Top 10 Beauty TikTok Influencers

Who are the top Beauty TikTok influencers? Here’s our run-down of the top 10, plus insight on how to get influencers working for your brand.
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  • Looking for the best beauty TikTok influencers? We’ve got you. From everyday skincare to DIY beauty hacks and amazing transformations, these TikTokers have the beauty world under their manicured thumbs.
  • Beauty and haircare TikTok is one of the most popular subcultures on the platform. If you’re looking for a way to engage Gen Z, these content creators are a great place to start.
  • With such a wealth of options available, finding the right beauty influencer for your brand can be intimidating. Luckily for you, we’ve narrowed down the top 10 in this beauty influencer list.

Beauty TikTok – it’s like having a dermatologist, a makeup artist and a hairstylist on speed dial. 

After the events of the past year gave a lot of us more time to explore our hobbies, it’s no wonder that content about how to hack your cosmetics routine proved popular. And now that life is easing back to normal, people are looking to social media to perfect their beauty tips.   

For beauty brands, TikTok represents a whole new way to market your products. The platform is constantly growing, and its wealth of influencers are Gen Z’s first port of call when deciding how to spend their collective $140 Billion

So if you’re ready to make sure your brand stands out amongst a world of sfx looks and product recommendations, we’ve got the top beauty TikTok influencers to help get you started!

TikTok vs. YouTube: some prefer beauty content on TikTok over other platforms

Who is the most famous beauty influencer? As recently as last year that might have been an easy question to answer, with the likes of James Charles and Zoella wielding vast YouTube audiences for their beauty tutorials and lifestyle content. 

But now? Not so much. Gen Z typically have an attention span of only 8 seconds, and as attention spans shorten, it’s less about YouTube channels, and more about the ‘Tok: the short-form videos created by beauty TikTok influencers are quickly gathering enormous followings. 

It’s easy to see why. While one smoky-eye look or skin-care routine might stretch to a 20-minute YouTube video, on TikTok the content is presented in snappy, minute-long chunks. In fact, Gen Z now reports that TikTok is their second destination when searching out beauty content, having overtaken Instagram

For brands looking to grow on TikTok, engaging with beauty TikTok influencers is a great tool to add to your marketing arsenal. The platform’s reactive nature means more chances to grab Gen Z’s attention, and there’s plenty of opportunity for a bit of seasonal fun too. 

All you need now is the right face…

The top 10 beauty TikTok influencers you need to follow immediately

Who are the top 10 influencers on TikTok? Our beauty influencer list outlines the best accounts creating top beauty content, so get your follow buttons at the ready.


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1. @dermdoctor - Dr. Muneeb Shah

If it’s licensed expertise you’re after, look no further than the Derm Doctor. Dr. Shah’s hugely popular account takes his 11.3 million followers through the Dos and Don’ts of skincare – from how to ditch your ten step nightly routine, to a ‘DermDoctor Reacts’ series that demystifies procedures.

2. @sydney_art - Sydney Morgan

As well as putting together highly creative makeup looks, it’s Sydney’s sense of fun that keeps her 7.4M followers coming back for more. Her face mask series might not highlight any huge gaps in the market (eyeball sheet mask, anyone?) but they certainly keep the views rolling in; proof that a sense of humour is just as important to Gen Z’s beauty fans.


Reply to @alvamartinez62 Iyssis but make her alt ✨✨✨ Space buns will forever be my favorite #fyp #hairtutorial #sisters #iyssisrose #alttiktok

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3. @miafaithe - Mia

If you like your makeup transformations served with a side of wholesome sibling interaction, then Mia has the account for you. Sharing videos that often star her younger sister Iyssis, the 18-year-old’s feel-good makeup tutorials make all the latest viral hair and makeup trends look simple.

4. @skincarebyhyram - Hyram

No list of beauty TikTok influencers would be complete without mentioning Hyram. He initially exploded on YouTube after a viral review of Kylie Skin – but TikTok is where his real power lies, having single-handedly introduced a whole platform to the wonders of CeraVe

Making the most of the Duets feature, Hyram reacts to celebrity skincare fails, other users’ skin care horror stories, and unpacks why viral routines are working. You’ll leave this beauty creator‘s feed amused and educated to boot.

5. @drvanitarattan - Dr. Vanita Rattan

Dr. Rattan describes herself as a “Doctor & cosmetic formulator for skin of colour”, and her TikTok account is crammed full of tips and tricks specifically for non-caucasian skin. A certified expert, her beauty tips are perfect for when you want to know the truth behind skin care and beauty trend rumours.

6. @charlotteparler - Charlotte Parler

Charlotte is passionate about retinol, SPF and making the science behind both easier for the masses to understand. If you’re interested in the history of skincare, her account has all the information you could dream of, served with characteristic positivity.


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7. @emilytembymakeup - Emily Temby

Emily Temby’s TikTok videos have racked up an impressive 29.9 million likes for her creative makeup looks – which range from conceptual zodiac-inspired pieces to more “everyday” festival inspo. 

Emily recently came into our office to discuss her experiences working with Fanbytes and TikTok – and what the social media platform has to offer beauty creators. Check her out –  you’ll never want to stick with boring black eyeliner again.


👛 @bratz doll makeup transformation ❤️‍🔥 #bratzmakeup #bratzchallenge

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8. @ahliyahmichelle - Ahliyah Michelle

A micro influencer with 59 thousand followers, Ahliyah is a content creator with a hugely engaged following and has worked with some of the top beauty brands. Her calming beauty content stands out amongst the high-energy dances and challenges on TikTok. Her videos showcase products and looks that feel achievable and still high-glam.

9. @hudabeauty - Huda Kattan

You didn’t think we were going to reach the end of this list without mentioning Huda Beauty, did you? With her own line of products – one of the fastest growing beauty brands of all time – it’s no wonder that a lot of the videos on @hudabeauty showcase the range available. But the account also regularly shares content created by other users – a savvy way to keep fans engaged while showcasing a range of makeup looks.


if your man doesn’t like that you wear makeup… leave! 😌 #skit

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10. @justyngee - Justyn

“Makeup and skits” is the name of the game on Justyn’s TikTok account. The 23 year-old beauty TikTok influencer approaches content creation with a tongue-in-cheek style and a heavy eyeshadow wing. It’s makeup tutorials with a helping of humour. It’s no wonder he has nearly 3M followers along for the ride.

The multi-billion dollar beauty industry is taking notice of TikTok’s rising stars

Of course, the TikTok stars above aren’t just popular with their million-strong followings – brands are sensing their marketing potential too. That’s because Gen Z are more likely to buy a new beauty product based on a recommendation from a TikTok influencer – and given that three-quarters of Gen Z say they’ve purchased skincare in the past three months, your brand can’t afford to ignore the massive advertising power that TikTok provides.

How to find beauty influencers on TikTok

Like most trends online, the next viral challenge, product or influencer can appear on TikTok overnight. For beauty brands, there are a few key hashtags to keep one eye on if you want to make sure your brand’s marketing stays on point:

  • #HowTo
  • #BeautyTutorial
  • #Inspiration 
  • #WhatToBuy
  • #HairHealth
  • #BeautyHacks
  • #MakeupHacks

If your brand is ready to engage Gen Z through the world of beauty Tiktok influencer partnerships, then there are a few ways to get started. Speak to us about finding the right influencer for your brand. We use Bytesights – our industry-leading TikTok analytics tool – to predict the trends before they happen and find the best influencers for your brand. 

It’s time you put your brand right at the centre of the conversation. 

Looking for more? We have plenty more insights on nailing influencer marketing and connecting with  Gen Z on TikTok

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