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We’ve got the details on all the top fitness influencers you should add to your social media feeds - and how you can work with them to nail your marketing campaigns.
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  • Looking for the best fitness influencers online? We’ve got you covered with our list of the best accounts for fitness fans to follow.
  • For the younger generations on social media, these influencers are inspiring them in everything from proper weightlifting form, to overcoming mental hurdles.
  • And for fitness brands, they can help reach goals outside of the gym – leading you to bigger, more engaged audiences. Here’s how.

The top fitness influencers have achieved more than just supersized social media followings – some of them have even picked up MBEs. 

Or, at least, one of them has. British Joe Wicks (aka “The Body Coach”) rose to internet fame during the coronavirus pandemic when he provided online PE classes for schoolchildren, helping them to keep active during the lockdowns. But his following is much larger – and older – than just that. 

In fact, like most fitness influencers, his audience is majority Gen Z. That’s because this generation (dubbed ‘Generation Active’) make up 80% of all gym-goers, and they’re social media fanatics, too – some studies show that as many as 94% of them are regularly using social platforms. 

There are popular fitness influencers on almost every platform, whether that’s YouTube, Instagram or TikTok, but you’ll find different kinds of influencer and different kinds of content reigning supreme on certain sites over others. 

That means brands have a huge range of choice when deciding which fitness influencers to work with in their influencer marketing campaigns. So, to save you the deep-dive into the world of online workouts, here’s our list of the top fitness influencers on each platform – and how best to partner with them. 

Why work with fitness influencers?

For brands who want to engage with active, sporty audiences – or even who are just targeting Gen Z – fitness influencers provide a diverse route to market. 

From meal prepping and workout ideas to pilates and long-distance running, there are fitness influencers covering every aspect of healthy living – and attracting users from the fitness enthusiast, to the body positivity community. 

To be a fitness influencer, users don’t have to be a professional fitness coach – their popularity is often down to their authenticity and relatability. For their audiences, this gives them a clear path into engaging with the fitness industry, and to developing their own fitness, too. 

Plus, as experts on their audiences, a partnership with these influencers can help bring your brand to a wider audience, which can be very lucrative: after all, more than a quarter of Gen Z say social media impacts their fitness spending

So, whichever target audience you’re aiming for, here’s our list of the top fitness influencers to add to your feeds. 

The top fitness influencers on YouTube

Our recent research might have found that the majority of young people in the UK aren’t spending as much time on YouTube as they are on TikTok or Instagram, but there’s no denying that – as the birthplace of many fitness influencers – YouTube is still home to some of the biggest names in the community. 

1. Joe Wicks (@JoeWicks)

With a YouTube channel surpassing 2.7 million followers, Joe has cemented himself as the top fitness influencer on YouTube – and YouGov’s most popular influencer of 2022. Whether he’s sharing hardcore HIIT home workouts or developing workout programs for every ability – The Body Coach is hugely popular for a reason – his content is widely accessible.

2. Massy Arias (@massy)

Creator of the MA Warrior Programs, a fitness program that combines mealplans with workouts, personal trainer Massy is a certified health and wellness coach. Her workout videos are perfect for anything from bodybuilding for fitness experts, to just starting out on a fitness journey.

3. Yoga with Adriene (@adrienelouise)

Any fitness enthusiast worth their salt will know about Yoga with Adriene. Accessible yoga, spread worldwide from a little studio in Texas – that’s been Adiene’s goal since 2012. Her YouTube channel now has 11.5M subscribers, all turning to this internet yoga teacher to help them stretch and unwind.

How to partner with them:

Getting the best results from a partnership with a YouTube fitness influencer means leveraging the long-form video content to highlight just how your brand can have a positive effect on any fitness journey. Sponsored videos, gifted products and videos that showcase how you can support a healthy lifestyle from home are all great tactics to pursue in a YouTube partnership. 

The top fitness influencers on Instagram

Workout tips, home workouts, meal plan examples and more… These fitness influencers are taking to Instagram to showcase just what a healthy lifestyle can look like. Add them to your Instagram feed for a daily dose of fitness motivation. 

1. Kayla itsines (@Kayla_itsines)

LA-based influencer (and HIIT enthusiast) Kayla uses her Instagram account to share workouts tailored for particular circumstances – like post-pregnancy – and her workout routines can also be found on her own SWEAT fitness app.

2. Jen Selter (@jenselter)

Often found with a beautiful blue ocean backdrop, Jen Selter is an Australian fitness model and trainer on the fitplan app. A fitness enthusiast, you can also find her posting aspirational content on the aptly-named @motivationforfitness.

