Warner Records

We made Dua Lipa’s new song 'Love Again' go viral on TikTok

The client

Warner Records is a leading record label in the music and entertainment industry. As a household name, they are globally renowned for being an iconic and culture-shaping brand, representing music legends and emerging artists. As well as Dua Lipa, we’ve also worked on influencer marketing strategies with this client to promote other artists such as L Devine. 

The challenge

TikTok has become integral in delivering huge results for music artists with its unique ability to make a song go viral at the speed of light.

 As TikTok experts, Warner Music tasked us with creating a viral moment for Dua Lipa’s new song which would also put the artist’s cowgirl outfit at the forefront of new trends within fashion and culture.

The solution

We approached this campaign with a unique strategy, collaborating directly with Dua Lipa’s choreographers. They created a TikTok dance inspired by the western themes in the music video. This ensured the dance was easy to replicate in order to reach a wider audience, even if they didn’t have a cowboy hat!

In addition, by collaborating with some of TikTok’s most successful influencers in the world, we maximised user-generated content on the platform. 

Finally, using our multi-channel campaign strategy, we were able to leverage some of the best performing videos on TikTok to use on Instagram Reels in order to drive more awareness. 


We exceeded the initial targets for the campaign with 15.3 million views vs a deliverable of 15 million, as well as a very high 20% engagement rate across our Instagram Reels. Additionally, the client was particularly impressed with the 58,000 fan videos which were created in response to the campaign, demonstrating our ability to successfully drive user-generated content. 




July - September 2021




Influencer Campaign







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