The Top 4 TikTok Trends Music Marketers Need To Watch Out For In 2020

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TikTok content is busy and constantly changing. So, it can be overwhelming having to keep up with the current trends on the platform. You have probably thought: how can i stay up to date and win on the platform without missing a beat? 

Well, this is where we come in…

Having helped brands such as Universal, Warner & Sony Music to master the music trends and build a strategy on TikTok, we have cracked the science of how to create global hits and turn your artists into stars overnight by utilising the relevance of popular content. 

Using our TikTok expertise, we have made predictions on what we think are going to massive trends on TikTok in 2020. So, without further ado, let’s get stuck in.

At Fanbytes, we spend large chunks of time on the platform, so we know what trends are popping and what isn’t. This is why we created our TikTok trends newsletter that we send out every Tuesday and Thursday talking about the biggest trends on TikTok at the time, what the trend is, and how brands can leverage it. You can sign up here.


As marketers, we are all aware of how memes dominate the social media world. But what a lot of marketers don’t realise is that a lot of the memes we see on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and even Youtube originate on TikTok. Meme formatted videos and text-based relatable humour are currently the most popular format on the platform and this isn’t going away anytime soon.

Whilst they often revolve around relatable everyday situations such as stubbing your toe, sleeping through your alarm and having to stay late at work on a Friday, meme culture on the platform typically uses a song to drive the content forward. This is how Old Town Road became the most talked about song of 2019! Creators would drink “Yee Yee Juice” and change into a more ‘western’ persona in time for the song’s drop. See below for some examples. 

However, for brands trying to get involved with the meme culture on TikTok, you have to tread carefully. There is a risk of falling into the ‘trying too hard to be cool’ territory. So, it is important to make sure you include the following elements before becoming a part of the conversation:

  • The content is relatable.
  • The content is humorous. 
  • The content is accessible and easy for others to join in.

Memes attract millions of views so if its done right, you have a high chance of ending up on the trending page, your song being heard by millions of people and getting users to share the song on various other social platforms. We predict this trend is only going to become more relevant in 2020.

Whilst the influencer marketing trend has exploded in recent times, it’s looking to become an even more common marketing practice for businesses, with the market predicted to reach $5-10 billion in the upcoming year. Music marketers are starting to take notice of the marketing potential of TikTok influencers. Are you ready to beat your competition? 

In what ways can I use influencers on TikTok?

Influencers on TikTok have their own community of loyal followers who respect their opinion and take up their recommendations. Use influencers to promote a song and gain exclusive access into audiences that are already warmed up without having to do all the leg-work.

An example of how you can use influencers on TikTok comes from a campaign we ran with record label ‘The Other Songs’ to promote their artist Ruth Anne’s new release ‘Love Again’. Our concept involved our TikTok influencers confessing their insecurities while the chorus of the song played in the background. Fans then ‘dueted’ to the video, using TikTok’s duet chain feature, where they created their own inspired content alongside the influencers’.

Our #PromoteLove campaign went viral, driving a total of 1.5m views. The hashtag also broke into the top 20 on TikTok!




We’ve established that TikTok content is relatable and organic, but another trend that dominates the platform are viral comedy challenges. Comedic style content is seen in prank videos, dance challenges and sketches on the platform. We know how well Gen Z respond to comedy combined with music on the platform, so we predict that this is going to be a trend to watch an eye out for in 2020. 

TikTok’s short form video style, coupled with the multitude of TikTok’s effects and a good song really lends itself to comedic content. We predict that the platform is going to be pushing out even more new effects in 2020. This almost endless amount of options will allow creators to consistently come up with new creative ways to promote hot new music. 

A good example of using these effects was a song challenge we did for iZNiiK’s song release ‘pérdoname’. This challenge itself was simple but relied heavily on the effect to make it funny and the song was a hit because of it. 


Whilst TikTok relies quite heavily on comedy, there is a serious side to Gen Z’s favourite platform, rooted in self care and mental health awareness.

Gen Z are a generation characterised by their social awareness. They are more affected by world events than previous generations due to the constant output of information at their finger-tips.

Because of this, topics such as mental health and self-care resonate more within this generation and TikTok has become a safe place to talk about these issues. For example, #selfcare is a popular hashtag on the platform which has now amassed over 133m views. 

We predict that this trend will be a big one to watch out for in 2020. Particularly for music brands looking to promote artists with a similar message. We ran a campaign for Decca Records artist AURORA which revolved around mental health awareness by incorporating the duet feature and the #youcancrychallenge hashtag.

The challenge was seeded by an initial chain of 13 of our TikTok influencers, who then encouraged their fans to duet with them, creating what Fanbytes calls a “solidarity chain”. This produced over 3k fan made videos and an amazing 1.5m hashtag views.




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