3. Michelle Lewin (@michelle_lewin)

With 15M followers, Michelle posts uplifting fitness content from her home in Venezuela. She’s currently pregnant – so expect lots of workout tips for navigating strength training around a belly…

4. Simeon Panda (@simeonpanda)

Another LA-native, Simeon is a boohoo brand ambassador – and a weightlifting enthusiast. His fitness posts are interspersed with lifestyle content including his baby and dog, so you can expect some cuteness between all the tutorials.

5. Emily Skye (@emilyskyefit)

With a profile dedicated to ‘fitness, wellness and beauty’, Emily’s account showcases her postpartum fitness journey, and includes plenty of body positive motivation along with the pull-up videos.

6. Kelsey Wells (@kelseywells)

Although she has a bigger Instagram following, you’ll find Kelsey on YouTube too, after teaming up with Women’s Health magazine to release a series of home workouts. Truly a triple-threat, you can also find her on her podcast dedicated to ‘redefining fitness’.

7. Rachel Brathen (@yoga_girl)

Sharing a different kind of fitness journey, Rachel’s page is a calm oasis of mostly plant-based recipes, family updates, scenic views… oh, and yoga. Her practice is big on self-care, so perfect for anyone beginning a wellness journey.

8. Alexa Jean Brown (@alexajeanfitness)

A lifestyle vlogger sharing updates of her family, travel, kids – and at-home fitness tips – to her almost-2M instagram followers, Alexa Jean’s page is the perfect mix between motivational and aspirational.

9. Lauren Drain Kagan (@laurendrainfit)

Previously a member of the Westboro Baptist Church, registered nurse, and NY Times best selling author – Lauren has since turned her attention to fitness, with an app of her own and a popular six-week training program.

How to partner with them:

While Instagram has introduced many copycat features to the video-first TikTok platform, there’s no denying that it is first and foremost a photo-sharing app. Working with an instagram fitness influencer therefore means prioritising static visuals that can sit in-feed along with a more dynamic video element, if you’re going to make the most of the platform. 

Fitness brands who have run successful instagram marketing campaigns have focused on products that don’t look out of place on any highly polished instagram account, like the ones above – think supplements, aesthetic crossfit gear, or short tutorials

The top fitness influencers on TikTok

TikTok is the fastest growing social media platform, and it’s home to its own fitness community. Search for #GymTok and you’ll find that the hashtag has well over 122 billion views.

With a less polished aesthetic, TikTok has a higher engagement rate for influencers than both Instagram and YouTube. And its video-first content is perfect for demonstrating gym regimes, sharing meal plans, and other fitness trainer advice. 

From workout videos to users sharing their fitness journey, there’s no doubt that the fitness influencer community on TikTok is growing strong. We’ve found the top fitness influencers on TikTok to show you the ropes:

1. Kory Little (@korylittle_)

A cheerleader who uses his TikTok videos to showcase crazy tumbling challenges and fitness competitions, Kory has amassed over 6.3 million followers in awe of his gymnastic expertise. His videos are certainly inspiring, but perhaps not always ones to try recreating yourself at home…

@korylittle_ Could you clear the final level? Tag 5 friends you wanna try this with!! #cheer #challenge ♬ original sound - Kory Little

2. Kavy (@korylittle_)

Self-described “fitness freak” Kavy regularly posts videos of her own gym routine – including cardio and impressive stunts like the one here, which picked up 10.4 million views from users presumably just as impressed as we are.

@imkavy Instagram- imkavy Youtube-imkavy #imkavy #foryou ♬ original sound - jissa paul

3. Meagan Hayes (

A popular face in #LiftTok – the community of weightlifters who use TikTok to share tips and updates on their personal bests – Meagan is best known for her videos encouraging other women to incorporate lifting into their fitness regimes – and she has a mean glute workout, too. This is an over-simplified explanation BUT there are many reason why, in a biomechanic sense, this may help you address an imbalance issue #gluteimbalance ♬ original sound - Monarch Fit Community

4. Ulisses (@ulissesworld)

A former professional bodybuilder turned social media personality, British fitness influencer Ulisses’ TikTok feed mixes comedy and fitness videos with regular appearances from his wife. His account is one to follow if you want your #fitnessgoals mixed with your #relationshipgoals.

