The Top 9 TikTok Tips & Tricks: A Beginner’s Guide To Going Viral

If you’re looking for the best TikTok tips to send you viral, we’ve got you covered. Here are our top TikTok tips for brands looking to make a splash online.
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In 30 seconds:

  • TikTok tips and tricks are all over the internet – and for brands searching for how to do well on TikTok, they can either feel like the Holy Grail… or massively overwhelming.
  • We’ve narrowed down the TikTok tips to go viral that you really need to know if you want to establish your brand’s voice on Gen Z’s favourite social media platform.
  • These tips for TikTok will help you boost your content to more followers, raise your engagement, and ensure your TikTok efforts aren’t going to waste.

TikTok advice can be confusing. Be individual, no – collaborate. Use trending audios, no – create your own. Take it seriously, no – be prepared to laugh at yourself. 

So what is the truth? 

Like any social media platform, success on TikTok is dependent on your ability to tailor your content to the audience and their expectations. More than any other app, however, TikTok content is unique. It’s video-first, often highly collaborative, and driven by trends

All of these factors are reasons why it has proven so popular amongst its largest audience: Gen Z. It’s also why it’s such an attractive platform for brands, as doing so will get you into the eyeline of the biggest consumer generation

All of our Tiktok tips and tricks have been tried and tested, so they’re well worth adopting in your marketing strategies. And you can trust us – we’re TikTok experts, with enough viral campaigns to prove it. 

If you want to go viral on TikTok, these are the best tiktok tips to keep in mind. 

Tips for starting a TikTok

Let’s start from the beginning. These TikTok tips for beginners will ensure your TikTok account is set up for success, and help you navigate the video-first world of TikTok

Bear in mind that these TikTok beginner tips assume you’ve already organised your account on the TikTok app – but don’t worry if that’s not true! We talk you through how to set up a TikTok business account here

Fanbytes | TikTok tips for beginners - Jump on current trends

1. Jump on current trends

The number one piece of TikTok advice we can give is to make sure you create videos that leverage whatever is trending at the time. Of all the tips for TikTok, making the most of viral sounds, memes, challenges, video ideas and trending hashtags is likely to have the biggest effect on your visibility.

Trends are currency on TikTok, where the most popular can inspire thousands of spin-off videos, and the algorithm will push the most popular out to more users, garnering more videos, more views, more engagement… 

Knowing what the trends are is the first step to getting involved, or starting one yourself. To discover the most relevant trends for you, it’s important to start engaging with TikTok yourself. Search hashtags in your niche, then like or comment on the trending videos you see. The For You Page (FYP) will adapt to show you more trending videos in this genre. Assess what you see, and act fast! TikTok creators who are too slow to join trends can get lost in the noise.

It’s too easy to get overwhelmed by the number and pace of trends on TikTok. Luckily for you, we have a weekly trends newsletter that does all the legwork for you. 

Fanbytes | Tips for starting a TikTok - use the right hashtags

2. Use the right hashtags

Using the most popular hashtags on TikTok as the basis of creative content production can really help set your brand apart – and it will make you more visible to the right users, too. 

Since hashtags are one of the factors the TikTok algorithm looks at when deciding which content to promote, using the right ones will make sure your content is targeted at the right audiences – and much more likely to be favourably received. 

It’s not just the algorithm that looks for hashtags. TikTok users adopt hashtags to help signify to others what their videos are about and make their videos more easily discoverable. In turn, TikTokers will search hashtags to find content relevant to them. If you use the right hashtag, you’re putting yourself in the path of the most engaged viewers, who are actively looking for videos just like yours.

You can learn more about the best viral hashtags your business should be using here.

Fanbytes | TikTok advice - boost account authority

3. Boost your account authority

When it comes to actionable TikTok tricks, this might sound vague, but it’s actually quite simple: a video is much more likely to go viral if it comes from a trusted, quality account. This means your brand needs to prioritise consistent, regular uploading over time, demonstrating your account’s trustworthiness to the TikTok algorithm

Another way to up your authority is by sticking to one of our most important rules for brands on the platform: do not repurpose content! 

TikTok’s algorithm flags low-quality or unoriginal content, which repurposed content tends to be. Besides this, content that works well on one platform doesn’t necessarily work on the other. TikTok users want to consume content that is native and organic to the platform – ads that are specifically designed for TikTok, for example, are watched 13% longer

Another piece of TikTok advice? Make sure to limit the number of times you remove videos, as this tells the algorithm you have a tendency towards releasing poor quality content. 

For more advice on the elusive TikTok algorithm, check out this blog post.

Fanbytes | Tips and tricks TikTok - follow up on content

4. Follow up on your content, and fast!

The next of our TikTok tips and tricks is simple: stay on the ball. 

When you’re learning how to be a good TikToker, you have to be responsive. If you have a video that starts to gain some traction, it’s essential that you follow up – and fast! Repost, respond and create additional videos promptly. 

Engagement speed and variety is important on TikTok, so waves of responses will help push a video further. Follow up quickly with new video content to maximise your reach and keep building that authority.

Of course, a great way to boost engaging pieces of content is by using influencers. Influencers have communities of viewers on the app, so enlisting their help can mean accessing hundreds of thousands of engaged users on the app.

