How Social App Yubo Drove 10,000 Installs With Gen Z Using Snapchat & TikTok




Reduced CPI

The Client

Yubo is a Gen Z focussed social app that helps users make friends and build communities online through video live streaming, chats and games. Yubo has experienced strong growth, garnering 25 million users and being regularly featured in the ‘Top 10 Social Networking Apps.’

The Aims

Having recently secured a £10million funding round, the client wanted to continue their app’s growth with a particular focus on the Gen Z demographic in the US. As digital natives, Yubo’s target audience are already spoilt for choice when it comes to social apps with the likes of Snapchat, Instagram & Houseparty. 

Yubo was keen to leverage our Snapchat & TikTok expertise on a CPI campaign due to the saturation and high competition for advertising spots on the likes of Instagram & Facebook. Considering this, the client saw us as the perfect partner to help them stand out from the crowd, engage Gen Z on their native platforms and ultimately drive app installs. Key metrics for the campaign were:

1. Driving app installs across Gen Z users in the US – measured by app installs.

2. Delivering a cost effective CPI – compared to Yubo’s optimal install costs.

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Strategy Insights

1. Multi Platform Campaign

When trying to target Gen Z, most brands either don’t know where to start…or use the wrong platforms. TikTok & Snapchat hold Gen Z’s attention like no other platform because they are human-centric. We decided to go for a multi-platform campaign to maximise reach using our Snapchat media pages and TikTok paid ads for distribution. 

2. Influencer Driven Creatives

As Gen Z social experts we know that these platforms are driven by influencers. Having already delivered successful CPI campaigns, we leaned on our unique approach of combining paid ads with influencer driven creatives.  This tried and tested approach helps our creatives convert at 78% more than conventional paid ads.

3. A/B Testing Approach

A/B testing is crucial to scaling successful creatives and achieving a cost-effective CPI. Our in-house team constantly tests performance and monitors the data ensuring that the client’s audience only sees the most compelling creatives and messaging. 

4. Leveraging Viral Music

When it comes to TikTok (and Gen Z), music is absolutely key –  using popular tracks in the creatives would help the client position themselves as “current”, aligning with Gen Z culture and ultimately increasing engagement. We used our in-house TikTok insight tool ‘ByteSights’ to identify and leverage songs exploding on the platform at the time. 

The Solution

With the strategy set, we handpicked 3 of the biggest TikTokers to help us deliver creative, sketch based content that communicated the value of Yubo in a compelling way.  The influencers created ‘text based’ sketch videos showing the benefits of the app in connecting young people with new and genuine friends. The subject of these videos included fun things like finding new ‘gamer’ friends, which we knew would resonate well with the audience. 

Next up was adding a layer of virality to the creatives. Using our TikTok analytics platform ByteSights, we noticed that the track Roxanne by Arizona Zervas was blowing up with various challenges and duets utilising the upbeat tune. We decided to overlay the influencer videos with the song to ensure that the creative was on trend to further increase user engagement. Below are some example of the creatives distributed across Snapchat and TikTok.

The Creatives

The Results

The results? Very impressive.

We absolutely smashed the core objective of driving installs – with over 10,000 app installs. In relation to the secondary KPI, we decreased Yubo’s optimal install costs by 7% beating the US industry average by 20%.  In addition to this, we saw a CPC of £0.18 on TikTok, nearly 10x less than the average CPC on Facebook in 2020. 

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