Top Takeouts from Fanbytes LIVE: 100 Days to Engage Gen Z

Part 2: SCALE

Fanbytes Report - Top Takeouts from Fanbytes LIVE: 100 Days to Engage Gen Z

Download the exclusive insights from Fanbytes LIVE; an in-person event exploring how to build brand loyalty and love on TikTok and social. 

Part 2: SCALE focuses on how to grow and scale your brand’s Gen Z community through TikTok and influencer marketing

Download it to find out:

  • The top five takeouts from The Influencer Ecosystem panel featuring Coty, Fanbytes, ACCA and the hugely successful Gen Z creator, Rhia.Official. They shared valuable insights and tips such as how brands can identify and partner with the right influencers, and how they can better measure effectiveness. 
  • Five steps for building your brand’s influencer marketing strategy, from Fanbytes’ Director of Fashion & Beauty, Sophie Freeman.
  • Six takeouts from TikTok Unlocked; an exciting panel featuring social media experts from Guinness World Records, Selfless by Hyram Powered By The INKEY List and Fanbytes, in which we explored how brands can really nail their TikTok strategy in 2022. 

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