What to Post on TikTok: 23 Great Ideas

Need ideas for what to post on TikTok? Don’t panic! We’ve put together a list of 23 TikTok video ideas, plus what makes a video succeed...
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In 30 seconds:

  • Have you ever been stuck for ideas for your next TikTok post? Planning hit content isn’t always plain-sailing, but it certainly helps to have a jumping-off point.
  • Keeping a consistent posting schedule is important for developing an engaged audience on any social media platform, and TikTok is no different.
  • When inspiration isn’t coming, why not try one of these prompts? Then sit back and watch the likes, shares and followers roll in.

Whether you’ve got a pro account or you’re a total TikTok newbie, planning out what to post on TikTok can be challenging. You want your videos to be fun and engaging, to hit your target audience, and net you a few new followers, too… 

But how do you get started? 

The type of content posted on TikTok has changed a lot over the app’s evolution from Musical.ly, which simply allowed users to post 15-second lip syncs to popular songs and audios. Now, the range of content on TikTok is as varied as can be. 

The good news? That means you can post practically anything. The bad news? You can… post practically anything. So, how on earth do you narrow it down?

Well, never fear. Here are 15 top ideas to get you started. 

TikTok video ideas

When you’re stuck for video inspiration, look no further. Here’s a list of content ideas to post on TikTok:

  1. Make daily vlogs 
  2. Educational videos
  3. Create a tutorial
  4. Share tips and tricks 
  5. Go behind the scenes
  6. Duet another user
  7. Stitch a viral video
  8. Try a trending dance 
  9. Hop on a popular audio
  10. Join a hashtag trend
  11. Take part in a TikTok challenge 
  12. Play with special effects
  13. Show us your outfit
  14. Tell a story 
  15. Feature your pet
  16. Join a pop culture moment
  17. Prank your peers
  18. Showcase your items
  19. Impersonate your product
  20. Tell your story
  21. Unbox your items
  22. Tap into ASMR
  23. Try a funny skit

TikTok video ideas: the examples

1. Daily vlogs

TikTokers love to see one another’s lives, especially when there’s something unique or interesting going on. So if you’ve got a special day out planned, or an interesting day job, definitely think about creating a vlog-style post. 

Daily vlogs or day of the week vlogs are one of the easiest videos to create: simply make sure you film content intermittently throughout the day, and patch it all together at the end. 

@asos DYK that our entire ASOS DESIGN range is created in-house? 👏🔥 #dayinthelife #juniordesigner #asos ♬ original sound - asos

2. Interesting facts

You might think that Gen Z are bored of learning from screens after the Covid pandemic moved so many of their lessons to Zoom meetings, but you’d be wrong. There’s a reason the #LearnOnTikTok hashtag is still so popular. 

On TikTok, you’ll find history lessons, geography explainers, and all kinds of content aimed at educating fellow users. And it’s not just subjects you’ll find in a classroom: if you’ve learned anything interesting lately, chances are someone else on TikTok will find it interesting too. Why not put together an educational video sharing something you’re knowledgeable or passionate about?

3. Tutorials

It’s not just facts that TikTokers love to learn: they’re on the app to improve their skills too. So, help them achieve that goal. Whether you’re a seamstress, a mechanic, a crafter or a carpenter, tutorials go down well on TikTok. We’ve even seen helpful tutorials for how to answer tricky maths questions go viral. 

Brands can make step-by-step tutorials using their product, or show how different people use their range to make it more relatable. Even better: look at how your brand can tie in with trends and create a simple “how to” video to help your audience.

4. Tips and tricks

Some helpful life lessons don’t require a full tutorial, but can nevertheless be incredibly handy – and go down a treat on TikTok. In fact, over 29,000 people have created handy life hacks using this TikTok audio as a soundtrack alone, so if you have a helpful tip to share, it’s a great starting point to get on everyone’s For You Page (FYP).

Businesspeople, lawyers, travel agents, professional cleaners – they’re all sharing their best life hacks on TikTok. If there’s a time-saving trick you’ve picked up, or a new discovery you think the world should know, TikTok is the perfect place to share it. 

@foodies What y’all think about Velveeta? 👀🧀 #foodies (via @budtender_og ♬ Ultimate life hacks - Kelly

5. Behind the scenes

TikTok is where brands can show their more laid-back side and showcase the kind of content their followers won’t see on other platforms. TikTokers like the app’s laid-back, authentic feel, so play into this by posting content that’s from ‘behind the scenes’. 

This form of social media marketing is possible for businesses of any size. Small, independent brands can command great user sentiment by showing how they make or package their orders. Bigger brands can showcase what goes on behind big projects or feature team members so TikTok users can see what it’s actually like to work with you. 

