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Christmas TikTok Insights

At Fanbytes, we know a thing or two about toy marketing, having worked with global toy brands like Rubiks, Bandai & Zuru. From pranks to challenge-based campaigns and everything in-between, we are constantly demonstrating how successful TikTok marketing can be for toy brands. And with a lot of toy marketers planning their Christmas campaigns now, we thought we would share some insights and strategies to help produce explosive results this Christmas. 

The retail landscape was completely flipped on its head last year due to the COVID pandemic. Consumer behaviour shifted, with 71% of British shoppers say they’re reluctant to shop in-person last Christmas. 33% of Gen Z and Millennial consumers have increased their online spending, consumer behaviour is clearly shifting to digital. This means it has never been more pivotal for toy brands to jump onto marketing through Gen Z’s favourite platform, TikTok. 

Using our industry-leading TikTok analytics platform, we uncovered some interesting data around the crucial Christmas period for brands. The chart below shows the number of posts during the Christmas period. During the lead up to December, there is a peak in the number of posts – which drops off right before the advent season. This window gives brands a great opportunity to increase the reach of their content due to a lack of competition. 

  • Christmas Engagement –  our data found that there was a 11,882% increase in the number of engagements during the Christmas period.
  • #Advent – we also found a 65% increase in engagement rate on content posted on #advent during the Christmas period. 

Why Advent Calendars?

Episodic content is one of the unique features of TikTok, and a defining characteristic of the platform. As video length is limited on TikTok, creators often post videos in parts, kind of like a hyper-condensed TV show. This episodic content lends itself really well to the Christmas countdown. And what’s the most exciting part of the Christmas countdown? You guessed it – advent calendars! With heightened user activity on TikTok during the Christmas period, and everyone looking for gift ideas – toy brands have the perfect opportunity to strike. Advent calendar campaigns can greatly influence viewers’ purchase decisions because of repeated exposure over a short period of time.  Want to know what your next advent calendar activation can look like? Check out this example from 2 off the biggest TikTokkers in the UK, who are also part of our exclusive managed talent – @rhia.official (8.9M fans)@itzshauni (11.6M fans)


12.12.20 whats your favourite flavour?

♬ original sound - Shauni 🦋

TikTok Advent Calendar Day 1!!🎅🏻what will we get?!💓 #asmr #foryou

♬ original sound - Rhia👑

Advent Calendar Case Study

Last Christmas, two of the UK’s largest TikToker’s @rhia.official (8.9M fans) & @itzshauni (11.6M fans) treated their army of fans to a 24 day long unboxing. During this period, they revealed all of their favourite brands and products in the form of a Christmas advent calendar – and people went crazy!  The advent calendar countdowns received 32,000,000 views and over 5,000,000 engagements. You can request a detailed breakdown of the stats by getting in touch with us here. 


TikTok Advent Calendar day 18!!🎅🏻who’s excited?!?❄️ ##asmr ##foryou ##fyp

♬ original sound - Rhia👑

1.12.20 who has an advent calendar?

♬ original sound - Shauni 🦋

Opportunities For Your Brand

So, you have seen the power of advent calendar countdowns on TikTok. What’s next? We are offering the opportunity for a select number of toy brands to get involved and showcase their products to millions of young people during the lead up to the most commercialised event of the year. This will be a golden opportunity to align and position your brand with some of the most influential creators on TikTok and their army of loyal fans. Spaces are very limited – so if you would like to hear more, please get in touch with us here.

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