Organically engage with Gen Z through the creators they love.

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AR Lenses

Why brands use us

The combination of Nerds + Creatives.

All our campaigns are backed up by data from campaigns with our platform providing real time analytics as to best times to post, best messaging. Never rely on just gut intuition on what influencers.

No B.S Gen Z Insight.

We don’t just stick our fingers in the sky and come up with ideas. As people from the audience, we use our first party insights as well as our exclusive signed talent to leverage the trends that will get you real cut through to the Get Z audience.

Full Service.

Who said Gen Z don’t have money? Influencer marketing works best when it lead all the way from awareness direct to conversion. We combine influencers with paid media amplification and retargeting which has led to ROAS of 3x for 90% of our conversion focused clients.

Guaranteed Engagement.

Lets face it, social media is rife with fake followers. This is why we guarantee views and engagement across all our campaigns not impressions or followers. The hallmark of a great influencer campaign is when drive emotion and forces people to act and we guarantee this across all our campaign. If we don’t, you get a full refund.

Managed by Experts. Powered By Data.

Our award winning team of experts manage end to end influencer campaigns using our proprietary analytics platform allowing us to run global campaigns at unprecedented speed.

Go beyond surface level metrics

Metrics like influencer size are nice but not meaningful. Our influencer data goes beyond these metrics provides actionable insights like expected clicks, installs and branded engagement rates.

You're in the driving seat.

From one central point, approve influencers and content ensuring everything is on brand for you. Our platform condenses a process that might take days to a few hours. 

End to end optimisation.

We’re integrated with all the main attribution partners allowing us to measure and optimise everything down to the install, subscription or sale. 

Created by Gen Z.
Seen by Gen Z.

Our creatives allow you to speak to today’s audience with real relevance not just bland forceful social media posts..

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Learn how Bianca Spada, Global Head of Social media at streaming giant Deezer uses Fanbytes to power their global Gen Z social marketing campaigns.

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