@mclarenauto Come behind the scenes with us on our 720s Spider shoot. #McLaren #Supercar ♬ original sound - oscarwylde

6. Duets

Collaboration is a hugely important element of the TikTok landscape. We’ve written before about how to create great TikTok duets, and it’s a great way of capitalising on TikTok content that’s already popular (making it an almost-guaranteed hit).

Not only will collaborating with another user via duets or stitches get you a wider pool of audience members, it’ll also draw you into the social side of the platform, and bring you more opportunities to create fun content with likeminded people. Check out these examples for inspiration:

@dutchcriminalrecord #duet with @samseats someone sream vocals to this right now! 😩 #fender #indie #surfrock #indieband ♬ original sound - Sam Way

7. Stitches

Another great tool for collaborating with other TikTokers, TikTok Stitch allows you to clip and use parts of another TikToker’s videos within your content. We wrote more about how to create TikTok Stitch videos here. You can find a viral video, or seek out perfect brand ambassadors or customers and make them part of your video, almost guaranteeing high engagement rates.

So – have you seen a video that you could create an entertaining or valuable response to? Perhaps a trending video relates to your brand offering, or a customer posted a video about your product? Alternatively, you can use Stitch as a digital marketing prompt to get your community to respond to you. Time to get stitching!

8. Trending dances

Trending dances have been around since TikTok day one. There’s usually at least one TikTok dance trend making the rounds on the video-sharing app, and they’re a great source of inspiration for new content. So dust off your dancing shoes and give it a try. 

And don’t worry – you’re under no obligation to be any good! Yes, the polished moves are satisfying to watch, but the failed attempts are entertaining in their own way. 

@jaedengomezz it’s about damn time 💥 dc: me @lizzo ♬ About Damn Time - Lizzo

9. Trending audios

Have you encountered an entertaining trending audio on your TikTok feed? There’s a reason it’s trending: TikTokers love it. Often low-effort and high-reward, playing around with trending audios and adding your own spin to them is a great way to add content to your feed and prompt positive follower activity, while showcasing how well you understand your TikTok audience.

The stumbling block? TikTok trends pick up massive views, but also fade quickly. You need to be up-to-date with the latest trends to demonstrate that you’re in tune with your audience. You’ll also need to be careful about licensed music if you have a TikTok pro account or business account. You can make sure you’re in the loop by signing up for our weekly TikTok trends newsletter.

10. Hashtag trends

At any one point there are many trending hashtags on TikTok, and they’re a great way to make your content feel current. TikTokers use hashtags to signify to the app where their content would find its best audience, either through tagging a community or by referencing a particular hashtag trend. 

Once you discover a hashtag trend, try to assess what its best-performing videos have in common, then put your own spin on it. You can find the most relevant hashtags for your brand by engaging with accounts similar to yours, and seeing which hashtags turn up in your feed. Alternatively, you can read more about how to use trending hashtags in our article here, or sign up to receive our weekly TikTok trends newsletter, which gives you “how to’s” for your brand to make the most of hashtag trends.

11. TikTok challenges

Viral challenges are great vehicles for content creation. They’re fun, easy to put a personal spin on, and they’ll help you connect with other users. Usually, TikTok challenges come in the form of a hashtag challenge, which should be fairly self-explanatory.

Brands can start a new branded hashtag challenge, or get involved in one of the many organic trending challenges on the platform. We’ll keep you posted on the latest TikTok hashtag challenges in our weekly newsletter

@gabbymorr Ever eat something so good it makes you want to dance?! Exactly. Try the #mashoutchallenge and do the mashed potato 🕺💃@idahoanfoods #ad ♬ original sound - Idahoan Foods

12. Trending filters

TikTok natives love engaging with trending filters and AR – and often the more random they are, the better. One recent example involved an AR Shrek that appeared in the sky, dancing whilst wearing a black catsuit. Yes, really.

Keep abreast of the trending filters and have fun creating content with them. Embrace the weirdness: TikTokers want to see you having fun.

@f1 he do be kinda cold with it 🥶 #horace #f1 #sports ♬ original sound - HipSpacer

13. Outfit of the day

People go to TikTok for inspiration of all kinds – and that includes fashion inspo. In fact, a whopping 97% of Gen Z cite social media as their main source of shopping inspiration. Individuals sharing their stylish threads can reach engaged audiences on TikTok, whilst fashion brands can show the outfits worn by their team: it’s the kind of relatable, behind-the-scenes footage that TikTokers love.

We’ve written at length about how brands can maximise their potential on TikTok for fashion month in our article, Fashion Week Influencers


Week 6 of fits at the studio ! 🦋✨

♬ Dripeesha Todrick Hall - Krista Robertson

14. Stories

In our article about the TikTok algorithm, we explained that one of the metrics TikTok measures to assess whether your content is worth sending viral is watch-through rate. This is why you’ll often find story-based videos throughout TikTok: people want to watch through to the end to find out what happens.

