaigns for top brands and have access to marketable TikTok talent that can create compelling content for all types of brands.

5. Activate a hashtag challenge.

Now you’re ready to speak their language and communicate with TikTok users by activating your own campaign. Our talented team of Gen Z marketing experts are standing at the ready to help you make it big-time on the app. 

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