Weekly Roundup: What Are The Top Trends On TikTok Right Now?

These Trends Have Got TikTok BLOWING Up...

With over 800 million active users worldwide, TikTok has become the place to understand what’s going on right now in the minds of Gen Z. It’s firmly international, being available in 155 countries and in 75 languages. With this in mind, knowing what’s trending on TikTok is a great way to start making better use of this platform for your business. We break down the big trends and viral videos surfacing this week, and what makes them heavy hitters with users across the globe. 

Trend #1: The Toosie Slide

Flexing his marketing savvy, Drake has succeeded again in getting everybody’s attention on his newest release “Toosie Slide”. This time, he made it happen with TikTok. 

Before it was even released, Drake leveraged TikTok’s superpower of turning a song into an overnight sensation. He asked friends and internet-famous dancer Toosie to post a short choreography to accompany the song. Following the release, views shot up to over 128 million on the #toosieslide hashtag, getting attention not only from younger users, but family members of all ages, as the dance is recreated across living rooms worldwide. 

Drake has understood the power of shareability on TikTok. With response and community driving engagement on the platform, he just needed to create one catchy dance, then watch as the TikTok community kept on sharing in the fun. Utilising influencers and having them participate and spread the world only multiplied the ripple effect. Taking over TikTok has become the ultimate music marketing tool.

Trend #2: Megan Thee Stallion's Savage Dance

The #SavageChallenge is another new dance craze, perfect for these socially distant times.

In this case, the dance originated with TikTok user @keke.janajah (Keara Wilson) who posted the original on March 10th.

She posted herself doing the dance for 5 days straight to help the clip go viral, also posting a tutorial to help others learn the choreography and encouraging everyone to tag Megan Thee Stallion’s TikTok account in order to be noticed by the rapper.

It worked. 

On March 16th, Stallion posted her own version, and it skyrocketed from there. Hustler’s Keke Palmer, Black-ish’s Marsai Martin, Hailey Baldwin and husband Justin Bieber, and even Janet Jackson got in on the trend.

With celebrities and influencers picking up the challenge, the dance was set to take over TikTok. 

The key to success here seems to come from a few key factors:

  1. Wilson made the dance easy for others to copy.
  2. She taught people how to join in.
  3. She chose a catchy snippet of the song.
  4. She made it fun enough that Stallion approved.
  5. The celebrities joining in meant the shareability factor was high.

An additional benefit to this trend was that it moved beyond TikTok, with YouTubers and creators on other platforms making tutorials and getting involved, feeding users from those platforms back into TikTok. 

While this one didn’t originate with Stallion (as far as we know!), it shows the impact of videos that are catchy, fun and accessible and that amplifying reach with influencers also helps makes a big difference in terms of scale. Our influencer network can help find the right people for your brand.  

Trend #3: Tiger King

You might have noticed a name getting attention absolutely everywhere: Carol Baskin. 

Appearing on TikTok recently, it comes from the popular Netflix docu-series Tiger King. The show explores the bizarre big cat breeding trade in America, particularly the feud between Joe Exotic, a zoo owner, and Carol Baskin, an animal rights activist. It takes a dark turn as Joe ends up in prison and Carol’s accused of feeding her husband to a tiger. The suspicion has led to fan theories exploding across social media.

Since TikTok is the home of user-generated content, much of which is caricature, it was only natural that Carol Baskin and Joe Exotic joined the fray.

Celebs like Nicole Scherzinger and Modern Family star Sarah Hyland have made their own spoofs, with the hashtag #tigerking gaining over 3.3 billion views. 

This is a great example of taking a popular cultural moment and using it on TikTok to generate massive engagement.

It’s all about finding the topic on everyone’s lips and injecting some creativity into the mix. TikTok is perfect for this, and a brand can definitely show off their personality by taking the topical and getting involved. 

Feeling inspired?

With that, you have our top trends right now on TikTok. Use these viral superstars to inspire your own TikTok content and make use of the lessons they teach us about dominating the minds of Gen Z users.

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