So – did something funny happen to you this week? Did you see or do something weird? Remember something bizarre? You can tell your story face-to-camera, like you’re telling a friend. Or you can use the story as an audio for your video content and showcase something completely different in your visuals. Below are a couple of great examples.

15. Pets

Cat videos and the internet go together like strawberries and cream. Everyone loves a good animal-centric post – and we’re pretty sure no one has ever complained about seeing a cute dog on their For You Page.

You may wonder if showcasing a pet is off-brand. But TikTok is a great place to experiment and showcase the more human (or animal) side of your company – and pets are always popular. Plus, you’ll get bonus points if your particular pet is slightly weird and wonderful. 

16. Pop culture references

TikTokers are always using their content to talk about what’s important or relevant to them. This goes for brands too. If it’s relevant to your target demographic, you can make it funny and tie it somehow to your business (however tenuously), there’s plenty of scope to reference pop culture trends on TikTok. 

Take a look at these two brands, for example. DuoLingo jumped on the Stranger Things hype to share about their mascot’s love for Dua Lipa (this unrequited love is a long-running saga that keeps their followers hooked), while drinks brand Mogumogu used a Love Island reference to soundtrack an introduction to a new product.

@mogumoguuk Run, dont walk…the brand new Mogu Mogu UK website has landed! 🌎🥤💻 #mogumogudeliciousfun #mogumogu #yougottachew #tiktokdrink #fyp #natadecoco ♬ Hot New Bombshell - Love Island

17. Pranks

TikTok’s global audience comes to the app to be entertained, and a classic form of easy entertainment is jokes and pranks. Like any behind the scenes content, it puts a more human face on your brand and makes your viewers feel like they’re seeing something they won’t see elsewhere.

Pranks are also a great way to show off your branding in new ways. Got a mascot or giant version of one of your products? This is a great way to get it into the spotlight.

18. Product showcase

It might surprise you to learn that so many brands on TikTok forget to showcase their product regularly in their videos. While it’s important to jump on trends and feature comedic content, it’s also vital that your TikTok profile serves the commercial needs of your community – and that can be as simple as showing off your products and experiences.

Video content is exceptionally powerful when showcasing your offering. It captures the nuances of experiences far better than a static image – whether that’s the movement of a dress, the texture of a face cream, or the feeling of a gym class. So think about how you can use it to really give insights about your offering.

19. Impersonate your products

Chances are, you’re so familiar with your product offering that you almost feel as if they have their own personality. Or maybe there’s a particular group of people that have a relationship with your products that you’d like to interact with? Well, TikTok lets you live out this fantasy.

Through TikTok’s special effects ‘eyes and lips’ filter, you can “become” your product; all you need is a photograph of your item. Impersonating them is a fun chance to get creative or even a little sassy, while – literally – adding character to your brand.


Retinol does not like it when you waste her golden hours.

♬ original sound - Olay

20. Your business story

TikTok is where you can show the human side of your brand, and what’s more human than talking about how your business started, or how you came up with an idea for a new product?

This kind of TikTok video is a great trend for small businesses and global brands alike. TikTokers love to support independent labels, but they also love privileged access to the thinking going on at big brands.

@michellejqhu For anyone still getting ready on the floor, I created ÉTOILE for you too 💁‍♀️🤍 #ecommerce #businessbts #businesstiktok #whyistartedmybusiness #ecommercebusiness ♬ original sound - Michelle Hu

21. Unboxing

Do you have lovely packaging, or is it a key part of your user experience? A bit like a product showcase, an unboxing video gives your viewer a tangible glimpse into what it would be like to really own your product.

This is an easy TikTok video to make, as you don’t even need to show your face. In fact, showing just hands opening your packaging is a great way to foster that “first-person experience”, so your TikTok audience will want to reach into the screen to get at your product. 

22. ASMR

Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) technically describes an auto-sensory response to particular sounds, but on TikTok, it simply means “satisfying sounds.” 

Whether it’s via an unboxing video (piercing the tape over a cardboard job, rustling tissue paper, peeling back protective plastic), or assembling your product (popping things into place) or using it well ( showcasing movements and texture), there is plenty of scope for ASMR to make your products tantalising.

23. Skits and funny ‘point of views’

Who are your customers? What do they love, and what experiences do they relate to? What do they talk about on social media? Alternatively, what bizarre experiences would make them laugh?

Point Of View videos (POVs) are how TikTokers imagine themselves in strange scenarios, and ask their audience to relate or laugh at it. The most successful ones start off seemingly normal, then have a funny twist. Time to get your acting chops on: this is a perfect way to add character to your brand.

