Gen Zalpha: How to Unlock a New Generation of Consumers Using Social Media

Who are Gen Zalpha, and why should your brand target them now? We’re sharing what it takes to get the most powerful generation yet on your side.
Gen Zalpha - How to unlock a new generation of consumers using social media

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  • Gen Zalpha is here. But who really are they?
  • Social media is the place to be when it comes to this generation. But you need to know how to utilise it correctly.
  • If you want to engage the next powerful generation, you need to start now. We have 3 insider tips to get you started.

Gen Zalpha are the new kids on the block. They are two generations fused together (Gen Z and Gen Alpha), and they have the potential to become the most powerful demographic yet. 

Although they may seem like babies in the consumer world, they mustn’t be ignored. With over 2 billion Gen Z in the world and 2.8 million Gen Alphas being born globally each week this crossover generation is here to make waves. Brands need to lock in their trust now and build meaningful relationships if they want to future-proof their marketing efforts. 

So what do you need to know about these future buyers, and how can you access them now? We’re going through it all from start to finish. 

Who is Gen Zalpha, and what is their spending power?

What makes Gen Zalpha different from their predecessors? As a mix of Zoomers and Alphas, they have some unique perspectives. Gen Z are the first generation to grow up in a fully digital world, and their younger counterparts haven’t known a life without it. They’ve been raised with more technology than any previous generation. They are digitally fluent and will expect instant results from the world around them (take note for your future marketing campaigns).

What makes them so different from millennials? Well, firstly, Gen Alpha (and Zalpha) have Millennial parents. In fact they’ve been nicknamed “children of Millennials”. Where Millennials grew up with the birth of the internet and watched its beginnings, digital experiences are a part of Gen Zalpha’s everyday life, even in their younger years. 31% of Millennial parents believe tech matters more to their kids than toys, holidays or pets. 

Gen Alpha are also the most diverse generation yet, with 47% of those under age 18 not identifying as white in the US. They are born activists, and it shows in their preferences. 66% of Gen Alphas prefer to buy from companies that make a positive difference in the world, and 82% of them say they’re looking forward to having their own money for purchases.

So what does this say about their spending power? Gen Z already have a spending power of $360 billion. Alpha are set to be the wealthiest generation yet. So their influence is powerful. 

But brands shouldn’t be waiting for their wealth to accumulate. 65% of Zalpha parents said the habits of their children influenced their last purchase. So this age group won’t just be making buying decisions in the future. They’re making them now. Which means your brand needs to reach them now.

Gen Zalpha and social media

Gen Zalpha and social media are inextricably linked. Where Millennials saw the start of social media, Gen Z and Alpha don’t know a world without it. Gen Z have carved out the importance of authenticity within socials already, so what will the next-gen do?

For Gen Zalpha, social media is not just a platform to connect with friends and family, but also a means of self-expression and identity formation. Since the already evolved and complex world of social media plays a significant part in their childhood, it will no doubt help shape their identities. Zalpha will look for results quicker than ever, growing up in a world where answers are instant. So brands need to be on-point and on the ball if they want to gain their attention. 

Like Zoomers, Alpha will likely desire authenticity and trustworthiness from brands. 66% want to buy from companies trying to do good in the world. So putting truthful claims about your company’s values will be critical to a successful social media strategy.  

Online videos are the channels with the most influence over children, so social media platforms that lean into this, like TikTok, Instagram and YouTube, will be the places to connect with them. An omnichannel approach may be necessary to gain the best results. 

The future of influencer marketing and Zalpha

The stats are in, and influencer marketing is here to stay. In fact the impact influencers already have on children is remarkable. Over half of Gen Alphas want to buy something if their favourite YouTube or Instagram star is using, wearing or consuming it and influencers have relegated family members to the third position when it comes to affecting children’s buying habits.

Neil Stewart, Global CEO, Wunderman Thompson Commerce, said: “The increasing power of influencers is well-recognised and continues to pick up pace. While some brands and retailers are already making the most of the strong connection between influencers and consumers, it will be crucial for businesses to watch the evolution of the influencer trend.”

14% of Alphas would like to see influencers have their own retail outlets, meaning this could become a growing trend. But that doesn’t mean they will cancel out your brand. Companies need to look at clever ways of partnering with influencers in the long term and growing their presence through their audiences in order to establish your own brand as an influencer led brand. That way, you’ll lead the way when it comes to Gen Alpha’s buying habits.

Partnering with the right influencer will be vital, as Zalpha will have a keen eye for detail. If your brand doesn’t align with a creator or you’re not providing what Gen Zalpha want in that partnership immediately, your campaign efforts will be for nought. 

3 insider tips for unlocking the potential of Gen Zalpha now (and in the future)

So, with all of this information under your belt, how can you start unlocking Gen Zalpha’s potential now and futureproofing your marketing?

We’re sharing some insider tips to start the process.

Think about the long term

Although Zalpha kids want instant results, creating a relationship with them will take time. They are at a point where they’re forming their identities, likes, dislikes and desires. Social media will play a big part in that. Brands need to think about the next five to ten years into the future, not the two to five.

If you wait to take action, this generation will have searched out the answers they’re looking for. They have already begun picking their favourite companies. So focus on brand identity and create meaningful, targeted content that will resonate with them. Stay consistent with this targeting to ensure brand loyalty when they enter the stores independently. 

Think like a millennial (and a Gen Zer)

Alpha kids’ brand preferences are more likely to align with their Millennial parents. This influence through their folks means brands should be looking at Millennial parent behaviours to enhance their campaigns for Gen Zalpha

Millennials have also likely instilled ethical ideologies and educated their children on current events and global warming. This may be why 18% of Alphas say they would prefer to buy sustainable and not plastic products. 

Since Zalpha is a mix of zoomers and alphas, Gen Z will have further influence on them. They may feel encouraged by Gen Z’s bold expressions to express themselves further, becoming the most outspoken and principled generation. 

So research Gen Z and millennials to understand how they may affect Zalpha’s behaviours. 

Focus on long term influencer-led solutions

We already know that influencers have a deep impact on Gen Zalpha. But how can you future proof your influencer marketing campaigns? By partnering with targeted creators who are growing (and who appeal to Gen Zalpha). Through collaborations with rising influencers, you can catch trends early and grow with their audience. 

Alpha kids are forming their beliefs, ideas and thoughts on the world, so be a part of that conversation from the start. Aid them in their growth and build on their knowledge to become a leader in their world. 

Slow and steady

Gen Zalpha may want quick wins, but you won’t win them over fast. Partly because they are still developing their preferences. Partly because they need to see authenticity and consistency from brands they’ll want to adopt. So the long game is the best way forward for this generation. 

Brands need to be acting now to ensure their campaigns will work in the future. Creating relevant, influencer-based strategies will help get you in their field of vision. Genuine relationships with this generation will be key, so build them with truthful communication and by listening to their conversations on socials. 

Need help planning your long-term strategy? We can help you lead the Zalpha story and become a trendsetter in that world. Get in touch to find out how we can get you to the top of Gen Zalpha’s agenda.

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