@ulissesworld Been an artist for years now. Dedication Has No Limitation 💪🏾 #letsgo #fypシ ♬ So your an artist - Tej Patel

5. Sefana (

Fitness influencer Stefana is best known for her regular reminders that all is not what it seems on social media; she posts a series of posed versus unposed gym selfies and workout pictures to offer fellow gym goers a glimpse of a realistic body, and regularly jokes about her experiences in the gym. Soulless ‘Bikini body guide‘ this is not. Remember – Gen Z loves authenticity, so it’s no wonder several of these videos have gone viral. (Plus, they just make you feel good about yourself, right?)


Saturday reminder 💙 be kind to yourself!!!!

♬ Hotel - Lawsy

6. Larry Gao (@larrygao)

TikTokers follow Larry for his comedy skits addressing multiple aspects of gym rat life. From losing your spotter to a new girlfriend, to being upstaged on your favourite equipment, his followers appreciate his relatable content that  doesn’t take itself too seriously.

7. Gabby Male (@gabbymale)

With a page focused on ‘some fitness, some self-love, zero diet culture’, Gabby is championing joyful movement – helping her followers to recontextualise fitness and approach healthy exercise without a punishment mindset. It’s exactly the kind of body confidence-building younger audiences are in need of.

8. Aizah Bk (@aizah_fit)

Posting workout videos to do at home and the gym, Aizah’s goal is to ‘encourage desi girls to take up space.’ Her videos highlight her own journey, with the aim to get more desi women feeling confident in the gym and with fitness.

9. Jeremy (@jeremythehulk)

Jeremy is a 50 year old personal trainer with an eye on the kind of replayable humour young users enjoy. His videos are informative, fun, and great for anyone short on time. Just remember:  “make sure your last set… is hard to do.”

10. Lucas (@lucas_w72)

A certified personal trainer, Lucas shares his fitness tips alongside insights into what it’s like to train while trans. His content is for everyone hoping to get shredded with weight routines – but his comment sections full of fellow trans fitness enthusiasts prove that he’s filling a missing space in the fitness community, too.

How to partner with them:

Fitness influencers on TikTok are inventive, diverse, and growing in popularity fast. Their short-form videos are the perfect vehicles for fitness brands, and the huge variety of hashtag communities within fitness TikTok – from #LiftTok to #YogaTok – means that finding a route to your target audience is easier than ever. 

A top fitness influencer can grow your audience and increase brand engagement. Fitness industry content performs better when viewers can easily see how it applies to themselves, and 53% of TikTokers say they trust others to be their natural selves on the platform, meaning they relate to – and engage with – TikTok fitness influencers far more.

The best kind of fitness campaign on TikTok? One that’s authentic, influencer-led, and which speaks honestly to the kind of audience you’re hoping to attract. 

Fitness influencers: is bigger always better?

Macro and micro… they’re not just terms relating to protein intake. When it comes to working with influencers, it’s worth considering whether your campaign would benefit from a wider pool of influencers, and micro-influencers are a powerful tool for engagement. 

In fact, according to Social Bakers, micro influencers can boast up to a 60% increased engagement rate compared to macro influencers. Which means they have a deeper impact with their audiences. 

Plus, you can stretch a marketing budget across a number of micro-influencers, which allows you to create a bubble of noise around your campaign – further increasing user interest and generating curiosity. 

Read our guide to TikTok micro influencers to get an idea of how they can help boost your brand. 

If anything, it’s proof of how important nailing your partnership is, as the right influencer can introduce your brand to an audience in just the right way to get them involved. 

Our in-house data and insights tool Bytesights can help you to secure the right influencer for your campaign. Since it helps us to see trends before they start, we can easily identify the accounts with the highest chance of pushing your brand forwards. Talk to us about Bytesights

Aiming for a personal best?

Whatever your goals, there’s no denying that a fitness influencer can help lift your marketing campaign to new heights – and new audiences. 

As with any influencer-led campaign, the success of your content strategy will depend on how well you leverage your partnerships

Identify your core target audience, understand what kind of fitness content they’re engaging with, and approach influencers on platforms which fit the bill. Whether it’s body positive workouts on YouTube, or women-led weightlifting humour on TikTok – the range of fitness content on social media is so wide that you’re bound to find a brand partnership that works for you. 

Need help? Get in touch: we’ve worked with the likes of Adidas and Bundesliga to create high-performing social media campaigns, from in-house content creation to TikTok growth and influencer marketing.

Fitness influencers aren’t the only accounts who can help your brand get stronger on social. We’ve got the low-down on every kind of influencer partnership you could need to boost your brand campaign online:

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