@gymshark Reply to @buckesforehead motivational emotional damage @Joseph N. Smith #gym #gymtok #Gymshark ♬ original sound - Joseph N. Smith

What to post on TikTok: A Checklist

Once you’ve determined the content of your TikTok video post, there are still a few things to consider. For instance, you’ll be thinking about filters, audios, text overlays, effects… In short: you’ll be asking “what does a good TikTok post look like?” 

We’re TikTok experts, so we’re bringing you a checklist of things to consider before hitting that all-important “post” button. These elements will help to make sure your TikTok post is optimised, the best it can be, and that means more views for you. These tips help to make sure your posts are going to sit well with TikTok audiences, so it’s well worth taking the time to go over this list before you finalise your post. 

That said – here’s what to post on TikTok: the style checklist. 

1. Narrative

In order to get good engagement on your posts, you want to entice users to watch all the way through to the end of your video. Your ‘view-through’ rate is one of the elements that the TikTok algorithm picks up on when deciding which videos to promote. 

One way to enhance your view-through rate is by making sure there’s a narrative hook to your video. Think: ‘start, middle, end’. 

2. Native

The less polished, the better. 

Well, maybe that’s oversimplifying things. But it is true that one of the reasons TikTok is so popular is because of its more natural, authentic style of content. 

It’s also important to make sure your video fits into the flow on the app. That means filming in portrait – otherwise you risk users scrolling right past because the aspect is unsatisfyingly small. 

3. Sound

Sound on TikTok is super important. Whether it’s a hit TikTok song in the background, or a trending audio, TikTokers build trends on the back of sounds. 

That makes them great for inspiration, and also important elements to include. Whatever sound you choose for your video will drastically alter its message: think about what role it’s playing in your content. 

4. Speed

Another important element to consider for your view-through rates is the length of your posts. If in doubt, make it short. Also, use swift transitions. This gives the video momentum and keeps viewers engaged the whole way through. 

Plus, the shorter and punchier your video, the more likely it is that viewers will stick around on your page and re-watch. 

5. Editing

Adding effects, filters, stickers, text overlays and so on will add another dimension to your posts. 

Use editing to drive home the message of your posts, to grab users’ attention, and to enhance your narrative. Did you know, for instance, that TikTok’s SEO picks up the on-screen text on video? This is a great place to add extra info that your potential audience could be searching for.

Plus, if you’re still stuck for ideas, you’ll inevitably find a trending filter or effect you can try on for size. 

Tips for posting times on TikTok

You’ve answered step one: What should my first TikTok post be? (you’ll find tips for how to make a TikTok video here). It’s time to tackle step two: When should I post? 

It’s always a good idea to check your individual TikTok analytics to discover when your followers are most active in your top territories. A good time to post will be when you see a spike in activity. This will give you the best chance of getting some early engagement on your TikTok post, which will help trigger the TikTok algorithm to push it out over more users’ For You Pages – whether they follow you or not. 

That’s the beauty of the TikTok algorithm; it’s egalitarian. You do not need to have a huge TikTok account with thousands of followers to go viral – you only need a good idea, and a good idea of how to use the TikTok algorithm to your advantage. Luckily, we can help with both. 

How does the TikTok algorithm work?

We’ve written before about the mysterious TikTok algorithm, and why it’s so important to pay attention to your account metrics when looking to grow your TikTok account. We’d go so far as to say that considering the algorithm is the important element of a successful video. 

The TikTok algorithm isn’t something you can control. But that doesn’t mean you should ignore it. Take time to understand the TikTok algorithm and you’ll be able to make content that goes viral and is great to watch. 

You might have read a few articles from other sources claiming that the best time to post to TikTok was late afternoons, but that’s no longer the case. 

Fanbytes’ own research has shown that the right time to post to TikTok has changed – analytics now show that the algorithm has shifted to an “internationalised” view, which means that the best time to post to TikTok is now early in the morning instead. 

What to post on TikTok for brands

While all of the above tips are relevant for any user, they’re doubly so for companies looking to raise brand awareness on TikTok. That’s because the best way to reach audiences of engaged followers on TikTok is to get involved and really embrace the unique atmosphere of the app. 

Polished content is great – but so is off-the-cuff entertainment. By all means plan your key calendar moments in advance and use high-spec creative to put your brand in the best light, but you can be just as successful – if not more – by creating spontaneous videos that truly capture the feel of TikTok at that moment.

By taking into account the TikTok tips and tricks listed above, and paying attention to the way the algorithm determines which videos to promote to more users’ For You Pages, you’ll soon find your videos gaining traction on the app. 

And if you still need more inspiration, why not subscribe to our TikTok trends newsletter? We’ll send a weekly update of all the rising trends across TikTok, giving you inspiration, and a chance to jump on the quickest-rising trends before they go viral. 

Searching for more TikTok insights? You’ve come to the right place. Here’s even more inspiration to get you climbing up the TikTok ladder:

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