We have activated hundreds of TikTok influencer campaigns for top brands using our industry-leading TikTok influencer discovery tool, Bytesights. We have access to over 3 million TikTok influencer accounts with AI-enabled analytics and from 200+ data points to ensure we are selecting the best influencers in any niche for your campaigns. 

Fanbytes | TikTok video tricks - short and snappy Tiktok tricks

5. Keep videos short and snappy

Learning the best length to use for your content is one of the biggest Tiktok video tricks. 

Your videos should ideally be quite short – the shorter and snappier the better! – in order to maximise watch time and completion rates. TikTok’s main audience is Gen Z, and this age group is very demanding of digital content: you only have 8 seconds to capture their attention (for Millennials, it’s 12). You need to make it clear early on that your video is worth a watch.

Video-editing tools are also your friend here. Swift transitions between quick video clips will cut down time and make your content look fresh. TikTokers will want to give your video a second watch to work out how you did it and copy your TikTok tricks.

Watch time and completion rate are metrics that really matter on TikTok. This is what the algorithm is designed to measure –  if a high proportion of your viewers watch to the end of your video, this will show the algorithm that your TikTok video is worth sharing to a larger number of users. This starts a snowball effect, helping you to go viral.

Fanbytes | best TikTok tips - cross promotion

6. Use cross promotion for extra engagement

A few powerful interactions from other TikTokers received soon after you publish your TikTok video will indicate to the TikTok algorithm that your video is engaging. This is vital for triggering the algorithm to promote your video wider on the platform.

Even better: if TikTokers hit the ‘share button’ to share your video, this adds to the speed at which you receive engagement, as well as boosting the variety of engagement your content attracts.

These are two critical factors in boosting performance on the TikTok algorithm –  speed and diversity of engagement. A response video (like a duet), is really valuable; more than a like or a comment. So, make sure your content encourages a response. Community spirit is everything on TikTok.

Extra tip: At the time of writing, we also suggest you make the most of Instagram Reels if you already have a successful Instagram account. Reels are incredibly similar to TikTok videos, so you won’t encounter the same problems with unoriginality on the platform. 

Instagram Reels are currently getting boosted on Instagram, so they are a good way to help grow on there. Just be aware that when you download a video from TikTok, it has a watermark with your TikTok handle. Sharing this on Instagram will tell your fans there that they can find you on TikTok, but Instagram is developing ways of detecting this. A better option could be to upload the video without a watermark, but be reactive in the video comments to tell your followers where to find you on TikTok

How do I get better at TikTok?

Now you know how to start, the next lesson to understand is how to do well on TikTok. These are the TikTok tricks that will send your content from your drafts folder, to the top of everyone’s For You Page (FYP).

Fanbytes | TikTok beginner tips - Know who is on TikTok

1. Know who is on TikTok

When you’re starting out learning how to get good at TikTok, and how to make the best TikToks yourself, it makes sense to look at those already succeeding. 

Search for competitors on the app, or just check the highest-performing influencers in your particular niche. Understanding how and why their content is receiving good reactions from audiences is one step closer to capturing that attention for yourself!

Fanbytes | Tips TikTok - know when to post

2. Know when to post

You can follow all the TikTok video tricks in the world, but if you’re only posting when no one is around to see it, your content isn’t going to get the attention it deserves. 

By setting up your TikTok for business account, you can gain access to a range of analytics – including your audience locations and when they’re most active. Setting up your posting schedule to hit these times is an easy TikTok tip for higher view rates. 

Fanbytes | Tips for using TikTok - know what you want to achieve

3. Know what you want to achieve

There’s no point following all the Tik tok tricks you come across if you’re not aiming at anything in particular. Whether your marketing campaign includes paid ads or just original organic content, understanding what your overall aim is will be vital to setting up a successful campaign. 

Once you know, test, target, and re-target. That’s one of the best tips for using TikTok for business: there is no ‘too much’ when it comes to following the analytics. 

The Top TikTok Tips & Tricks

These 9 TikTok tips will help guide you to TikTok stardom. Remember to include them and you’re set for success. 

  1. Jump on current trends
  2. Use the right hashtags
  3. Boost your account authority
  4. Follow up on your content
  5. Keep videos short and snappy
  6. Use cross promotion
  7. Know who is on TikTok
  8. Know when to post
  9. Know what you want to achieve


Number 10? That’s easy: hand over the reins to the experts. We’ve handled all manner of TikTok campaigns for partners of all sizes and industries, including influencer marketing, TikTok account growth and much more. Get in touch to find out how we can help you.

How to use TikTok

There you have it – with these TikTok tips and tricks, your next video is sure to be a hit. But remember: all the Tik Tok tips and tricks in the world cannot replace unique and creative content! Lead with your personality, think outside the box, and then leverage these tips to ensure your content has the best chance to hit huge numbers.

Any TikTok tips to go viral can only take you so far. The proof, as they say, is in the posting.

TikTok is a great platform for brands – providing you know how to use it. If you want to learn more about how to navigate TikTok (or you’re looking for more tik tok tips and tricks), check out some of our other blog posts:

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