Vestiaire collective

Using influencer marketing to create deep audience connection


Luxury pre-loved fashion marketplace Vestiaire Collective wanted to drive mass awareness on TikTok amongst Gen Z and fashion activists. After the extraordinary growth of fashion resale platform Depop over the pandemic, Vestiaire Collective was keen to position itself as the go-to platform for circular high-end fashion. The brand challenged us to generate this interest and consideration in the UK, France, Italy and Spain. 


We worked with Vestiaire Collective on a 6-month always-on strategy, wherein several influencers in each territory posted TikTok videos every month. Each explored a new creative angle, such as “how-to” videos, “product page-to-garment reveals” and styling inspiration. This kept the content fresh, allowed us to tap into local trends, and facilitated the communication of buying and selling messages.

We used our in-house data and insights tool, Bytesights to identify the best influencers in each region. This allowed us to target males and females aged 18-25 whose interests aligned with Vestiaire Collective.

We developed TikTok creatives that suited influencers’ natural style, whilst staying true to Vestiaire Collective’s values. All content had a clear CTA and the influencers had a link in their bio to drive traffic to the website and encourage downloads of the app.


The talent and creative strategy we deployed proved very effective, achieving a high reach and overwhelmingly positive user reactions

We were also able to provide deeper audience insights for Vestiaire Collective. For example, UK audiences responded particularly well to videos that tied in TikTok trends within the sustainable fashion niche, whereas vlog-style content drew higher engagement in other territories.

We also provided valuable insights on the kinds of video that suit different messages for Vestiaire Collective. We were able to illustrate success factors in buying, selling and sustainability-led TikTok influencer creatives.

Different markets consume fashion differently, and the varying objectives needed a considered approach. We developed a strategy that felt right for each.” – Sonia Gordhandas, Fanbytes by Brainlabs.






Influencer Marketing


UK, France, Italy, Spain


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